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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kay to get made up by beautician

 Good visit today.  She was in the activity room where they were getting exercises.  She is not abke to do them.  She cant keep up with them.  I participated in the exercises which encouraged those not doing so to also take them.  You may have seen people doing exercises sitting down and think they dont amount to much but it really does do a lot of good to exercise even this way.  They all know me so it did encourage several to start exercising.  Loren will have no reason to forget my BD as he is getting married on the same day.  I expect the kids will take me out to eat I  suppose.  Maybe not on it but near.  I talked to Tom to see how we can manage to get Kay made up by a beautician somehow.  I hope to do it for one last time.  And get a picture of course. Peple in her cnditin sometimes do not sit still for something strange.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nothing differet

 Very ordinary visit today.   I sat with her a few minutes while she finished drinking her breakfast drink.  I took her outside for a few minutes but it was so hot we stayed only 15 minutes of so. Then back to her room and I was happy to stay there as she seemed somewhat sleepy.   I am tired from lack of sleep.  I have been waking up about 2 for a couple hours. I doesn't get any easier to leave her there. especially in the evening before bed. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Loveis verything for this couple

   I got so excited today about a new Idea  that I completely forgot the shuttle ride to see  Kay. The idea is to get her fixed up for  my birthday one last time the way she used to fix herself up.  It cant be done to her hair as she only has short hair  now.  But we can to her  face.  All except  putting on eye lashes I suppose.   I  came back from breakfast  and after making coffee I started looking on the internet to see who I might contact to do her make up. She used to go to Jean Juarez Academy.  I was thinking that one of the beauticians might do it as most of them are expert with makeup even though  I don't think they do facial makeups.  I thought they do things only with the hair. I am supposing that the Kids will be at least taking me out to lunch or something like that. She has not done anything like this for the past 10 years.   She may reject the idea as people with dementia can rebel at doing anything they are not used to.  But I am assuming that her experience in this for so many  years will cause her to accept someone doing it to her. I will have a picture of her 30 or 40 years ago and then a recent one to compare the two. 

She was asleep when I got there and stayed asleep for probably  45 minutes after I got there.  I sat beside her until she woke up then held her hand.  In the meantime I watched the TV.  

Some people think I am "noble" or some such because I go to see her her every day.  I don't hold a candle to the two people  pictured coming up.  She is completely paralyzed and is in this movable bed.  I  have seen her several times going to see her husband there where Kay  is.  She goes a couple times a week  I think.  
Loving couple

Friday, July 25, 2014

short visit

  Normal visit with Kay tod.ay.   She was sitting in in the hall without her walker so I don't know how she got there.  We shared mine and walked around the hall.  I was late getting there so we had a short visit.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some future plans.

 Nice visit today although  a short one. They are having a bake sale to donate to a fund to find a cure for  alzheimers.  We sat and waited while they got some cookies out as that is what I was interested in. I  made a donation by buying $10.00 worth of cookies. I am not sure I will be able to eat them.  Or even take them for Kay to eat.  It was for her I bought them.
 If history is any guide it will  be mainly a source of money to keep many people  busy.  I would be totally in agreement if they concentrate on preventing dementia.  Then find a cure.  This company has two facilities.  One for dementia and one for handicapped people who can  not live without assistance.  Many in the assisted living facility also have dementia but are not yet where they cant do a little for themselves. In my opinion they are saving the other place for desperately affected people as there are great numbers in that condition.   People with dementia eventually get so bad their family can not take care of them.  If I can find the appropriate occasion I am going to take her somewhere and get her all madeup like she used to do.  Lipstick, eyebrows.... The works.  First I must find the occasion.  Then we will have out picture taken.  Just with a point and shoot. That is the plan.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breakfast with Kay

 Second day of a morning visit to Kay.  She was still in bed and had not  eaten breakfast.  I went in her room and she was in bed but dressed.  I wondered if she had slept in her clothes.  She readily got up when I asked her to and took her to the dining room.  There she ate well and seemed to really appreciate the bacon. Not so much the scarmbled eggs.  I am quite sure they serve them without any seasoning and she just picked at them.  She ate a little of the cinnamon roll.  They are a cinnamon roll unlike anything you would buy at a bakery where they sell them.  I flat out don't like them. The cinnamon is not the usual taste.  I give mine to the lady across the table to eat with her three  bowls of Cherrios

I am so glad she is at the table so I can persue my radio listening or something else than listening to Alma talk.  A couple times Alma has insulted her.  Today was one.  When she politely asked Alma if she was feeling better Alma just lit into her. "It is none of your business"  and it went on and on from there.  The lady just sat there with her mouth open wondering what she had done to deserve this. I couldn't believe it. Finally Alma stopped insulting her.  I know Alma is on pain pills.  Which might be at the cause of her outbursts.  But the other lady is on pain medication too.  From her diabetes complications.  Her feet are painful.  Enough for one day don't you think..Except..... If it turns out as we plan I will be going to Shirleys  80th BD anniversary I think the 16 th of Aug with Bob.  I would have to have someone with me although Frank was very sick when he went to CA to deliver some gifts to his great grandchildren.  We didn't want him to go. We'd be gone a couple  nights.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Doctors without borders criticizes Israel attack of Gaza.  You can read the total article at  Note the difference between this organization and World Concern which acts more like a government organization. Note it takes government money so who is it's master?  Has never given a dollar to a Palestinian Christian

 "The Independent" - - In an unprecedented criticism of the Israeli siege of Gaza, a senior official in the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) humanitarian charity has described his organisation’s work among the 1.8 million besieged Palestinian refugees as akin to being “in an open-air prison to patch up prisoners in between their torture sessions”.
Jonathan Whittall, head of humanitarian analysis at MSF, who worked in Libya during the 2011 war, in Bahrain during the uprising of the same year, in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan and Darfur, has bluntly asked his colleagues: “At what point does MSF’s repeated medical action in an unacceptable situation [like Gaza] become complicity with aggression and oppression?”

Things get testy in Assisted Living.

