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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fred on Everything. The Revolution of 2019

The Second American Revolution

An Utterly Objective Analysis

November 23, 2014
 The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. “Goddamit! Goddamit! I’m not going to take it anymore!”
 She grabbed the shotgun, a nice Remington 870 loaded with double-ought buck, and headed for the school.
Historians would debate just what led the surrounding population spontaneously to join her. Much of it seemed to have something to do with the schools. One father reported that he snapped when his daughter came home during Harriet Tubman Week, and he asked her about Robert E. Lee.
Another father, objecting to students who wore low-hanging pants, said, “It’s supposed to be a school, not a frigging proctology workshop.” A common concern was that in a fifth-grade class on Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Rights, the teacher had criticized Primate Privilege, saying that animals had rights too. She then gave the class a pamphlet called Mommy Says Moo. Wyoming was cattle country. Local wives were wroth. They thought it an invitation to infidelity.
There then followed the now-infamous Near Death March, in which the entire faculty of the school was run across the Montana line by infuriated citizens wielding cattle prods. These, dubbed the Poor Man’s Taser, were then turned against anyone associated with the federal government. “The bastards won’t leave us alone. I’m gonna tase’m where the sun don’t shine. They’ll sail back to Washington in one hop like a damn electrified bull frog.”
The uprising, which had started locally with Janey Lou’s shotgun, began to spread both geographically and in its content. Apparently people were fed up with a lot of things. Nobody in government had noticed.
It is now agreed that the catastrophic events which followed occurred in part because Washington, which was celebrating American-African History Week, simply did not recognize the depth of resentment in the country. The city traditionally was inward-looking. Few knew exactly where Wyoming was. Their sources of information were chiefly talking heads talking to each other about each other.
By unfortunate happenstance, the Supreme Court had just issued its landmark decision that public display of the Bible contravened the constitutional prohibition of the establishment of religion. Mere possession, the justices said, would not be sufficient to trip the prohibition and lead to prosecution, but “a reasonable reticence in display” should be practiced. It was agreed that the Holy Book could be carried in a sealed bag with a child-proof lock. That this happened during Moslem Heritage Week further fueled ire among the intolerant.
The Court’s ruling had ripple effects unforeseen in the capital, as most things were. When the rebellion metastasized to Rosa Parks County (formerly Jackson County), Virginia, forty miles outside of Richmond, they were shocked. The provoking incident occurred in Sojourner Truth High School in a rural and not very Reconstructed county.
Specificallly, Johnny Loggins, in the tenth grade, had been issued a condom and, in the back of his African Civilization class, was discovered to be praying for a chance to use it. This also constituted an establishment of religion. He was arrested by several of the thirty-five police patrolling the corridors and remanded for psychiatric evaluation.
Runors flew, fanning the flames. The Democrats, having elected the first black president and then Hillary, the first woman, were said to be looking for a transvestite for 2024. In respect to 2032, the ominous word "trans-phylum" floated about. The people of Casper feared they might have a President who said "Arf," or perhaps had tentacles.
The insurrection went viral thanks to the internet. Incident followed incident. In Brooklyn on Sixth Avenue, seven teens between the ages of 21 and 28 beat to death a 95-year old white veteran in a wheel chair, shouting “Kill Whitey!” and “That’s for Travon!” and “White dude bleed a lot.” The chief of police undertook a thorough investigation. He reported that there was no evidence of racial motivation. Jesse Jackson said it was unfortunate, but white men in wheel chairs needed to learn not to attack black teenagers.
After an enraged mob of R-Cubed—the movement was now calling itself Rural, Retrograde, and Right, the Three Rs—had surrounded Columbia Teachers College and burned it, Washington recognized that things were getting out of hand. Reporters asked why the arsonists had, well, arsoned Columbia. An irate woman screamed:
“My kid is fifteen, can’t read, and doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson was but he’s had three different classes on safe anal sex. I didn’t raise him to be an analphabetic butt-plug. Excuse me. I need to find a professor.” She left, brandishing her ball-bat.
Her assertion was not entirely implausible. A recent poll by the New York Times had showed that 87% of college freshmen, or freshpersons, couldn’t find the Pacific Ocean on a map of California, and fully 54% didn’t know what “Ocean” meant. (“Didn’t she sing with Grody Kate and the G-Spots?” asked one female junior.) Others couldn’t identify Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, or George Washington, but were “sure or almost sure” that they were racists.
Washington was soon surrounded by R-Cubed insurgents, many of whom proved to be well-armed and with military experience. They soon revealed their true colors as homophobes. Rampaging, they burned gay bars such as Moby Dick and The White Swallow, shouting, “We don’t care where you stick it, but we don’t want to hear about it.” Much squealing and a mass exodus followed.
Surprisingly, it was Maxwell Birnbaum, inevitably know as "Ol’ Burn and Bomb,” who led the hous- to-house fighting. He was not a soldier, or ex-soldier, but a classics professor from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. As the Three R’s fought their way through Arlington in the Virginia suburbs of Washington and reached Key Bridge, key to the city itself, Birnbaum told a reporter, “Twenty-five hundred years of European civilization, and we’re going to give it up to people whose Mothers Say Moo? Like hell we are. Did trilobites scuttle the Cambrian seas to bring us Clitler? Hillary, I mean. If they had known, they would have stopped reproducing. I won’t stand for it.”
The rest is well known. Congress in its entirely was slaughtered, and hung upside-down from lamp posts though, unlike Mussolini, they were not emasculated. It was pretty much agreed that they had taken care of this themselves long ago.
Peace returned. Janey Lou put away the shotgun, and made lunch.
Philip Francis Stanley and Grotesque Ophthalmological Malpractice

Serenity then Chaos

 Got to see Kay today.  I  first took her into the activity room where I participating in their exercises.  Most of them seem to like it.  Kay just sits there of course.  I think she might participate in them so a limited extent like she did before if I keep taking her into the room like I have.  I keep her there listening and watching as she seems to like being with the crowd.  She sometimes leaves her room with me when I leave and goes to the activity room as I catch the elevator.  This means I  don't give her a truffle until  I leave.  The last half hour I take her back to her room and a truffle then a few munutes of rest before I leave.  She went with me today,   I directed her to the activity room instead of continuing on around the hall in a walk. Very routine today.

Not so routine at home.  I went to the Dr and got my bandage over the nose surgery removed.  They took out the stitches.  I go back in two and a half weeks for a follow up and final I hope.  
Back home here the usual bickering.  A woman wants to come to near our table as her friend at the table and her like to talk.  She said the other women at the table don't like her and forced her to leave with very vindictive actions. That is the same table that another woman also left under the same conditions some months back.  The is the second and possibly the third forced out from there.  She in her young days attended some catholic  boarding schools.  Sounds like there might be some conditions that exist here also exist there;


s there. It will be hard to get her to move to our table as it is filled up  Sounds like common problems in these and those kind of institutions We will see.   I have never been privy to the goings on in a catholic girls school.      

