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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cataracts out tuesday

Doctors know everything don't they?  Or at least  more than you do.  I was told once I would go blind of I had my cataracts out.  2 years later  I decided to try again.  Now they say   they are comfortable doing the op.  The last dr. a specialist in retinas.  He was kind enough to be the first to tell me I was 95% blind.  As I understand it he means the optic nerve is 95% gone.  I also learned that disturbing the retina can damage the nerve further (but possibly not kill it) .  So that means the surgery can disturb it further.  But he also did not tell me that the eye drops can also disturb the optic nerve.  That is obvious because the eye drops change the IOP therefore effecting the shape of the eyeball therefore effecting the optic nerve.  /as I had just 5 percent left. I obviously can not afford to lose any function of the retina.  Obviously it is hard to tell how muxh if any my eye  has lost vision in it since seeing the doctor it never the less seems to be worse than before I went to him.  Because my eyes are going anyway because of glaucoma this whole idea might have been a bad idea.  I might have just skipped the whole idea and left it as it was

This whole farce about changing the IOP will stop progression of glaucoma is nothing but a con game.When the eye doctor says changing IOP  will stop progression of glaucoma he is lying  to you. He is saying this will cure it.  No one I know says it is cured. If it stops progression it cures it does it not? Even the maker of eye drops says it does not cure glaucoma.  They know damn well it does not cure it and they put it right up front on their web page.  No one says fever is a disease.  So why is IOP a disease.  Both are the result of something.  Think about it. 

This comes from the page of the maker of Lumigan

2. Is there a cure for open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension?
There is no cure for open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension, but studies show that lowering high eye pressure can help reduce the risk of developing glaucoma-related vision loss.6,10,11 That’s why early detection and daily treatment to lower eye pressure are very important. Remember, high eye pressure can slowly but permanently damage youroptic nerve before you notice any change in vision.2

My eyes never had high IOP.  If Dr.s could not prescribe eye drops what would they do for a living?

I am lucky.  Many people live blind. You don't live without a heart, rain, or many other organs of the body.  So get used to it I say.  /all this means is it is sooner rather than later.   

Happy  New Year  Have a nice day. 

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