I  went to see Kay this morning at  9 and returned at 11.  I  am going to try this until Wednesday and possibly make those times permanent or try it for a longer time. I don't know if it will affect her since she is so used to me coming in the afternoon. I want to change over to give me more time to work on the video project before I get so blind I cant work the computer any more. She was in the activity room not watching the woman leading the exercises as I don't think she can follow them. I took her to the patio for a few minutes but thought it might be too cool for her although it was perfect for sitting out side. I watched the disasters going on in the Ukraine for a while until it was time to go.  Those Ukraine politicians are worse liars than American politicians.   Many people here are diabetic.  It is easy to see why.   I eat about half a bowl of cornflakes but the lady across from me eats 3 bowls for breakfast and puts a banana on it besides. .  Plus other carbohydrates. Her doctor only has her b/g checked once a week.  I take that as he has given up on her and feels it is useless to try to manage her diabetes.  She uses a wheel chair but seems to walk quite well when necessary.  I know that when I lost 40 pounds years ago I was able to walk for miles.  Before I shed the fat I could not walk much more than a hundred yards.  She needs to lose twice that or even three times 
I repeat.  You do not mess with Alma.  A few days ago a nice young thing new here went away in tears because Alma just lit into her for nothing really.  Somedays she is just a tiger. She knows all the words to hurt.  She has had about 85 years to learn them.  Today the fairly new girl that dispenses the pills got on the short stick with Alma for no reason actually. This girl wasn't doing too well with personal relationship with the residents.  Today she apparently has been told to try harder to get along with the residents and be real nice to them.  I was first and the change from her previous demeanor  was  dramatic.  When she finished with me she addressed Alma who was talking to the lady across from me.   Alma just lit into her and said she was not talking to her and from then on it was one insult after another.  Even as the Pill medic was walking away raising her voice as she went.  Paul who used to sit across from me left for other climes when she insulted him.  One thing that really sets Alma off is to ask where she got her information.  As I have said before you can trust nothing you hear.  This is worse than Army scuttlebutt. I am so glad the lady sits across the table as she now is the object of Almas talk about herself or her family.   I have had two or three months in the same position and am so glad Alma  has another one to direct her attention towards.  The last few days the time or two Alma started on me I stood my ground and just told her I was having none of it.  It seems that is the best approach.  She like people to run off with their tails betwee their legs, Besides Iusually am listening to my head set radio and am not interested in talking to her although I will acknowledge her conversation  one way or another. But I would really  rather listen to the radio. 

Things were hectic in other ways today here because a lady in a wheel chair blew up and accused the lady across the table from me of stealing her chair. She was just adamant in a loud voice accusing her of taking her chair.  The woman across the table was not there during the first part and knew nothing about what was going on.  When she finally did come to the table she said she didn't know it belonged to the woman for one thing she is always sits in a wheel chair.  Good point as I have never seen her either in a chair.    How she knew it was hers as they all look a like to me.  This one had arms.  Mine has arms too so I offered it to her but she didn't accept it.  Maybe because she never sits in a chair had something to do with it.  Cops feel that a full moon has something to do with strange behavior.  Is there a full moon?  

There  were a couple  other blow ups from women spewing words you would never think a woman would know.  I can't remember the reason.  However they all came from women I would think are in pain.  One is going blind has something to do with it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Going to morning visits

 Kay was still eating when I got there today..  She was always the last person at the table.  I took her to the patio and we sat for a while then we went inside.  Nothing happened during this visit except she is soooo feeble.  Tomorrow I start on morning visits.  I have scheduled 9 am pickups and 11 am return.  I have it set until Wednesday when I will decide to stay morning visits or return to afternoon.  The idea is to keep my afternoons and evening more free so I can work on this film project and get it done before I go totally blind. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dull today

 Kay was in the TV room. I took her outside. Perfect weather.  But she like a lot of other want it very warm.  So in a few minutes we went inside.  She needs help getting up out of her chair but when she has to she can do it without help.  When I left she was not worried about me going.  Waved to me and smiled.   I think there was something I wanted to write but I am so tired it will have to wait which means you will never know.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visit today like yesterday

The visit today was essentially the same as yesterday.  Sbe still has difficulty getting hold of the walker.  I think it is a mental condition that she can not make her mind work as fast as her muscles can connect to the walker.  She is still very feeble though.  

 Goings on at the facility.  They made a mistake in my pills today.  It would not have hurt me but some of these people seem to be in a daze. I usually look at the color and number of pills.  Today I did not look but when they got into my mouth I felt three instead of two.  So I spit them out and wanted to know why I had three.  She had given me my total pills of one kind for the day instead of twice.  Would not have hurt me for this number.  One lady here had her kidneys ruined because of a mistake.  I don't know how it happened and the lady is so ignorant of what is going on she didn't know either.  I think it was the doctors mistake because of the system.  It just proves it pays to know what is going on around you.

the new overweight woman coming to the table says she is diabetic.  She said she gets a b/g test once a week. Also said she does not know why.  It is obvious she knows nothing as the doctor can learn nothing about the progression of her diabetes with one check a week.   No doctor could not be that ignorant either so there has to be a different reason.  I used to sit next to another woman who knew nothing about her condition.  She left everything to the doctor. She began having a foot infection and was going to the doctor.  I asked her a question about what the doctor said about it.  She answered me in such a way  I knew the doctor knew it was hopeless to explain anything to her.  So I assume the new lady at the table was being told essentially the same thing.  It was hopeless for the doctor to expect any assistance from her in treating her diabetes.  When I came down to the table today she had ordered 3 cold cereal dishes and a banana.  She was now going to eat all three and put the banana on the cereal. Not only that when we got our breakfast of scrambled eggs and muffin she was going to add the  muffin to breakfast. It is no wonder the doctor only checks her b/g once a week.  One of those bowls of cereal will bring my b/g up to 200 mg/dl so what  is it doing to her blood sugar.  She is not an old woman either but is here because of health conditions. She can walk but uses a motorize scooter. 