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back to normal

 Normal visit today in  most aspects.  She was walking the hall so I took her to our favorite spot where i gave her a truffle.  We went back to the activity room where they were doing exercises.  I did mine but Kay didn't.  After a few minutes on her own she got up and wanted to leave.  I let her lead which was back to her room.  We stayed there until it was time to go. She accepted my leaving without any resistance and is back to waving to me when I go.  So if my absence affected her it doesn't still seem to be with her.  I expect to bring her here on Thanksgiving for the noon meal.  They will have it at noon so most of the staff can be off for the evening meal.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

First time after surgery. It's OK

 An  interesting trip to see Kay after a week of absence.  I was concerned about how she managed while I was gone and what effects it might have had on her thought process.  
And how she would she react to my return.  There are millions of ways a brain with dementia might react. Dementia comes in so many forms it is unimaginable. Was she having memory problems that she would forget me in a week?  I didn't think so because she can learn something if she does it enough times.  Like getting a truffle,  Me pulling out of my bag the bag of truffles. Taking her to our spot in the hall where I give her the treats.  These things she knows. Her ability to know when I tell her goodbye and I will be back tomorrow. So I didn't think she would forget.  But if I did not come and do the things she expected what effect would it have on her? How much did she depend on me? She had a cousin and sister in law who were put in a place like this and they died in about 8 months. Loneleness?  Heartbreak?  Even though temporary how would it effect her. Then I had this bandage which changed my appearance.  The first few days in addition to the bandage my face was discolored and swollen.  No way could I go at this stage.  I had to leave her alone.  That would no doubt be  the lessor of two evils. I   will have the pictures at the bottom of this post.  So today I find out. Nothing was going on on the 3rd floor.  They had allowed her to stay in bed.  I  went to the bed and sat down beside her, close. I put my hand on her and woke her.  She looked at me and smiled. She knows me!!  When I leaned over her she pushed me back.  She did't like my looks.  I turned to my walker and pulled out my lunch box.  She is quiet.  I opened it and she is still quiet.  I pulled out the truffle bag and unwrapped one. Her hands were  in the way in her eagerness to get one. One after another until I  had given her 4 when  I  had to put a stop to it.  This procedure had changed her somewhat so that she will now take her pills. But first she had to get rid of the truffles she was still trying to eat.  She went with  me to the TV room where a number of them were watching TV or talking to each other.  I had to ask the attendant to check her over but she didn't want to go with him   I took  her to her room expecting the attendant to  have better luck from that location.  She literally fought against  leaving  me.  But somehow she did get into the bathroom.  But there she was fighting back so much I decided I would go in and see if I could be of help.  It helped a little and just enough that the job could be completed.  After that it was about 35 minutes or so before I had to leave.  She used my walker to return to th
couple days after surgery

e TV room where I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder until it was time to go.  So now how will she react to my leaving? What I found is that until she gets used to it events are happening so fast she cant comprehend what is going on. Today she looked at me when I told her I was leaving but she didn't wave back because she didn't understand. Tomorrow or later she should start waving back because she knows I will be coming back.  One of the caregivers said one day she seemed upset because I was not there but I did not have a chance to find out what went on.  One of the caregivers on the floor said they were worried about me because they had not seen  me for so long.   I had talked to the head nurse on the floor below but apparently there was no occasion to tell them I was ok.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Going back tmorrow

I have not been to see Kay since Monday. Tomorrow I will be going back to see her.  I have been pretty ugly with a big bandage on my  nose and swelling  and a black and blue eye.  Looking pretty ugly and I thought it might scare her if I went over in that condition.  The nurse there thought it might also.  So I am just  hanging tough until it eases off somewhat.  It is not gone entirely yet but I hate to be gone a long time where she might start forgetting who I am.  My constant daily trips were so frequent I dont think she could forget me.  A nurse here who also works there says she was coughing a lot.  From the Gerdes disease I am sure.  If they could get her to take an ant-acid pill it might help

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Slap in the face. no?

 No trip to see Kay today.  This morning  after yesterdays surgery on my nose to remove a growth that turned out to cancerous they took some more skin off it so I look pretty bad. Not that I looked good before.  Worse.  I was actually concerned that I might frighten her with the swelling and gross bandage.  Tomorrow the gross looking bandage can be removed and replaced with a normal bandage.   I will no doubt still be swollen up even though I will be putting ice packs on it for the next two days.  I hadn't looked in the mirror this morning when I went to the med room   and it was beginning to swell up which shocked the LPN.  Apparently he had never seen the aftermath of surgery on the face around the eyes.  He did 't know what to do and would call the doctor.  I was also concerned because the swelling had come up so quickly and wanted a doctors opinion  I told the LPN that I could send a picture but he said they don't do that.  (That  figures) If he had not learned it 25 years ago it didn't happen.  I was in my room when I got a call from a nurse there at Cascade Skin care.  I talked with her and she assured me that swelling and bruising was normal.  I know that because of experiences I and Kay have had in the past.  I told her I could send a picture and she liked the idea so I sent a couple.  After looking at them she assured me it was perfectly normal. She also said the picture was very good.  Meaning they have had experiences in the past with less that adequate pictures.  I might as well post it and let you see what she got.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Didn't see Kay. Good excuse

 I didn't go over to see Kay tod because I had to go back to see if the skin growth on my nose is clear of skin cancer when they took  it off.  As there were still some cells in the area they had to do further cutting to remove it.  They are confident they have it all gone. I will come back in a week for them to check.  Right now it is beginning to hurt so I may have to take a pain pill if it gets worse.   I will put up with it if it doesn't get worse.  They keep removing skin from around the are where they removed the growth until they no longer see more cells. It's easy to put a bandage on a finger but ot so easy to bandage a nose. I don't know if it is a good idea to see Kay tomorrow with this ugly bandage on my nose.  I might scare her.  On the other hand if I don't go she will miss seeing me for two days straight. Will she think I have abandoned her?  I am going to take a chance on seeing me and either scaring her or not able to recognize me with the bandage.  My eyes will probably be black and blu
e by then.     

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kay is smiling now

 Kay was in the activity room when I got there.  Breakfast had not been totally cleared away but I sat with her a few minutes.  She was like yesterday.  She would look at me and not smile.  I looked carefully at her and she looked with a look you would see in a little kid who was sick and felt bad.  Eye lid slightly down over the pupil and a pained expression.  I tried go get her to tell me if she hurt but I could not get a response.  After a few minutes I decided I would try a truffle so I took her into our place in the hall.  I could not give her the truffles with other people around.  We stopped at the pill giver at the entrance to the room and she took her pills just fine.  When we got to the table and chairs and I was giving her the truffles she began to smill at me and become more like herself.  No I don't think it was the truffles she was just doing something and perhaps wakine up.  We went back to the activity room where they were beginning their exercises.  I participated in the exercises although Kay did not as usual.  During reading the news and while we still had a little time  I took her to her room for the remainder of the time. 
You see a lot of these people with symptom f oncoming dementia. A lady stopped to talk with her friend across from me complaining that someone was entering her room and tearing it up.  OK, could happen but then she claimed that the second night it happened again but she was sleeping at the time.  That is kind of hard to believe.  Even if she had a hearing problem.  I have not paid much attention to this before but the past few days several women have shown symptions of dementia.  One got so bad she had to transfer to Cascade Gardens.  She is on the same floor as Kay. Sad

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hard to write this. rape, murder

 Kay seemed very slow today. I  found her in the activity room but nothing was going on this Saturday. She seemed unable to do anything. She looked at me with her mouth slightly open.  She would look at me  but no smile, or attempt to hold my hand. I would lean over and tell her I love you but there would be no change of expression.  Just her eyes would follow me. There was just a few in the room but nothing to do.  I managed to get Kay up and take her into our place in the hall where I gave her the usual couple of truffles and part of a banana.  The caregiver said she did eat something but I didn't learn how much.  I  took her to her room and had her cleaned up then she laid on the bed to rest.  From then on it was just watch RT until time to meet the on time bus.  

