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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amazing. Kay talks.

Kay was asleep today.   I sat by for 10 minutes or so and suddenly I realized she was awake and talking.  I don't think she made sense but as she continues to awaken she stopped talking. The caretaker said she did not eat breakfast so  I gave her some of the snacks I had brought.  Truffles, a small part of a sandwich and half a banana.  I had forgotten to put in some of the graham crackers Tom brought a couple days ago. Yesterday she was sharing another lady's  walker.  The other patient was very possessive of Kay and thought  I was scaring Kay when I tried to get her to come to my walker.  The other woman did't object when I explained I was her husband.  Because Kay was sleeping when I got there I did not take her out to the exercises.  Nothing much else went on.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Messed up shuttles today

 Transportation was a big problem today.   I got there at 10 05 and didn't get back until 10  minutes to noon.   The driver said I was given to him as a rider a few minutes before he got me.  That means they had forgotten me in some mixup. Apparently I had been on the list of another driver but something happened and I had to be given to another bus. 

Kay was sharing the walker of another person who was very concerned with Kay not being frightened.  She thought I was frightening Kay.   As I was late I took Kay around the hall once then back to her room to give her the usual truffles.   I stayed with her until time to go but made the mistake of leaving at eleven to wait for the non existent bus.  I could have stayed with Kay another 45 minutes and made up for the late arrival. At first Kay seemed exteremly unable to understand that I wanted her to move to my walker. I always look for a change in her understanding ability.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Try out the Southern Kitchen

 I decided it was too much trouble to take Kay  out to eat.  She wanted to rest anyway.  We stayed on her bed until it was time  to  go.  Tom and Peg came and brought the groceries then we went to the Southern Kitchen to eat. It is a small place with no waiting area except out on the sidewalk. But it seated many more than I expected.  Quite a few 2 tables.  We ordered some fish on the low end of the menu with a couple side  dishes.  I had red beans and dressing with gravy on it.   I picked a fish dish in a long list of catfish dishes.  I learned to like catfish a time I took a trip back east with Jerry my brother,  I also bought it at the grocery store store to cook at home.  Unfotunately the menu did not state it was catfish so sure enough it was not catfish.  Besides it was deep fried.  I don't know about deep frying catfish.   I would guess other dishes would be better thaan this low end dish.  The side dish of dressing was covered with what tasted like canned dark  gravy.  I am not sure I would know the difference between dressing.  But seems like I was fond of turkey dressing when we cooked it at home.If I want canned gravy I can eat at home.  The beans were mostly soup.  Taste ok but very short on beans.  Should have been called soup.  The fish was  so small amount it was hard to tell if there was fish in the batter which was very thick.  Batter was ok if I had ordered batter.  It looks like any fish dish of fillets will be mostly batter.  Maybe a whole fish would be more fish and less batter.  The cornbread was a corn cake cooken on a griddle.  I expected it to be baked. All in all I was disappointed in what I got.  I might go again if I want to give the place an opportunity to redeem itself but this trip was very ordinary. I might try a catfish dish.  Fish and chips across the street from me  is a  much better deal. Everything served is better at the OCB  and there I where I will go next time if I want southern cooking.    

Eating Out

Kay was walking in the hall whe I got there today She didn't seem too active so I took her into the room and gave her the only thing I had available as I was out of truffles.  I gave her what amounted to one sixth of a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly.  I bring this because about eleven my b/g tends to go down and this is sure to bring it up to a good levelIt is soft so she can eat it easily.  We were going to take her out for lunch but during the  stay  I decided to cancel that trip.  lnstead we will go out to the Southern Kitchen which is near me.  I have been wanting to try it.  It is a small place with no waiting area that I know of which would be hard for us to tind a place for Kay to wait if she was waiting in a wheel chair.  I will plan on taking her out when Bob comes down in a week or so. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kay, truffles, troubles

 On the way to see Kay a woman got on the bus who had a terrible cough.  I could see right then I made a big mistake.  No mask and she did 't wear any either.  Soon another old woman got on the bus.  The reason I know is she is old is that she mentioned to the driver that she was 91 and hoped to keep on living.  When I got to my destination I got a mask from the nurse and wore it when with Kay because she also had a cough.  I don't know if it was from a cold or not. I tried to keep a little distamce.  Before going to her room as there was no exercising today I gave her half a banana  The truffles I talked about wrapping in cling wrap I left on the counter instead of putting in the bag.  Later before leaving she ate 4 soda crackers so she must have been hungry.  They told me she ate breakfast but because of my suspicious nature I am never sure of what they tell me.  With good reason though because lieing is second nature to some of the workers.  I have gone over this at other times.  