A guy here always calls someone going by Handsome or if a woman "beautiful".  today as I went by he greeted me with "Hello Handsome".  I ignored him and continued on as I did not want to respond to " handsome" Someone in the crowed said he was talking to me.  So I turned and said "Hello ugly".  He is a loud mouth and doesn't know how to respond to someone who has a comeback.  I hope to break him of getting attention this way.  He must get some satisfaction seeing someone respond to being called "Handsome".  Maybe he cant remember names. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kay uses her walker.

 I found Kay sitting in the hall by herself when  I came in.  There is a bench at the bend in the hall and people can take a rest when walking the hall.  This time she had her  walker with her.  I wanted to take her outside to to the patio and sit with her as the weather was perfect.  Not too hot or too cool for her.  I had to help her up to the walker.  She was very unsteady.  Trying to make her body turn to properly position herself at her walker was hard for her to do.  I had to steady her while she got into position.  Lam wondering if she was sitting there because someone had helped her to that place and she had no way of getting up without help.  Once we got started walking she seemed quite able to walk.  Slowly of course. We went to the patio and getting her down and to the chair from the walker was also difficult for her.  It would have been hard for her to do it alone. I had to tell them the past two days that she needed some attention.  We went to her room after a while as I was very tired from  lack of adequate sleep last night. A little secret here.  I use this time to catch up on my rest.  She seems happy just to be near me.  Always holds my hand.  When I left she waved and seemed quite happy.  I will check tomorrow  how they manage to get her to use the walker and if they have to get her up and down like  I have to do for her.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

She Hurts

 Kay was in the hall walking as best she  could.  The caregiver pointed out that she seemed to be limping.  She was limping yesterday too.  When we got in from the patio after a few minutes sitting and taking a rest I pulled her shoe off ad took a look.  She did not seem to have anything wrong with her foot.  I asked where she hurt and she pointed in back to her lower side of her back. Later though when she cried out from my moving her around she pointed to her abdomen where she had the shingles hurt a year or so before.  So I don't know exactly where she is hurting.   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bob visits us

 Bob came down yesterday and took us to the IHOPSS for eats.  Kay always likes their pancakes.  She ate the whole plate of them.   This is a video of how well she is walking now.  Today I went and she was sitting in the activity room and we went out on the patio to sit.  She is so feeble.  here is her walk yesterday. I am too tired to write  

Friday, July 11, 2014

I am still learning.

 Transportation was a disaster today. 45 minutes after the scheduled pickup today I managed to get the shuttle people to find out that the ride had been canceled.  It is too involved to get into but some dumb decisions by the boss there. I managed to get a ride later to see her for a pickup of 2 pm to return at 3 30.  I finally got there at 2 50 Unfortunately instead of coming at 3 30 it came at 3 15.  So I just came home with only a 20 minute visit.  But I mainly wanted to see her and let her know I was there. We went out on the patio and sat until time to go.  It was very warm so was a nice time with her. 

I made a fool of myself this afternoon and I can learn from it.  A woman went ahead of the line waiting for the elevator and tried to get on in front of everyone else.  When the next one came she went to try to get on but I told her to get in line.  She sort of acted confused I later realized and there was something that made her do what she did.  I am very sad about how I handeled this when I should have offered her my place in line because she did seem confused when she went to the back of the line and could not seem to know what she was doing. I  learned something.  Let someone else be the bad guy.  After it was over I believe she was not doing what she would have normally done and had some dementia there.  The lady behind me is from Berlin (many years ago)   I notice she repeats the same question quite frequently.  I have a good time showing her how smart I am by using the few German words I know on her.  I showed her a couple pictures of Germany and promised to show her more.  She was in Berlin when the Russians took it in ww2 and they raped her and abused her.  I have only got a small part of the story yet but hope to get more. You wonder how people can live here for 55 years and still not speak perfect American English. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kay fell today

 Weather is good today so I was able to take her out on the patio where we sat   until I thought she might get sun burned.  She didn't mind the hot sun.. When coming back to her room she stumbled and fell.  Not actually fell but sort of sat down.  She had been holding onto the hand rail with her right hand and the right side of the walker with her left. At the end of the rail she had to turn loose and in the transition stumbled and more or less sat down.  I was going to help her up but have you tried to lift 100 pounds?  I think I "might" have been able but help came immediately before I tried total effort.  So the lady care giver came and put her on her feet.   How things have changed.  If you watch the Arts channel and see those men dancers lift the ballet  dancers over their head make me have a lot of respect for their athletic ability. Some of those girls look real close to  100.  90 at least. Also try balancing on your  toes.  Better yet just try it on one foot.  I have the greatest respect for ballet dancers.  Nothing new on Hospice care.  Met a lady today who has been here about 3 months complaining about the quality of the egg salad and potato salad.  She is an expert cook from what she told me.  She also knows the shortcomings of those dishes which I am well aware of.  they never put onion, mustard, garlic powder and celery in the egg salad.  One of these days I will get a chance to ask the appropriate person why they make such tasteless dishes.  Is it on purpse or do they do it because it takes a little extra work to do it right?  At any of our family meals you would not see us doing anything but our level best to try to set out the most tasty dish.  

Cascade Vista

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Next to God

 Today I will be looking into Hospice care for Kay.  Just gathering information as Tom will be taking a well deserved trip back east to see Robby and family.  Then to visit Gettysburg.   I had a great opportunity to make a point with a nurse today about how  to take an accurate reading of  b/g.  They all seem to have the idea that the quicker they take the strip out of the blood the better. Obviously they have no idea about how capillary action works.  Today the nurse took my reading and it was  146 which it has never been fasting for a long time.  I just commented that I did not think it was correct.  Surprisingly she said she would take another reading.  That surprised me but I quickly took her up on the offer and the next one read 88 which is drastically different and that her first reading was a bad reading.. Of course she should have done a third and proved which one was correct.  But  from experience I knew the second one was the good one I was also able to tell her when she got the strip in the blood to keep it there a second or so.   I don't know if it will make any permanent difference as I have demonstrated it to another nure previously but that bonehead is too hard headed to change his way of thinking.  He is the last person to take instruction from a patient. What does a patient know about anything?  "I'm a nurse"  Next to God.  I see Kay today. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