There is lots of diabetes and early dementia.  The lady across the table from me is quite forgetful of some things that a lot of old people forget.  However there were 3  incidents recently that cause me to be fairly surely she has dementia.  3 times recently she claimed she was going to Seattle or Vancouver,  her home town, for a few days which never came about. Another thing is her tendency to blowup  at inconsequential things.  Like a late delivery, getting the wrong thing for dinner that she thought she ordered  I have no  doubt she is developing dementia.  Then the old lady behind me at the next table who almost every day asks me  how my wife is.  The  next question is  how old is she.  She is always shocked when I tell her 93.  She is a German war bride.  Her husband was in Berlin during the occupation and married her.  I wanted to show her some Pictures of Berlin and other occupation picures after dinner but she would forget we had the appointment and disappear before I could tell her I had the pictures to show.  They are on a memory stick  for one of these electronic picture frames.  So eventually I just gave up.  Now and then I amaze her with a word or two of German that I learned while there.  One time I played the tune in German named "Lil Marlene"  that I put on  a DVD  She knew the tune even though  when I had asked her before if she knew it she said no.  I know she knew it because she hummed along when it was played. One morning her husband woke her up and said.  "You know I love you" She grumbled an answer "You woke me to tell me this?  Then he rolled over and died. The moral of this story is : Wives be careful how you answer if your husband tells you he loves you in strange circumstances.   This man was  an Army Top Sergeant and not prone to   telling anyone he loved them. He had married her in Berlin. She had also suffered under the conquest of the Russians  which included rape and murder of the German women.  She survived although many women committed suicide at the disgrace of carrying a Russian baby.

Then there is the lady across the hall who moved in 3 or 4 months ago.  You would not know she has dementia.  I pass her in the hall and exchange pleasantries.  Not having an idea she has a problem.  She is slender, well dressed, hair taken care of.  that was one of the first things that Kay  left unmanaged. Also  makeup.  But this lady is made up but  I haven't noticed if she wears lipstick.  But she is obviously a cultured person. She had only mentioned to me once that she had health problems.  A few days ago there was a man and little girl who seemed to be prepared to go into her room but I had gone into mine before I saw if that had happened.   I asked her later if she had had visitors and she said no.  that sort of confused me because I thought the man and girl had knocked on her door.  Yesterday I was sure of it but today when I asked if she had had visitors she said no again.  Obviously she if forgetting their visit.   That is strange how dementia works.  She is forgetting people who come to see her but takes care of her personal attire. 
I just got a movie from Netflix on dementia.  It is called Notebook and in a lot of ways follows my experience with dementia  Not the extra non dementia Hollywood  fancies. but the descent into dementia and the dedication of the husband to care for her as long as he can.  James Garner stars.  Remember him?  It's old but still good. Bad part is it does not have captions so I miss a lot of the dialogue.

I probably spent 3 hours writing this but think how long it would have been if I had fixed all the mistakes .  The cursor is almost invisible which takes a lot of my time looking for it. Chow       

Friday, November 14, 2014

She was tired and sleepy

 Another late pickup that got me to see Kay at 10:20.  /Most of the group was at church on the remodeled first floor.  I found a sparce number of people left in the activity room.  Kay among them with her head on the table seemingly asleep.  I woke her and got her to take my walker and come with me to her room.  There she lay down wanting to go  to sleep  I suppose.  When I offered her a truffle she took it and even one more.  I was not able to ask a Caregiver is she ate breakfast and as she wanted to sleep I just sat by the bed holding her hand until time to go.  I would not be surprised if she did not eat much breakfast. She was so slow and feeble. She seemed to awake enough when I woke her to tell her I was leaving and would be back tomorrow. 

I am in the process of trying to keep m daily visit to her on Monday and still keep my appointment with a doctor.  But it looks like I will have to miss my visit with her on Monday.  This will be the first miss in a long time. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

table partner hurts.

 Nothing was going on in the area of group activities today as the podiatrist was coming to attend to the patients.  So Kay and I were waiting in her room for him to come and attend to her.  He had not come by 11 when I left to go home.  Here at the dining room table there is a woman who has pain in her abdomen.  As she cant talk except for  a very few words she cant tell where the pain is and how it hurts.  The other person at the table had her write what was wrong and she read it as hepatites c.  I came upstairs after dinner and looked up what ca be done for it and an operation except for a liver transplant was possible.  I rather think that she is not getting a liver transplant.  I still think her eating half or nearly a pound of coffee creamer might have something with it.  Also she eats more than that of sugar.  My opinion is that eating to excess aything like that could be suspect for internal distress in the abdomen.  But as I don't know very much about it I have to leave it to the experts.  Unfortunately I don't know if the experts know anything about her habits.  I told the head nurse some time ago but she didn't seem very impressed. I got home about 5 after 12 for lunch.  


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tension rides the shuttle

 Kay was about average today.  I took her for the usual truffles and graham cracker. The caregiver said she ate breakfast but not very much.  So I tried to make up for it.  She did not want to take her pills but you can get her to change her mind in a few minutes which she did. We got them down her but it  took some real subterfuge. Back in the activity room I participated in the exercises.  She still does not participate.  Just before 10:30 I took her back to her room and let her rest,  At 10:30 they called up and said my ride was here.  This is 30 minutes before it was supposed to be there.   Bad relations developed between the bus driver and me before she delivered two riders then came back for me at 11:20. I was not happy, The driver was not happy.  No one was happy.  On the way home things lightened up and relations returned to normal.  However at home I did not know I had left a bag on the bus when I  got off.  Later when I discovered it missing I started  checking where I could have left it.  It could have been in only 3 places.  Cascade Gardens, the bus, or here where I live.  I called the Gardens but they would check, I did not call the shuttle people because they pick up left items and it will be in lost and found tomorrow. So if I left it at the Gardens they would let me know About 7:30 there was a knock on the door and when I opened it there stood the bus driver with my bag.  I had left it and she went out of her way to bring it back to me on her own time I suppose.  With feeling I said "I could kiss you."  For just an instant she hesitated.  I could sense the hesitation.  But some thought overruled the impulse and she turned and went on down the hall.  For  some reason the tension  in our first meeting was gone  and she wanted to be on good  terms with me. This was evident on the way back because there was a complete turn around  in her demeanor.   It has been a month since I saw her the first time.   I had no intention of making a report. I wonder what caused the change of attitude.  Perhaps she had learned about my daily visits to see Kay and for some reason it struck a cord.  She did mention she and her husband had separated several years ago.  Perhaps there was something there that Kay was getting that she longed for.  I'll never know but this story today has a happy ending. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Skulduggery going on?

 Kay was in bed when I got there.  I gave her a couple truffles but forgot to give her a cracker or part of the banana.  She felt warm so I had them take her temp but it was only 99.  She also was in a warm room and dressed under a cover.  I didn't do anything while there except watch TV.  I got there late so was not there a long time.  When leaving to catch the return bus I felt her and she felt warmer so stopped at the nurses station on the way out and asked them to take her temperature.  So far I have not managed to get in touch with anyone to find out what it was. She didn't seem to indicate she was distressed at all.  The room was warm and I had to open a window.  I will check soon.  