Just got back from lunch and it appears that what I told E--  the other day made no impression.  K--- is still in pain asking for pills before they are allowed to give the to her.   This morning the creamer and sugar dispensers were full but at noon they were down to half.  These are 16 oz dispensers.  D-- could have used some but she uses only a normal amount of sugar and I am not sure but no creamer since my talk about the possible ill  effects of this stuff.  This is just for the morning so stay tuned for what happens this afternoon.  I used to blame someone from other tables for taking our full dispensers and replacing outs with their empty ones.  But after watching K-- putting the huge amounts in her coffee I am convinced she is just using it up.  A-- keeps telling us she knows the score because she has been here 9 years.  Today though she didn't  know the date so I will continue to maintain t hat you should not believe anything you hear around here but get it verified.  She can get very vitriolic if by simply asking a question where she got the information. I just let it go over my head when she gets this way and let her know  I am not going to crawl into a corner just because she shouts real loud.  A number have  moved away from the table because they could not handle the insults. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The expert says not to worry.

 Quick trips both ways today.  She was still in bed but dressed.  Seemed ok just not up. I was told she did not eat breakfast.  I gave her what  I had which was only a banana and cracker.  I am out of truffles.  I have some chocolate truffles at my   place but they have melted together into one blob so I have not been taking them to her however.  They taste ok but are messy to handle.  So  I have just been nibbling on them occasionally not wanting to throw them away.  Tonite I figured out that if I slice them and then cut them into squares like fudge I can wrap them in  cling wrap and carry them to her in a sandwich bag.  I am out of other truffles. Unfortunately I have had them so long I have nibbled them down to just a small amount.  Tom will come to the rescue Friday.  We stayed in her room all the time I was there which was ok with me as I was tired anyway.  She seemed happy enough when it was time to go.   I have been transported by some drivers enough times they know me and ask how she is doing.  Twice a day for a year and a half should  amount to about 800 trips give or take. It's  always lonesome without her in the evening.   

I looked further into the excessive use of coffee creamer I told you about yesterday.  Apparently the WA State Poison Control Center does not think there is any problem with this stuff.  I have in the past accidentally tasted it dry in the palm of my hand trying to figure out if it was sugar or creamer.  My eyesight is bad and it required a taste test for me to know which it was.  It didn't taste anything like any food I ever tasted.  I haven't tasted it in coffee for so long I don't know what it tastes like there either. I would guess truffles to excess would also not be good for you either.  My guess the Poison control does not get many inquiries like this anyway and have not considered it. Also the guy that answered me just said it was a food therefore it could not be bad.  With a little thought I could have thought of some things that might have changed his mind but I was in no position to argue with the expert.  In any case there is a woman in lots of pain they have not figured out what is causing it.  In the same cup she also dumps a huge amount of sugar too  It also have the same stuff in it.  Lots of other foods do too. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Some good, Some Bad

 Kay was in  pretty good shape today except she seemed sleepy  after we did exercises.  As the caregiver was going over the news and what happened on this day from the present and way back I decided to take her back to her room and let her rest.  As I kept her in the exercise room for quite a while there was not a lot of time left after we finished there.   Even so Kay felt able to participate in exercising in some types of exercise. 

Of more concern is what we are getting in our food.  I have never been all that concerned with having to eat organic foods.  If the price is fairly equal to the general run of products I would buy the organic.  If the price was much higher I would buy the general produce. The past few days has brought up something that  makes me take a second look at additivies in our food.  We eat a lot of food at this place that comes from a supplier called Food Services of Amerca.  FSA.  The woman on my right is having health problems.  I understand she went to the hospital recently complaining of pain in her abdomen.  As she is she is unable to communicate except for two or three words it is very difficult for her to explain what is in her mind.  This the result of a brain injury some  time back. I have noticed however that she uses enormous amounts of coffee creamer.  I went to the kitchen and asked what brand of coffee creamer we use.  I was given a package of   FSA creamer.  The package size I would estimate is about one hundredth of what she uses perhaps several times a day in her coffee. The package size may be even less than that.  1 200th of what she puts in her coffee.   Not to mention a huge amount of sugar.   This product is also used in Sugar, salt dried egg yoke which we eat a lot  of here.  I don't know if FSA puts it in these products but as they  sell a lot of dried eggs to this establishment I suspect they do.  When I found out about the aluminum in the creamer I went to the head nurse and told her that the woman was using so much creamer and sugar.  I would think they will look into the possibility that the woman is getting sick from ingesting too much of this stuff.  It has caused me to take a second look at what I am eating here and make sure these chemicals are not in the food I eat.  I have a hunch I will be making a big change in my diet.   Have a nice day.   