 No trip so see Kay today as I have this cold.   Since I went to dinner I seem to have turned the corner and am beginning to feel fairly good.  I can usually tell when I am getting over it.  Greg the medic in charge can act like a dictator.  Today he outdid himself.  When he gets caught up with dutes he will come to the medic cart where he can mess with the computer and also watch what is going on in the lunch room.  If he sees something he will run over to were it is going on and make a general  nuisance himself.  First one of the men in the dining room in order to get a chair for the card games after dinner began pulling a chair to the wall 10 or 15 feet behind him.  Greg saw him and rushed over screaming that he was not to pull a chair backward.  Scaring the poor guy out of his wits.  Then in a few minutes a woman wanted to go between me and the table behind me but the tables were too close together so she did not have room to get between me and the lady at the table behind.  So it was suggested she take a different round.  About this time Greg began rushing over from the pill console screaming again what is the matter.  In the meantime I had gotten up and moved the chair completely out of the way so she could get out.  Usually there are a number a ways to get out of the area but it takes a little planning in advance to see what will allow the walker or wheel chair to go between which table.  Greg is the only LP that takes any interest in what is going on in the dining room because they are too busy doing other things. He does a good job of getting your mediation to you in the med room so you normally don't have to wait like some other LPN's do. I am grateful of that.   I don't like to go to the med room and wait for my insulin while the LPN messes with their computer with a room full of people waiting.  I still have other things I prefer to do. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

 I talked to Kay's doctor today and asked him his prognosis on Kay.  First he said "Not good" then when I asked for some sort of time estimation he said 6 months.  He suggested I contact Hospice to help out at this time.  I will do that.   I asked because Kay can barely walk at all.  Her comprehension was also less.  Her condition seems to have progressed downhill suddenly and fast.  That is why I asked him.  

I have always been worried about her outliving me and having to exist without enough visitors to remind her of her home and family.  If it continues on as is she may remember me up to the end.  When I hold her hand or put my arm around her shoulder perhaps she would have done that with anyone.  But I think she would know the difference. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

At the OCB today

Eating at OCB

 Tom and Peg took us out to eat at the OCB today.  I am amazed at how feeble she is  getting.  She has been walking pretty well once she gets up but now it seems she is having a lot of difficulty even walking at all.  The next time Tom says he is going to bring the wheel chair for her.  I have noticed that she does seem to have more difficulty walking than she has had recently.  She weighed 100 pounds today.  Strange.  She hardly ate anything today compared to visits previously.  the last time she didn't eat very much either. But before that she ate very well.  How could she  gain weight and eat less?  I am not sure she is eating more at where she lives or not. I have checked a few times and she seemed to be eating her normal amount.   I am pretty she is not eating a lot as what she is eating is the tasteless menu  everyone else eats.  In spite of me asking them to season her food in order to make it more interesting.

A sad experience a few minutes ago.  The med room was full of people and one lady asked to get something to eat as she had not eaten since yesterday.  The nurse said she had eaten and she had been to the emergency room and back today.  I think this was a real shock to her as when I went out she seemed deep in thought and probably realizing that something was radically wrong with her.  If you lose hope you realize you might be dying.  I am sorry it could not be handled any other way. The nurse should have realized this was serious and tried to handle it in a manner that would not have been such a shock that the information would be to her. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kay has a cold.

 Kay is not feeling very good today looks like.  She has a cold and a runny nose.  I don't think it is  a bad cold but she stayed in bed while I sat by as she tried to sleep. Eventually she seemed to get tired of being in bed so I took her for a walk around the halls.  I got in touch with the nurse and asked if she could get some anti-histamine knowing it could not be done.  Besides the Dr. was unavailable until Monday.  A holiday remember. the problem is any normal person knows how and where to get the tissues.  that is a problem with people with dementia.  They can still use tissues but can not get them.  Caregivers do not note this need of a patent so the sufferer has to just put up with it.  It's too bad Caregivers cant be more attentive to people in their care. That's about it for today.  Good transportation both ways today.  
 A flood of memories is coming back to me after listening to a tape I made when Grandson Loren was just learning to talk.  What age is that ?  Di and Loren had come down from Anchorage and we had invited Kay's folks over for dinner.  We had the four generations there and of course made sure we took  a picture.  Di had it taken as I heard it on the tape.  Also there was a pump organ  we got somewhere that I had completely forgotten about.   I remembered that Kay took lessons as a kid and knew she played although she never really played any more.  We gave all our kids lessons on some instrument. I also remember that we had the really old piano from the Brown's wasn't it?  I am sure it was not the Hemry's piano.  I am also sure we should have a picture of it somewhere as we took pictures of  everything. Eventually in Lake Forest Park where the incident above happened we gave the piano to someone to keep while we were to later get it back if we wanted it.  In moving it from the house the kids let it bounce down the steps and something broke.  I was not very happy about this and they were not all that happy to have to move it either.  I recorded Kay playing the pump organ that we got somewhere I forget now.  She was not an E Power Biggs playing it but considering she hadn't really played a piano or organ for years she did very well.    Dianne should have that picture of us as I heard her directing everyone to their place before it was taken.  Dianne if you read this and have the picture which I am sure you do as you are so organized.  I can put it in the video I am making of the incident.  Frank also told about being whipped with a rubber hose. You probably thought that rubber hoses were only used by sadistic prison guards in old movies.  Not so, it was common in public schools.  Not in private but right up there in front of the whole class to see.  Not only that but the Nazi salute was also common until Hitler came into power. Washington Grade school in Seattle where I went they would bring everyone out into the big hall and we would pledge allegiance to the flag. I made many tapes of what people remembered of the "old days."  Where they are now I don't know. The tapes of course.  I have this one and a family one I did in 1952 and 1957. I have one made originally on wire before tape came into general use. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Meaning of the fourth.