Day 2

This is day to of keeping tabs on how long this door is going to remain defective before they fix it.  It has been open several days and no one has fixed it or even closed it.  They have been told it needs fixing.  I told yesterday how easy it is to be walking along the side of the hall and come close to tunning into it.  I thought that now I am doing this I would at least be aware and not come close.  However today walking down the hall I was  thinking of something and forgot it was there.  I didn't run into it but as I passed by it startled me when I got  along side it and was shocked at how close I came to running into it  I mentioned this yesterday how it wont stay closed.  I put a shim in it and it stayed closed for a week but someone took it out and now in just a short time it pops open.  It is fairly safe where it is now as you have to be close to the wall to run into it.  But it can open a lot wider and then
 it could be much easier to run into it.  I talked to the maintenance at least twice plus putting a shim in it to keep it closed and I am going to leave it up to them from now on.
OK Folks help me.  Is there some skulduggery going on.  Did Kay pull a fast one on me and get botox injected into her lips? Actually I would not have minded much.  However she might have done it on the sleigh because I thought it was dumb to do it like some of the movie stars were doing it at the time.  Lips real puffy.  Are they still doing it?  I have gone back into my pictures and posted below her in our wedding, a picture where she might have done it and a picture taken last August.  I think it  is hard to tell but give me your opinion. 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Things not quite right.

 What a day it turned out to be. Things deteriorated into chaos at dinner.  I got my insulin about 5 to 5 and went into the dining room.  I delay getting my insulin until the time to eat as I do not want it beginning to work before I get something to eat.  It begins to work on my b/g in about a half hour.  As I keep my b/g as near normal I must watch it carefully.  We are supposed to get meals by 5:30.  But first I wanted some milk which  a lady at the table offered to go to the kitchen and get.   While back there I heard some ruckus between women going on and suspected she had something to do with it. She told me that another lady near where the coffee started shouting that there was no ice.  She was trying to get some ice to bring back to the table. Apparently she saw a few pieces and was tring successfully to get them.  For some reason the lady shouting at her found some reason to interfere.  Anyway it degenerated into the shouting match.  My helper did not get the milk but the server came at that time and gave me some.  

We continued to wait for our food getting later and later when I had to have something to eat which I got from my bag while waiting.  I cant give what was going on to avoid complications.  My table partiner loudly complaining about the wait.  Promising to talke to Lincoln tomorrow.  When the server finally came I asked him what was the cause of the delay.  He said it was the complicated menu.  I was having a cheese burger and she was having a chili dog.  Not particularly complicated to me.  Finally I got something to eat and considered going back to my room.  When I got to the waiting area I could hear a loud ruckus. Just what it was all about I could not determine but it was loud.  Normally there are no visitors here but this time there was.  I felt embarrased at the ruckus and told them this was not a normal event. These people who were part of a group relatives visiting their grandmother or great grandmother. 
Some of the LPN's are not very well versed in diabetes and the rights of a person to their medical records.  If you remember I had a dispute with a nurse about what I was entitled to.  The nurse today   rightly refused to give the great granddaughter the great grandmothers medical records.  She should have felt enough compassion to suggest that she get her grandmother to ask for the records.  She was just upstairs.  Now to my case.  I go  to the med room when it is timeto eat.  Also to get my insulin.  When I got my b/g reading which was close to normal.  She asked me if I wanted my insulin as if the normal reading was some reason to wait until b/g came up.  She didn't seem to know that we take insulin to cover the carbohydrates I would be eating.  Not where my b/g was now.      

Problem solvers we need you

 Very normal visit today.  She was in with the group for exercises.   She kew me.  She didn't look good so I took her to the hall and gave her the truffles and a graham cracker which I now have.  We went to her room and we stayed until time to go.  When she walked it was very slow.  In her room she seemed to want to sleep.  I got the return trip at 11:00 on time and was back about 11:15 which is very early from the normal arrival.
 I called for an attendant to take care of her personal needs but it still somewhat unsettling for a male to do it.  That is the reason I think they are required to keep the door open at these times when they do this.  Although they don't always keep it open.  Here at this place I have told them about a fire extinguisher cabinet in the hall where the door keeps popping open because of no latch.  It is hung at eye leve of course and there is a danger of running into it and putting out an eye or other damage.  Nothing was done about it so I put a shim in it that kept it closed but someone might not have liked the look of the piece of tissue paper doing the job so it was removed.  Now it is popping open again.  See th picture.  This is a normal hall and passing someone or just walking down the hall not thinking about it it is very possible to run into it.  As you can see the door  could reach  more into the hall if it was opened more makeing it more dangerous.  I did this when in high school in  Chowchilla  many years ago and I can tell you it is not a laughing matter.  It also illustrates the callous disregard some of the workers here have for the residents.  This the way it is for some not all.  But it is very common for them to just tell you anything because for one they don't care, two they might not know but will tell you anyway just to get you off their back.    I've told Steve and Louise both.  Now we will see how long this continues before  something is done about it.  As  I have only one eye left I would take a very dim view of having s-omething happen  to it. 

Another interesting problem.  At  my table there is a woman who  had a brain injury some years back and although she can think she can not express herself verbally except for a few words.  So when she wants to tell you something it is just a guessing game. It seems well nigh impossible to guess what she is trying to convey.  Today there was a seemingly normal lunch she was trying to get across to us.  We just could not get what she was trying to tell us about it.  I finally decided we are taking the wrong approach trying to understand what she is telling us.  I was thinking about if a system could not be developed to find out what she was trying to tell us.  There used to be a TV game show called "What's my line"  for example.  Then there was the game even adults played that used a technique of asking if what the person was thinking about was animal, vegetable or mineral.  The details are very vague to me.  If anyone reading this has an idea about this please leave a comment.  I know something can be done it as she is intelligent enough to understand what we are trying to do.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


 Very normal visit.  A different woman was leading the group and there was no exercises.  After I had given her a couple truffles we went into the meeting.  The group always seem to enjoy group activities.  When done we went to her room for the remainder of the time. One of the wome at the Alzhimers meeting has her mother at Cascade Gardens.  I know her as she is on the third floor.  At one time she was a world traveler and very knowledgable.  I finished my DVD on our life during the WW2 period   I'll start a new one on the period when I went overseas and after. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Church

 I got to Kay fairly early.  Took her to hall chairs and table where I gave her the truffles then took her to her room.  There I gave her half a banana.  She seemed hungry but I did't have anything else like Graham crackers to add to it. 
she took her pills whole according to the pill dispenser.  I don't want to call them pill rollers.    She did not eat a lot of breakfast according to the caregiver. Maybe that is the reason she ate the things she ate.  On Fridays they  have church services at Cascade Gardens where Kay is and at Cascade Vista where I live.  Here they bring a priest for Catholic services.  I havent asked but he might go to the Gardens to hold Mass on Saturdays.  I cant remember which day they have Protestant church services here. But they do.  When Kay finished eating the banana there was nothing else going on right at that time but I asked her if she wanted to go to church?  She nodded yes but I leaned it didn't happen until 10 AM and even then the preacher was not expected to be there until 10 after.  So as it was not a long time to go we waited in the room until it was time.  finally it was the time and a black preacher showed up.  We sang old favorites and he gave an inspiring talk.  I have never heard a black preacher and did not know what to expect.  Perfectly reasonable although I would imagine in his church a little more relaxed. The group attending seemed very happy  to be there and joined in the singing with gusto.  Kay did not appear to sing but seemed to enjoy it.  She seems to enjoy being with the group   so I will be sure she attends events.  Unless she is tired we will be at more of them. 

Some time ago I suggested they attach a DVD player to the downstairs TV so people could play their home movies and what not for others.   Great idea the former  activities director said but they wanted a combo tape/dvd player. Nothing came of it but when the new director came I gave them mine which I no longer used.  The director claimed she got no answer from the brass even though she asked them.  She gave me her's which did not have a tape player in it. But things stayed in limbo with nothing happening.  The other day Lincoln announced a general meeting for residents to register their wants and complaints.  I firgued this was a good time to ask him directly  about it even though he did not answer my email request earlier.  That is the reason I figured he did not want something like that.  But today in the meeting I asked him and with no hesitation he said to see the activities and another manager to get it done/  Just like that it was accepted.  This makes me wonder just how much was the truth the were giving me about it. Why they would not want it I have no idea.  Of course they have a room where they play movies but they select them and they residents don't have any say in the matter I don't think.  I may be wrong about that. Now we can play our home movies or other movies for a select group which could not be done before.  We can even pick our own movies from other sources if we  want to. I was going to play a home movie for some of the women at another table.  I think one or two have died since the first offer. I think the previous situation was just a stalling tactic for some reason.    

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A sad tale

 The visit was just a little over 30 minutes today.  You cant win for losing.  Late getting there  and an early pickup.  The return driver  was a young woman with sad tale about student loan.  24 K left on a 30k loan.  She need a few more credits for a degree but the degree is worthless anyway.  When she asked if they were accredited they said yes but it was not transferable to a state school.  Sad. Then the other passenger had several toes amputated because of diabetes. So much ignorance about diabetes deliberately fostered by the medical industry.  The bible says love of money is the root of all evil.  Have a nice day. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good time had by all

Kay was difficult about taking her pills but eventually did.  In some sort of drink crushed up.  this girl at least crushed them to the extent I could not see them so perhaps Kay did not notice them either.  Apparently she is used to someone giving her this stuff so she knows she is expected to take it.  Just like pills when they are offered.  We stayed and I took part in the exercises then after discussing events and other things I took Kay to the hall chairs and gave her the truffles.  Then it was time to stay with her until time to go to her room. I am trying to get as many of the family to come for Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone askes about her now so it is time to show her to them. Getting Dianne down here is a little more difficult but you can go a long ways paying for a round trip plane ticket just going out to dinner at a nice restaurant.    I am still trying to talk her into coming.   

the exercises are good for me.  they are designed for the person who is not very active.  They use all the muscles one does not  ordinarily use.  Especially us old folks.  Not very vigorous but because they use all the muscles they burn up a lot of b/g so I have to watch or mine will go too low. Kay was fairly alert but they said she did not eat much breakfast if at all. I can tell she is alert because she smiles when she first sees me.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Kay rejects pills at times.

  I listened to the group leader for a while with Kay but she is not able to participate so I took her to the hall furniture and gave her a couple truffles.   When I came in I had a talk with the  head nurse asking that they do not giver her crushed pills in a sweet drink.  She had been used to taking the pills whole from another med teck previously.  So when she refuses her pills in chocolate or some similar food there is no possibility of taking them later.  I also suggested that to give her pills in a food after she has eaten might be self defeating.  She is not hungry by then so more food will pronbably be rejected.  I don't know what happened to the other girl who was fairly successful in giving her full pills.   She may have been replaced with a new one it seems.  She does seem to have had considerrable experience.  I am concerned however that some might just not take a lot of effort to make sure Kay is given every opportunity to get her pills down.   I gave Kay her truffles then took her to  her room.  She used my arm as a pillow until it was time to go. 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kay was not well

 It turned out that Kay did not feel well today. Later I found out that her head was spinning.  She was able to indicate to me by making a circle with her finger over her head.  The normal way to do it.  I think it possible that it is because she is not taking her meication.  It might be a side effect of her not taking the pills. But I don't know.  I will talk to the head nurse tomorrow. To me it seems they are not taking the best approach to how to give her pills. Up to about 2 weeks ago we were doing pretty well.  I normally get there during the period she gets her pills and if I can I help out.  This nice  young med tech was giving her pills whole and if she would not take them she might crush them and put them in something to drink.  It seemed that we were having some success and she was accustomed to  someone offering them whole.  She seemed to have become accustomed to the process and would take them.  I have not seen this tech recently and the present ones seem to  first just crush them and put them in a drink of some kind. The idea is that she will like the drink she will not know of the pills.  I think this totally unworkable.  First to work she has to be a little bit hungry.  But they give her the pills just after she has eaten breakfast. So why should she drink this stuff when she is not hungry?  They could at least give her pills before breakast.  I will have to talk to the head nurse tomorrow and see which approach to take.  I would like to start back on taking the whole pill and get her used to taking them whole.  When she sees them brought out she knows it is time to take her pills.  Otherwise only offer her pills before meals.Before breakfast or dinner if that is something they can do.  But they should go back to giving the whole pills with a back up of crushing the pills.  This may take some time. Today the pills didn't look all that crushed.  She was taking them out of her mouth they were so big. I got her to take a little of the drink but not much.  I may get the record for the past month and see  what the report is.   

I went to Costco  this afternoon to catch up on some food.  I found that walking around Costco is next to walking a Marathon.  I did not get all I wanted.  I did get the truffles but only after the help ran down where they were.  Not with the regular candy. I was also very happy to get a fresh bag of coffee.  I learned that even the roasted beans that are 3 or 4 months old have already lost their flavor.    

Friday, October 31, 2014

Extra activity reported

 I read a news letter "" which reports on events in the middle east by reputable sources.   If this was in the middle ages Christians would be organizing a crusade to save christians in that area. We have a president that is not interested in saving Christians. All he seems to be is interested in the next election.  He is allowing Christians to be slaughtered by the tens of thousands.  He is doing absolutly nothing.  Christian churches are aiding and abeting him by saying noting and doing nothing.  I can not for the life of me understand why.  I think theBible has something to say about people like that. How they can live with themselves is beyond me.  The US news media is keeping this covered up. Go to the above address and see for yourself. Remember an election is coming up. 

Kay was in where they were doing exercises today so I joined in for a while.  Then she started coughing again.  So I took her to her room and gave her a truffle. I only have a few left.  Tomorrow I will go to Costco as Tom tells me they have restocked for the coming season.   This place is offering to host members of families of residents a Thanksgiving dinner. I have asked the kids to come.  Robin cant but he will be suffering in Hawaii instead.  I want Kay to come so the people here can see her.  They ask all the time how she is.  I would like to figure out a way to get her made up like we did for my birthday but naturally it is a holiday and all beauty shops are closed.  Besides it would not be good overnight as she cant maintain it. 

I forgot to ask if she took her meds today.  I gave two DVD's to the nice lady bus driver.  I've had her before and she likes to discuss things. How she reacts I will not know as I may not see her for days or even weeks. The owner of this place was very impressed with the one I gave him to watch.  He evidently does editing   too as he mentioned that I must have spent some time on it.  I am in the  middle of a major revision.  This one covers the period of the beginning of WW2 up to about a year after the end.  I have quite a few pictures made from a book of paintings by a German artist giving their side of the conflict. I am trying to figure out how to show our side on one side of screen and his side on the other side of the screen. This is called split screen.  I was looking at Picture in Picture.  Maybe split screen  is a better way to look at it. I need help

Thursday, October 30, 2014

About usual.