 Happy 4th.  I am sure all my readers know the meaning of the fourth of July.  It is more than shooting off fireworks and remembering that the founding fathers signed the declaration of Independence.  A noble document. Other important things also happened on the fourth.  On July 4th  1863 the battle of Gettysburg was fought that had 55,000 casualties over a three day period.  The only reason this could happen was that the men fighting were fighting for a cause. That a simplified explanation. Can you imagine a war today that the country would accept that number ?   There has not been that many killed and wounded in 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Moslems fight and die for a cause.  The Ukranians fight and die for a cause.  Today the  Americans no longer have anything they consider dying for.  All we get now is Multiculturalism.  Who wants to die for Multiculturalism? Just makes it harder for the politicians to find enough men to fight their wars.  To overcome that problem they are now going to robots and drones. 

I did not go to see Kay today as it is a holiday and they automatically cancel rides that are scheduled for holidays.  I forgot to sign up for a ride separately.  So  I am taking advantage of the time so spend as much time as I can working on my video project. I must have it complete by my birthday. 

See you    

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kay hurts and the run around

 When I got to see Kay today she seemed to be in pain. She was holding her hand to the back of her neck which she used to do with a neck pain.  Later she was still pain so I told a caregiver that I wanted to talk to a nurse.  Soon a youngish woman came and asked if I wanted to talk to a nurse.  As I had never see her before I asked "are you a nurse."  She said no but I can get the ball rolling or something similar.  So I told her how, when Kay holds her hand to the back of her neck, she is probably having neck pain.  I said a previous doctor had prescribed muscle relaxer which I only used part of the time.  At first more than later.  Since she has been at this place I have not seen her with neck pain until today.  I couldn't remember the name of it but got it later from Walmart. It turned out to be Flexeril.  So I went over Kay's new problems expecting her to follow through with her promise to get the ball rolling.  After a considerable time and after the shift change I heard nothing I contacted the head nurse on duty for the swing shift who told me she knew nothing about what I had told this girl. That really ticked me off because these places all too often give you the run around think you old fuddy duddy wont know anything about what to do about it.  But after talking to the nurse on duty at night  and she or any if other ones knew anything about it it was apparent the girl had gone home without doing what she said to me she would do.
This is a common treatment we get at these places is seems.  Tell them anything they are so ignorant they wont know what to do anyway. I of course
will not sit still and they do nothing about Kays pain.  That was the major subject of yesterdays post.  I wont sit still while Kay is hurting and  I get lied to. The upshot of all this is that the Dr, is coming tomorrow morning and I will be there to talk to him.  Oops.  Just talked to Deanne and Dr. is not coming tomorrow as it is the fourth of July. I would see him Monday. Kay seems good now. 

Monday I am going to meet with the Dr at Kay's place and talk to him about her medication. 

Bad accident with yesterdays post

 I spent a couple hours working on yesterdays  post then when finally done hit a wrong key and it disappeared.  Thats a computer for you. Nuts!   

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good and bad. Mostly bad

 The trip to see Kay started out ok, The visit was something else.  Late in the visit I noticed that Kay was holding her hand over her left ear.  That is how she indicates she has an earache. When I discussed her ear aches and what to do about them the last time I told them I gave her ear drops.  They wanted to know which one.  I went to the druggist myself and learned that there was no medication in the drops.  Essentially a con game about ear drops for kids.  But they worked for Kay and I had to figure out what it was.  I know this is possible because by accident at the Auburn General Hospital when Kay was in for anemia I talked to a nurse there who knew of this kind of situation.  I have learned now that when she gets the ear drops she gets the effect of the Gerdes disease or acid reflux washed out of her ear and it will stop aching.   So the ear drops was working but not why I thought it was working before.  It simply dilutes the reflux effect or washes it away.  At times I had to administrate the ear drops a couple times or even three in extreme cases.  But the Doctor there   is the same one I quit as soon as he tried to change my diabetes treatment  to give me long term complications from my diabetes.  I am guessing he noticed that the ear drops had no medication in them and decided to disregard what I  was doing to fix Kay's  earaches.   There was nothing in the record to tell them to give her ear drops,  Just let her suffer was his solution. I learned about the ear drops working before she got so bad she could not tell me they were working or not. She still holds her hand over her left ear when they hurt. This is exactly why I hated to put her in an institution because she can not tell people what is going on and they are too stupid to listen to me who treated her for earaches for 10 ten years. Quick transportation both ways today.  This doctor wanted me to just relax and let my diabetes run wild.  After all I had controlled it for so many  years and now I needed a rest. When I kept managing my exercise and food intake to keep it in control he prescribed they not give me insulation if it was under a hundred mg/dl. Which meant my a1c would be going up towards 7. I think that is criminal to do that. Anything over 70 to 80 brings on long term complications.  Heart, eyes, cholesterol, peripheral neuropathy and many many others. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Nothing much new

 Dull today .  She was in the TV room and I took her outside after a chocolate truffle.  It was melted together.  She did not eat it.  I took her outside and let her listen to the classical music station.  Here is her picture. 

Wants out. 

After sitting outside holding hands we went inside for the last few minutes.  She might be able to get up without help but it is better that we help her up from a sittig position.  Today she was quite happy and congenial.  No problem when I bid her goodbye. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nothing exciting today. Dont miss it.

 I was early today for a change.  Kay had eaten about half her plate then went back to her room and to bed. I bumped the bed a little and she opened her eyes and recognized me but did not smile.  I lay down beside her resting on the head board of the bed which was not very comfortable as I did not want to bother her.  Usually I will use a pillow for my head.  After  a while I decided to sit and hold her hand instead of the uncomfortable position which I did for a half hour or so until I had to get up for a minute at which time she decided she had had enough of the bed. When I came back she was gone. I found her in the TV room.  As it was time to go I told her goodbye and went out.  She waved to me so she had accepted my going without it bothering her.  She does not seem to be gaining weight so is not eating a lot.  She also seems quite feeble in doing physical things.  I should probably make her walk more although I always do go for a walk at least once during a visit.  

Where is my friend?