I just wiped out the results of about 45 minutes writing.  You would have been fascinated.   Kay seemed in pain so I took her to her room.  She took her pills they said.  she ate no breakfast or not much.  The exciting things will have to wait for another time if I get in the mood.  I gave her two truffles and half a banana.  If I had had a sandwich I would have given her some of it but the one I had was two days old. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One elevator means trouble.

 Only about an hour and  15 minutes  with Kay today. The bus was late.  The people who answer the phonse think we cant see through their fibs and lies. I wont go into it now.  They say one thing but events show they were lieing. 

I gave the owner of the place one of my DVD's I made about our time from about Pearl Harbor to the time I boarded the boat to sail to Glasgow in WW2.  I gave it to him at the last formal dinner.  That was about two weeks ago.  This morning as I was finishing my short walk he parked in the lot which borders the sidewalk where I was and jumped out  to congratulate me on what a good job it was.  That I should write my life story.  Now this st ory is just a couple out of the 93 I have lived so far.  I was surprised as I was not sure how he would talke my shoving this DVD into his hands.  I was very please that he thought so much of it.  
Down to one elevator this evening.  It brings out the worst in people.  But now we have to get over breakfast then they should have both back in operation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The usual and trip to Comcast

 It was sad to see Kay today as she was in the activity room with the others.   they had left her teeth out and she looked to be a hundred and ten.  I have to look into this as she seems to keep them in if they are given to her.  Apparently they take them out to clean them.  but I also have to keep in mind that they are just lazy and don/t want to bother.  This has been the second day they have done this.  She seemed not all that awake and interested in the goings on around her so I took her back to her room to give her the truffles.  The action  of getting her up from the chair and holding on to the walker indicates how alert she is.  Doing these mechanical things are hard to do.  She seemed very feeble in doing this.  If this is constant I would think she has gone down hill somewhat.  

This afternoon I took back the modems to Comcast which will save 8.00 per month.  8 bucks a month rent on a 50 dollar item is highway  robbery for my money.  Tom bought one from Office Depot for me instead which I installed. 

Monday, October 27, 2014


 Kay was back in her room when I got there fairly early.  She looked at me and did not smile.  Yesterday she looked at me without smiling for the longest time.  I wondered what she was thinking.  I still do but wonder if she was trying to remember who I was.  I was told by the head nurse the other day that she will eventually forget who I am.  Of course that will have to happen before she stops eating.   I am trying to remember there is a Alzheimer's meeting here the first Wednesday of the month. I forgot to ask if she ate breakfast.  Sometimes they know that but do not know how much. 

I hear that Christians in I think Lebanon are being massacred .  I want it known that I will not remain silent when Christians are being killed. I hear nothing from the US Christian churches.  Most disgusting. Silence means consent.  If you expect any opposition to come from the US Government forget it.  It is not Christian so  why should it?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wonderful outing with Kay

   Can you imagine the surprise to hear Kay today talking?  I can go for trip after trip and she will not say a word.  Today she was so impressed with her trip out with Bob she told us how much she liked her experience.  On top of that she did a lot of hamming it up for the camera when Bob had the camera turned on her. He made a video of our trip and it was evident that she still had the old spark of knowing when the camera was on her.    We went to the Old Country Buffet.  She ate a goodly amount of what  Bob put on her plate.  When we returned we took her to the church service in the TV room which was in progress there.  She did not seem to want to stay in her room. This is proof that her mind is still working.  That  my effort to stay in daily touch is doing good.  That when she smiles and waves goodbye t me she understands that I will be back when I say it.    

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thhe usual

 Kay seemed in pain when I arrived there so I brought her to her room and the usual truffles.  She did not eat the graham cracker.  I just hung ou  tuntil it was time to go.  She seemed ok with my leaving and did not seem to be hurting.  I could not find out where she hurt. I asked the head nurse there about her progress but  she said it was hard to say because she does not talk.  So I actually may have as good an opinion because I see her every day.  Not all day but even the nurses do see her all the time.  The care givers see her for 8 hours but that once a day too so even I though only see her for an hour or so I should have an idea if she is going down hill.  I was going to see if her vitals are good which I bet are.   

Thursday, October 23, 2014

  Kay was sitting in the activity room while the caregiver was leading the group in exercises.  As I only had a short time to visit I took her to her room and gave her a couple truffles and a graham cracker.  I now have some that are fortunately fresh. All too soon they came and told me my bus had arrivd.  Unfortunately arriving and getting me home depends upon how may stops there are to make on the way home.

Tonight at the Vista there is a formal dinner.  Once a month there is a special dinner called a Formal Dinner which you can make special or just enjoy the special foods served at these events.  Tonight it was Halloween theme.  Dressing is optional.  Lincoln Strand one of the supervisors and shown here a resident were some of those who participated in the festivities, 




Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amazing. Kay talks.

Kay was asleep today.   I sat by for 10 minutes or so and suddenly I realized she was awake and talking.  I don't think she made sense but as she continues to awaken she stopped talking. The caretaker said she did not eat breakfast so  I gave her some of the snacks I had brought.  Truffles, a small part of a sandwich and half a banana.  I had forgotten to put in some of the graham crackers Tom brought a couple days ago. Yesterday she was sharing another lady's  walker.  The other patient was very possessive of Kay and thought  I was scaring Kay when I tried to get her to come to my walker.  The other woman did't object when I explained I was her husband.  Because Kay was sleeping when I got there I did not take her out to the exercises.  Nothing much else went on.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Messed up shuttles today

 Transportation was a big problem today.   I got there at 10 05 and didn't get back until 10  minutes to noon.   The driver said I was given to him as a rider a few minutes before he got me.  That means they had forgotten me in some mixup. Apparently I had been on the list of another driver but something happened and I had to be given to another bus. 

Kay was sharing the walker of another person who was very concerned with Kay not being frightened.  She thought I was frightening Kay.   As I was late I took Kay around the hall once then back to her room to give her the usual truffles.   I stayed with her until time to go but made the mistake of leaving at eleven to wait for the non existent bus.  I could have stayed with Kay another 45 minutes and made up for the late arrival. At first Kay seemed exteremly unable to understand that I wanted her to move to my walker. I always look for a change in her understanding ability.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Try out the Southern Kitchen

 I decided it was too much trouble to take Kay  out to eat.  She wanted to rest anyway.  We stayed on her bed until it was time  to  go.  Tom and Peg came and brought the groceries then we went to the Southern Kitchen to eat. It is a small place with no waiting area except out on the sidewalk. But it seated many more than I expected.  Quite a few 2 tables.  We ordered some fish on the low end of the menu with a couple side  dishes.  I had red beans and dressing with gravy on it.   I picked a fish dish in a long list of catfish dishes.  I learned to like catfish a time I took a trip back east with Jerry my brother,  I also bought it at the grocery store store to cook at home.  Unfotunately the menu did not state it was catfish so sure enough it was not catfish.  Besides it was deep fried.  I don't know about deep frying catfish.   I would guess other dishes would be better thaan this low end dish.  The side dish of dressing was covered with what tasted like canned dark  gravy.  I am not sure I would know the difference between dressing.  But seems like I was fond of turkey dressing when we cooked it at home.If I want canned gravy I can eat at home.  The beans were mostly soup.  Taste ok but very short on beans.  Should have been called soup.  The fish was  so small amount it was hard to tell if there was fish in the batter which was very thick.  Batter was ok if I had ordered batter.  It looks like any fish dish of fillets will be mostly batter.  Maybe a whole fish would be more fish and less batter.  The cornbread was a corn cake cooken on a griddle.  I expected it to be baked. All in all I was disappointed in what I got.  I might go again if I want to give the place an opportunity to redeem itself but this trip was very ordinary. I might try a catfish dish.  Fish and chips across the street from me  is a  much better deal. Everything served is better at the OCB  and there I where I will go next time if I want southern cooking.    

Eating Out

Kay was walking in the hall whe I got there today She didn't seem too active so I took her into the room and gave her the only thing I had available as I was out of truffles.  I gave her what amounted to one sixth of a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly.  I bring this because about eleven my b/g tends to go down and this is sure to bring it up to a good levelIt is soft so she can eat it easily.  We were going to take her out for lunch but during the  stay  I decided to cancel that trip.  lnstead we will go out to the Southern Kitchen which is near me.  I have been wanting to try it.  It is a small place with no waiting area that I know of which would be hard for us to tind a place for Kay to wait if she was waiting in a wheel chair.  I will plan on taking her out when Bob comes down in a week or so. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kay, truffles, troubles

 On the way to see Kay a woman got on the bus who had a terrible cough.  I could see right then I made a big mistake.  No mask and she did 't wear any either.  Soon another old woman got on the bus.  The reason I know is she is old is that she mentioned to the driver that she was 91 and hoped to keep on living.  When I got to my destination I got a mask from the nurse and wore it when with Kay because she also had a cough.  I don't know if it was from a cold or not. I tried to keep a little distamce.  Before going to her room as there was no exercising today I gave her half a banana  The truffles I talked about wrapping in cling wrap I left on the counter instead of putting in the bag.  Later before leaving she ate 4 soda crackers so she must have been hungry.  They told me she ate breakfast but because of my suspicious nature I am never sure of what they tell me.  With good reason though because lieing is second nature to some of the workers.  I have gone over this at other times.  

Just got back from lunch and it appears that what I told E--  the other day made no impression.  K--- is still in pain asking for pills before they are allowed to give the to her.   This morning the creamer and sugar dispensers were full but at noon they were down to half.  These are 16 oz dispensers.  D-- could have used some but she uses only a normal amount of sugar and I am not sure but no creamer since my talk about the possible ill  effects of this stuff.  This is just for the morning so stay tuned for what happens this afternoon.  I used to blame someone from other tables for taking our full dispensers and replacing outs with their empty ones.  But after watching K-- putting the huge amounts in her coffee I am convinced she is just using it up.  A-- keeps telling us she knows the score because she has been here 9 years.  Today though she didn't  know the date so I will continue to maintain t hat you should not believe anything you hear around here but get it verified.  She can get very vitriolic if by simply asking a question where she got the information. I just let it go over my head when she gets this way and let her know  I am not going to crawl into a corner just because she shouts real loud.  A number have  moved away from the table because they could not handle the insults. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The expert says not to worry.

 Quick trips both ways today.  She was still in bed but dressed.  Seemed ok just not up. I was told she did not eat breakfast.  I gave her what  I had which was only a banana and cracker.  I am out of truffles.  I have some chocolate truffles at my   place but they have melted together into one blob so I have not been taking them to her however.  They taste ok but are messy to handle.  So  I have just been nibbling on them occasionally not wanting to throw them away.  Tonite I figured out that if I slice them and then cut them into squares like fudge I can wrap them in  cling wrap and carry them to her in a sandwich bag.  I am out of other truffles. Unfortunately I have had them so long I have nibbled them down to just a small amount.  Tom will come to the rescue Friday.  We stayed in her room all the time I was there which was ok with me as I was tired anyway.  She seemed happy enough when it was time to go.   I have been transported by some drivers enough times they know me and ask how she is doing.  Twice a day for a year and a half should  amount to about 800 trips give or take. It's  always lonesome without her in the evening.   

I looked further into the excessive use of coffee creamer I told you about yesterday.  Apparently the WA State Poison Control Center does not think there is any problem with this stuff.  I have in the past accidentally tasted it dry in the palm of my hand trying to figure out if it was sugar or creamer.  My eyesight is bad and it required a taste test for me to know which it was.  It didn't taste anything like any food I ever tasted.  I haven't tasted it in coffee for so long I don't know what it tastes like there either. I would guess truffles to excess would also not be good for you either.  My guess the Poison control does not get many inquiries like this anyway and have not considered it. Also the guy that answered me just said it was a food therefore it could not be bad.  With a little thought I could have thought of some things that might have changed his mind but I was in no position to argue with the expert.  In any case there is a woman in lots of pain they have not figured out what is causing it.  In the same cup she also dumps a huge amount of sugar too  It also have the same stuff in it.  Lots of other foods do too. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Some good, Some Bad

 Kay was in  pretty good shape today except she seemed sleepy  after we did exercises.  As the caregiver was going over the news and what happened on this day from the present and way back I decided to take her back to her room and let her rest.  As I kept her in the exercise room for quite a while there was not a lot of time left after we finished there.   Even so Kay felt able to participate in exercising in some types of exercise. 

Of more concern is what we are getting in our food.  I have never been all that concerned with having to eat organic foods.  If the price is fairly equal to the general run of products I would buy the organic.  If the price was much higher I would buy the general produce. The past few days has brought up something that  makes me take a second look at additivies in our food.  We eat a lot of food at this place that comes from a supplier called Food Services of Amerca.  FSA.  The woman on my right is having health problems.  I understand she went to the hospital recently complaining of pain in her abdomen.  As she is she is unable to communicate except for two or three words it is very difficult for her to explain what is in her mind.  This the result of a brain injury some  time back. I have noticed however that she uses enormous amounts of coffee creamer.  I went to the kitchen and asked what brand of coffee creamer we use.  I was given a package of   FSA creamer.  The package size I would estimate is about one hundredth of what she uses perhaps several times a day in her coffee. The package size may be even less than that.  1 200th of what she puts in her coffee.   Not to mention a huge amount of sugar.   This product is also used in Sugar, salt dried egg yoke which we eat a lot  of here.  I don't know if FSA puts it in these products but as they  sell a lot of dried eggs to this establishment I suspect they do.  When I found out about the aluminum in the creamer I went to the head nurse and told her that the woman was using so much creamer and sugar.  I would think they will look into the possibility that the woman is getting sick from ingesting too much of this stuff.  It has caused me to take a second look at what I am eating here and make sure these chemicals are not in the food I eat.  I have a hunch I will be making a big change in my diet.   Have a nice day.   