 The little old lady with the long hair I don't see any more on the third floor.  I wonder if they took her to the 1st floor.   I will have to look her up and see if she remembers me.  She was just finding something new to get into her mind. I wonder if she will remember me. The third floor is for those in fairly bad condition.  the second floor where the entrance is houses the ones still in the best conitition.  They are kept clean and not smell. The 1st floor is for the last stage of dementia.  They wanted to take Kay there until I objected.  I did not know this arrangement at the time. Sort of the "dying room" in All Quiet on the Western Front. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday, Is Kay unwell?

 Kay was in her room in bed.  She was dressed but did not seem like she was feeling too well even though I tried to find out.  She was coughing like the Acid reflux disease causes.  But more than it usually does.  She seemed like she wanted to sleep so I just lay on the bed and later sat beside her and held her hand.  Her place is much more liveable since it was cleaned up.  This place is one of the best around even though  I had to have them work out the bad parts.  The shuttle driver said it was built in 1995 and he worked for the heating company.  I don't know what it was then.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Another ordinary day

 Very ordinary today.  I observe that Kay is having difficulty getting up from a sitting position.  Although she has had this coming on for some time.  She does not seem very active when she sees me.  Tday she slept until a half hour before I had to go.  Then she must have been tired of staying in bed.  We got up and went for a walk in the hall then down  to the kitchen for some home made truffles.   I have not seen the little old lady that had the long hair for several days.  I wonder if they have not taken her to the first floor.  She responded well to me when I paid some attention to her. That is so sad.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Not exciting but good time.

 Pretty normal today. transportation good and bad.  Visit all good. Kay was in bed sleeping when I got there.   I finally jiggled the bed a little and she woke up.  As I have no truffles  so I gave her a graham cracker and after she ate it I sat by her bed and held her hand while she slept for abut 35 or 40 minutes. I got up to do something  and she got out of bed and apparently wanted to take a walk.  I took her outside and we sat in some chairs and  held hands until time to go home. Every time she looked at me she wanted to smile. So she was feeling pretty good I would think.  The place is staying clean and odor free since the clean up.  
There is no place for a garden so someone is growing plants.  I keep meaning to ask who.  Workers or patients.
turn a camera on and she automatically smiles. 


 I could hardly believe it.  I thought it appropriate to watch the movie "Gettysburg" and invite my family here to watch it too.  I went to the person who is in charge of this sort of stuff and asked if she had knew about the Battle of Gettysburg.  After some hesitation she said she had heard of it. I didn't ask but assumed she knew about the Civil War.  This person is a college graduate which perplexes me more. She also decorated the place with flags.  Pointed out by many that many were hung improperly.   

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kay and other patients

  I met Kay in the hall when getting off the elevator.  We went to the place in the hall but people were sitting in it.  Since Kay and I sit there they get the idea to do it too.  I asked a caregiver for a couple chairs so we could sit on the patio during the summer.  We sat there until suddenly Kay got up and went inside.  I suppose she thought it was too cool.  Just right for me.  While in her room one of the black patients came in while I was in the toilet and when I came out she was in the process of taking Kay away.  She took Kay's hand and told her to come.  This is the sad part.   Kay didn't ask or resist going with her.  She obligingly was getting off the bed to go with her until I stopped them and asked where she was being taken.  The lady said Kay was hungry and she was taking her to get something to eat.  I know there will be nothing for patients to eat until it is served about 5 pm so I had to tell Kay to get back on the bed and not to go.  This upset the lady  a little but she turned and went out of the room.  Everything is done for the patients so they have to learn to do what they are asked to do.  This of course means if another patient takes over that function people like Kay don't resist what they are asked to do.   I don't know what would have happened if she  had managed to go with the other patient but there certainly would not have been any food where they were going. I suppose she would have taken Kay to to the dining room and when they got there she would have just dropped her there and  started doing something else. I took Kay to the dining room when I was getting ready to leave and left her there.  It is heart breaking to leave someone who is helpless and unable to do anything for themselves. I didn't get home until 4 15.  Just a mixed up screwed up organization.  I've been over this before and there is no need to go over it again.  Summer is here today.    

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good and bad trips

 Going and coming was good and bad.  It took an hour to get back home  but at least  I saw some of Tacoma I had never seen before.  In planning their schedules it seems like how long a rider has been on the bus is of no concern.  They could have just as easily taken me home then picked up the others  but for some reason they picked them up first although the distance was just a few blocks to take me home. As a result I was on the bus 
about an hour. 

You see a world of people riding the shuttle you seldom see elsewhere.  You do see an occasional person in wheel chair or blind.  But on the shuttle you recognize the huge problem there is.  It is sad to see young people in wheel chairs or blind.  Today they picked up three, one was a pretty young girl in a wheel chair.  Dressed well with long hair  neatly combed.  Looks like to me she was about 20 to 25. Her mind was obviously good. Just paralyzed for some reason.  

Kay was on her bed again today and when I sat down in a chair next to the bed she looked at me but didn't smile as she has been doing up to the past two days.  After a while we got up and took a walk then we went out on the patie as the caregiver obligingly  carried out the chairs for us to sit on.  We watched the traffic then as it was little breezy and cool in the shade we went in until time to go. She seems a little slower mentally.  She seems to get more normal the longer I stay.       

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kay may be sick

Bring back the bustle.  It finally dawned on me whey they invented the bustle.  Enough said.

I had to go to see Kay this morning because I have a conflict going this afternoon.  She seemed completely different from her normal self.  When I came into the room she didn't look at me or smile as she usually does. So  figured she might be sick.  I asked the nurse to take her temperature as she felt fevered but later it seemed ok.  She did not get out of her room but stayed on her bed.  They told me she ate a good breakfast.  Maybe she was just tired.  I sometimes get tired after eating. She ate two truffles before  l left at eleven and seemed much more alert.  She really seemed not to feel good and certainly looked different.  More tomorrow on this.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good visit not so good relations at home

I had a good visit with Kay today.  After giving her a truffle in her room and hanging around for perhaps half hour we went outside and got some fresh air. Later someone told us there was cake inside so we went  in and I had a couple bites of her cake. By then it was time to come home. 

Here they seem to have a person handing out the pills that is continually  late In getting them passed out.  they come in little named plastic packages and she has to open the   pkg and pour them into a small plastic pill cup.  There are nearly  a hundred people in the dining room and if all of them need pills it would take over an hour to get out all the pills.   I am on the tail end of where she starts and I would have a long wait. So I do not want to sit around waiting for her to dispense the pills so I go to my room and get them later.  The previous person would give out the pills before meals at the med room if possible and in the dining room if it had to be done there. A lot of people here do not have anything else to do so they do not mind waiting.  I do not want to wait.  It is taking this woman a long time to learn the ropes. It has never been a problem before this woman took over the job and in my opinion after this time it may be more than she can handle. I got up to my room about 5:17 PM after dinner. I Checked the clock when I came in the room.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aother good day

 A good visit today.  Kay was in the TV room and we went to have her truffle.  We sat there a while then went to her room and I found it amazingly in clean condition. It always seems clean just needs soiled clothing removed sooner so it does not contaminate the air quality. They had it in perfect living condition. One of the big wheels of this outfit stopped by the  dining room table at my place yesterday or the day before and shook my hand.  I think he was acknowledging my daily trips to see Kay.  It is now pretty well known that I go see Kay every day and they all appreciate it. The women here, the men and the workers and those who run the place.  It is so out of the ordinary that it makes an impression on them.  Just coming to see someone once a week or so leaves that person with about 165 other hours alone. With no visitors. I don't have to do anything but just be with her. She seems to like that too. The time is really too short for even a puzzle game. But for the cleanliness  I don't see it but anything of failure of the supervisors to make the caregivers on the floor to do their job when something in the realm of keeping the odor down is needed.  None of them would live like that in their own home. But the fan was finally installed and that will make a tremendous improvement.  It  moves a lot of air so will do the job. They no longer leave soiled clothing around. Today the conditions were exceptionally good.  Now to keep it that way.   

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beautifut visit today

 A great visit today.  Kay was in the dining room supposedly clearing off a table.  Out of habit I suppose as it seemed pretty clear to me.  I took her for a truffle or in this case a chocolate disk like item.  It was filled with caramel material.  A very good candy.   She got down to the caramel and then instead of eating the chocolate she tried to lick the caramel out of the chocolate with her tongue. they were very good but expensive.  Didn't look like there were more than 10 or a dozen pieces in the box.    I don't know what Tom paid for them.  7 or 8 bucks I would guess.

I brought the DVD player home to offer it to this place so we can play DVD's down stairs. I  was promising some of the women at another table to play my video for them of Kay.  The girl there was to give me the one she is replacing from home. Her new TV has a DVD player  built in.  She is young and very new.    I suspect her first real job. Can't wait to spend all the money!  Just my guess. The place was outstanding today. Clean and all that.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Doctor and msc

 Because I had a afternoon doctors appointment I went to see Kay this morning.  She was walking the hall and  I took her to  iron furniture and I gave her a truffle.  She was not very hungry.  We went back and the maintenance guy painting the next room in two rooms.  The people moving out yesterday had moved and the maintenance guy was getting ready to paint.  I talked to him about how to preserve a livable condition in Kays room.  The new fan should stay on maybe even 30 minutes once it is turned on.  There was air freshener in the room too. I things stay this way it will make a good improvement. 

I went to the doctor this afternoon mainly to get a cortisone shot.  He had a couple other things to check out like a couple skin eruptions ears and instructions to let me check my b/G so I will know it is right. They will no doubt be watching me closely.  They wont believe me though.  They will notice that I check it on my little finger.  It gets blood much easier than other fingers that tend to get callouses 
See you

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stay cut short

 I got to Kay's place about 1 30, about average.   I found her walking the hall and took her into her room.  Someone's things were being moved out.  I suppose to her relatives home.  After a year of visiting Kay I don't know who it is because when I come the person is not there so I can't tell who belongs to the bed in the next room.  I gave Kay a truffle and part of a graham cracker then we lay down.  I went to sleep and was woken by a caregiver at 2 40 saying that my ride was here.  Thats 35 mintes early.  Instead of finding out what happened I just figured it was not worth the time ad took it home.  There was one to pick up and she was picked up early too.  
Coming into the lobby here I met a couple who had just come from Bible study.   I invited them up to listen to about 15 minutes o hyms I had been listening to before I left. They are traditional hymns done by the  London Philharmonic Choir and orchestra.  It puts the Mormon Choir to shame.  Unfortunately they were so impressed they tried to help out.  But they sang off key.  I could not believe it.  One claimed to be a singer.  It was funny anyway.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fathers day at OCB

 Tom picked me up and he and Peggy and I took Kay to the OCB for lunch. She didn't seem very hungry and only ate a couple items like she wanted it.   I always love to be with Kay and hate to take her back and leave her. 

All for today. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Uproar at Kay/s place.

  I'll skip complaint about the shuttle as it was quite good.  When I got there Kay was in her room.  When I got out of the elevator which is across the hall from the dining room.  There were several women standing around the closed door to the dining room. I had never seen it closed before.  There was a caregiver there telling them it was not time to eat.  Recently it seems they want to eat even though they had just finisehed eating a short time before. The woman from Uganda whom I talked to yesterday wanted in to eat.  The caregiver was  telling her  it was not time to eat.  Suddenly  they were fighting with the caregiver fighting or pushing the lady from Uganda down the hall.   I kept walking down the hall hearing this commotion.  It seemed to settle down somewhat by the time I got to Kays room about 30 feet down the hall. .  I have heard a surge by people asking when they were to eat. Kay seemed to appreciate the two truffles and crackers she got today.  I've never seen the door to the dining room closed before.  When it is closed it leaves only the TV room for them to go in for something to do. There is not enough room for everyone to go in at one time.  Some do not want to go in the TV room.  I don't know the reason it was closed.  They make it useable for activities by clearing off the tables.  