Sunday, October 12, 2014

 Being a week end transportation was good.  Kay was in the dining room which had not yet been totally cleaned up from breakfast. I took her to the hall chair and table and gave her a truffle.   While there the attendant told me she did not eat much for breakfast.  Therefore the two truffles and half a banana I offered her.  We walked the hall for a while and the next time we passed the activity room I offered her the opportunity to go in and do what would be exercises.but she declined. So, at the end of that revolution, I offered her the option of going into her room which she did.  We remained there until I had to go.  She was very slow going around the hall.  She might have been tired.  They announced a meeting of Alzheimer's support group the first Wed of the month.  I will try it as it is just in this same building at the end.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Unhappy with Caretaker

 Kay was still asleep when I got there.  I sat besid her for awhile until she woke.  I gave her a couple truffles.  She was dressed with a heavy sweater on.  We then took a walk but not going into the exercise class.  I was too tired to do that.  She didn't take her pills when I first got there.  But did before I left.  She definitely did not want one of the Caregivers to touch or have anything to do with her.  This concerned me because it makes me wonder what has gone on at other times that might have affected their relationship.  I had to be there when the Caregiver took care of her before I left.  I will have to keep this in mind in case something has caused their relationship to go bad.Sufferers tend to have various moods  which are unfathomable lots of times.  They can learn if something is repeated enough times.  Like she knows what to expect when I drag out a truffle out of the bag and start unwrapping it.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New picture today

Kay.  October 9, 2014 
For once I got to Kay's place in good time.  Returned OK  too.  Kay was in good spirits and went with me from the dining room to her room where I was prepared to give her a truffle.  A couple in fact.  Then we went for a walk around the hall.  She was alert but seeming quite feeble.  I was so early that they were not yet prepared to do their exercises.  Returning was quite fast although a few minuter late in picking me up so I was not early returning for pills. I haven't taken  many pictures lately because there is not much variety in her activities.  She still responds to a camera and the above picture is the result.  Not a big smile but a smile anyway. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that Flies on Everything that Moves”  :  Information Clearing House - ICH

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that Flies on Everything that Moves”  :  Information Clearing House - ICH:

Shuttle forever. Forever getting there.

The shuttle was late getting there today and was very late picking me up. About an hour in fact.  I called while on the bus and told Cascade that I would be late.  Unfortunately I didn't know this until after I left Kay on time and was waiting outside.  I could have stayed with her much longer if I had known. 

She seemed sleepy in the activity room so after a few minutes I took her to her room where I gave her a truffle.  I had restocked.  She refused a second one.  I think because she was so tired.  I sat beside her holding her hand until time to go.  Not long because it was so late.  Then I just went outside and waited the better part of an hour.  That always burns me to have to do that. Finally I saw the bus drive by in the alley and hurriedly called the dispatcher and told her there must be a new diver as she could not see the alley entrance as she went by.  All I got from the dispatcher was "couldn't be that bcause we have all these thousands of addresses and it was another bus."  I've been here 400 or more times and there never has been another bus but the one assigned to come on this route. You cant reason with an opinionated person such as this. They develop this attitude from the people who usually ride the bus.  Occasionally someone such as I use it and they assume I am just the same kind to push around.  I have spent a year learning how this system works and have some idea.  At the moment they have  new software to schedule which causes problems plus  supervisors who think they know it all and that can be a problem. There is more to this but more later.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just hanging out with Kay

 I got to the facility early today and they had not started exercises.  Kay has not participated the past two days.  Afterwards we went to her room but I had nothing but a soda cracker to give her.  I rushed off forgetting the truffles.  I don't have much to give her.  She wanted to get out if her room so we shared my walker and as we passed the activity room she paused and pointed into the room indicating she wanted to go in.  After a couple minutes a caregiver came in and took her back to the room for some personal attention.  Going back into the room and that it was time to go   made such confusion that  I am not sure she understood that I told her goodbye.  So when she came out I was gone and I am not sure she recognized what had happened. I think it was good for her to want to go in where her friends were.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not very exciting

 I met Kay in the bedroom and took her to the activity room and participated in the exercises.  Afterwards  she seemed somewhat sleepy so I took her back to her room where she lay down trying to sleep.  It wasn't a long time as it was nearly time to go by the time we got back to the room.  She seemed ok when I told her goodbye. The main thing is that she see's me every day.  I think it helps her in the other 22 or 23 hours I am not with her.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Routine all messed up.

 Quick trips to see Kay.  Both ways today.  Nothing was going on in the activity room as it was Saturday  I suppose.   I stayed a while then I put a coat on her the took her outside for a while.  Today instead of going out and waiting for the bus I called and found out that it was going to be a half hour late. This gave me another half hour with her although I spent it in the bedroom waiting. Mentally she seemed about average and does not seem to be deteriorating to any extent. It may be but I cant notice it. What I do notice is her difficulty in understanding when I try to make her turn to take hold of the walker.  But this seems to remain constant. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beef with the shuttle

 Kay was asleep when I got there today.  I sat there until the pill Technician came in which woke Kay up.  After the pills K ay took me on a walk around the hall several times.  Finally we returned to the room where I stayed until time to go. 

 Returning was the low part of my day.  The bus was very late.  About 11:30 I called the dispatcher to learn when I could expect it's arrival.  I was told in 6 minutes or so.  Finally about 10 minuts to 12 the bus arrived.  When I tried to get some information about why it was late I got some so very nasty response from the woman driver. It escell ated from there until she said she did not have to take me on her bus.  As it was nearly an hour late I told her I was going on her bus and that I was going to be late for lunch and my medication.  Before meals I get insulin. It happened to be Candy on the bus.  The driver took Candy into the building and was there for some time. When she came back I got on the bus   and started back to Cascade Vista.  On the way I called the dispatcher to learn why the bus was late.  After a short discussion I learned that I was on the manifest for this bus.  This means that when the driver went to work that day I was on her list to be picked up.  It also means that probably Candy was also on the list.  (passenger manifest) This is not the first ti me this has happened.  In a prevous time they held the same passenger (candy) over to go on my bus.  I think Candy had to wait a long time. I believe in this instance I was informed the bus had arrived early for me but Candy had been waiting around for me but finally they called me early to get on the bus. In my conversation with the dispatcher I don't think I mentioned my beef with the driver.  On the way back however we were met by a supervisor there at Cascade and another person in addition to a person from the Shuttle company.  We discussed my confrontation with the driver although I had not complained about her to Cascade or the Transit company. The manager from Cascade was on the receiving end of the diatribe from the driver. I guess I should have told them don't talk to me as I made no complaint to  anyone about the driver.  She must have been really nasty to the lady at Cascade for her to call the shuttle company and complain to them.  Might also  get an idea of how she treated me.  But as this is all about a driver I didn't complain about I feel pretty much at ease. They should talk to the people at Cascade  not me. I did not complain to anyone about the driver.  I have noticed that even drivers become domineering bureaucrats.  The higher up they are the more domineering they become.  Until as president they can start wars.  But drivers can become bossy as they are usually dealing with sick poor people who are used to being pushed around.  When they come up against people like me or the person at Cascade who  know the score they lose their their perspective on how to treat people and what happened can result.   

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's mine is hers!

 Good transportation today. Kay seemed a little sleepy today.  She started closing her eyes later in the exercise/discussion portion so I took her to her room and gave her a part of a banana then half of a graham cracker as I left  my place in a hurry and didn't bring any.  When we got to her room she put on my new jacket Tom bought to replace the windbreaker I lost. When it was time to go home she didn't want to give it back so I tried to tell a Caregiver  when she took it off to be sure to save it for me.  Not a good idea as it probably would not be there tomorrow.  Besides there is no way to identify it as mine due to the color. The Caregiver was aware of this so when Kay sat down she had Kay slip it off before she was aware of what was going on.  I felt bad about this as I don't know how Kay felt about it. Yesterday Kay wanted to use my walker instead of hers.  I wonder if this was just a fluke or she now wants things that are mine.