I would think that all events such as this should be reported.  Then someone could evaluate progress of this sort. People with dementia have various levels of  aggressiveness. The man who attacked Kay seems to be gone.  His name is no longer on his room.  Maybe he was just moved.  The  friend of mine before I even moved to Covington, who  had run a group home for men, said they could become quite violent at times.  From my observations there where Kay is that is true.  I dropped off to sleep while on the bed and was notified by the caregiver that my ride had arrived.  I actually got home without any other stops and as he was early anyway I was home by 3 30.  The earliest yet. That's great as I feel somewhat rested.  

I saw the little old lady with the long hair but it isn't so long.  Someone had it cut.   I have been told she does have visitors.  So it had to be them as the people working there can not have it done.  I saw her actually as  I got out of the elevator just before the incident described above.   As I got out of the elevator I saw some one who looked like her but with short hair.  As  I greeted her and patted her on her shoulder the look of recognition came on her face and she turned to me and puckered up expecting her kiss which I gave her.  It must have brought something into her mind of the past and she now remembers it well.  I think it indicates a longing for love and attention they are not getting cooped up there with nothing to do but roam the halls. So sad.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Something new under the sun.

 Short visit today.  Didn't get there until 2 and the return shuttle was on time and directly home.  the driver didn't know the short route home as t took him 19 minutes.  He also went through down town Tacoma.  You would think these people would know their way around Tacoma.  

We did nothing out of the ordinary  Truffle, watch TV then home.  But I must tell of her helplessness.  I went to the bathroom and while  I was there just a short time and when I came out she was gone. I hurried and opened the door and looked down the hall and she was being led down the hall by another patient.  This lady had been where   I give Kay her treats.  She first wondered where everyone was. Most had gone down to the first floor for bingo or something for them.  Then she started asking me about dinner.  Well it was just past 2 so that was a long way down the afternoon.  This lady can talk just fine but what is in her mind is strange. She usually hangs out with the woman who has a bed in the same room as Kay.  But Kay's roommate  was apparently downstairs with the group.  But here the lady who wants dinner was  leading Kay down the hall.  So I had to get Kay back to her room to stay  with me.  Kay will follow anyone who takes her hand and leads her.  That is what I mean by helpless.

Testing for Blood Sugar

the LPN's here seem to think that when taking a test for b/g the faster you can get the strip out of the blood spot the more accurate it is.  which is contrary to how it actually works.  I had mine tested today as usual and got a reading of 156 with his meter which usually measures 10 to 30 lower than the Prime meter I use.  I came back up and and used the prime and got a 120 or so.  I watched him as usual and he had the strip out very fast and I suspected it was innacurate.  Doctors depend upon these readings to medicate you.  Whata bunch of dunces.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The broken record

 I was picked up at 1 pm straight up and the driver said we had one pickup.  OK.  We went to a senior center where we go regularly.  The lady was a regular.  Just about the time the driver was to settle in his seat to drive us to our destination he was notified to pick up another person at the same address. So now he had to rearrange the seating because it was a wheelchair. What started out as a good ride now turned out to be the normal messed up ride.  I would not get there until nearly 2 pm.   As I have said before you can not just call in and get put on the ride list. You must be on their list yesterday.  Besides the two riders are regular riders so are on the permanent list.  Just another example of something wrong at where ever they make these assignments.  If they had called just a minute or two later we would have been gone and then they would have had to get a bus from somewhere to take the person home.  She was on a return trip so she had already been on the bus that day.  As I was late I just stayed with Kay in her room.  I weighted her at 90.8 pounds. I came straight home so that made up for the trip over.

New breakfast rinkle

 Where I live they have thought up a new idea.  You would think after being in business for nearly 20 years they would have all the kinks worked out about running a place like this. The new idea is to put milk in the Corn Flakes when they put them out about 7:15 AM. They start serving breakfast about 8:00 AM.  You can imagine what that bowl of cornflakes will look like after being in milk for 45 minutes.  Remember, all those scientists at the corn flake plant have been working like little beavers spending millions to make a crispy crunchy cornflake and then they server it where  it has been in milk for half hour or so?  I prefer hot cereal but it is more like a rubber ball by breakfast time. I could get this effect at home by putting too much cereal in too little water and not boiling it long enough. Then letting it sit till it cooled down. That's the reason I went to cornflakes. Where do I go now?  

Monday, June 9, 2014

More complaints

 This is getting so mundane it is probably boring to read.  However I am still having problems with odor and proper bed covers.  The other day I pointed out to one of the caregivers that Kay had only one sheet and no bedspread.  She said she was waiting for me as she thought I had taken them.  Who-ee! What in the world would I want with them???  So they fixed the bedspread and sheet problem I suppose although I could not feel a pad on the bed.  Thats their problem.  They still had not put pillow cases on the pillows! Today they finally got cases.  If you only go once in a while it is hard to know what is going on. I don't even have to look and I don't but I go every day and I cant miss these things. I don't think the bosses want this but I think it is just poor supervision.  Poor management.  At least I certainly hope not. No one in supervisory capacity has   been there to see just how bad it was.  Unless they don't care. I hope that is not the case.  I dont know what kind of an electrician wired the exhaust fan but it was not working which contributed to the bad smell.   I spent a year coming to visit Kay and this is the first complaints   I have made. I did not want to make a nuisance of myself. My guess is that the people doing these most menial and disagreeable jobs are the lowest paid workers.  Only  the most desperate will do them I guess.  If that is true, worker performance will always be poor.  You dont get good workers at the lowest wage.  I doubt that the owners and managers will see it that way.  But the pay scale is upside down. Try paying these people more than the people who have a less messy job. Give them an incentive to do a good job and stay on the job. Money works best.   

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another stinky day

 Bad time today where Kay lives.  Not her.  Some of the caregivers are not taking care of soiled underthings and the smell really gets bad.  The two rooms that comprise where Kay stays and the adjacent room is small and with hardly any ventilation.  So any small item with a odor can create an unpleasant smell.  So this will be short as I have to write Tom. We sat outside then came back in.  Transportation was good.