Sunday, October 12, 2014

 Being a week end transportation was good.  Kay was in the dining room which had not yet been totally cleaned up from breakfast. I took her to the hall chair and table and gave her a truffle.   While there the attendant told me she did not eat much for breakfast.  Therefore the two truffles and half a banana I offered her.  We walked the hall for a while and the next time we passed the activity room I offered her the opportunity to go in and do what would be exercises.but she declined. So, at the end of that revolution, I offered her the option of going into her room which she did.  We remained there until I had to go.  She was very slow going around the hall.  She might have been tired.  They announced a meeting of Alzheimer's support group the first Wed of the month.  I will try it as it is just in this same building at the end.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Unhappy with Caretaker

 Kay was still asleep when I got there.  I sat besid her for awhile until she woke.  I gave her a couple truffles.  She was dressed with a heavy sweater on.  We then took a walk but not going into the exercise class.  I was too tired to do that.  She didn't take her pills when I first got there.  But did before I left.  She definitely did not want one of the Caregivers to touch or have anything to do with her.  This concerned me because it makes me wonder what has gone on at other times that might have affected their relationship.  I had to be there when the Caregiver took care of her before I left.  I will have to keep this in mind in case something has caused their relationship to go bad.Sufferers tend to have various moods  which are unfathomable lots of times.  They can learn if something is repeated enough times.  Like she knows what to expect when I drag out a truffle out of the bag and start unwrapping it.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New picture today

Kay.  October 9, 2014 
For once I got to Kay's place in good time.  Returned OK  too.  Kay was in good spirits and went with me from the dining room to her room where I was prepared to give her a truffle.  A couple in fact.  Then we went for a walk around the hall.  She was alert but seeming quite feeble.  I was so early that they were not yet prepared to do their exercises.  Returning was quite fast although a few minuter late in picking me up so I was not early returning for pills. I haven't taken  many pictures lately because there is not much variety in her activities.  She still responds to a camera and the above picture is the result.  Not a big smile but a smile anyway. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that Flies on Everything that Moves”  :  Information Clearing House - ICH

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that Flies on Everything that Moves”  :  Information Clearing House - ICH:

Shuttle forever. Forever getting there.

The shuttle was late getting there today and was very late picking me up. About an hour in fact.  I called while on the bus and told Cascade that I would be late.  Unfortunately I didn't know this until after I left Kay on time and was waiting outside.  I could have stayed with her much longer if I had known. 

She seemed sleepy in the activity room so after a few minutes I took her to her room where I gave her a truffle.  I had restocked.  She refused a second one.  I think because she was so tired.  I sat beside her holding her hand until time to go.  Not long because it was so late.  Then I just went outside and waited the better part of an hour.  That always burns me to have to do that. Finally I saw the bus drive by in the alley and hurriedly called the dispatcher and told her there must be a new diver as she could not see the alley entrance as she went by.  All I got from the dispatcher was "couldn't be that bcause we have all these thousands of addresses and it was another bus."  I've been here 400 or more times and there never has been another bus but the one assigned to come on this route. You cant reason with an opinionated person such as this. They develop this attitude from the people who usually ride the bus.  Occasionally someone such as I use it and they assume I am just the same kind to push around.  I have spent a year learning how this system works and have some idea.  At the moment they have  new software to schedule which causes problems plus  supervisors who think they know it all and that can be a problem. There is more to this but more later.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just hanging out with Kay

 I got to the facility early today and they had not started exercises.  Kay has not participated the past two days.  Afterwards we went to her room but I had nothing but a soda cracker to give her.  I rushed off forgetting the truffles.  I don't have much to give her.  She wanted to get out if her room so we shared my walker and as we passed the activity room she paused and pointed into the room indicating she wanted to go in.  After a couple minutes a caregiver came in and took her back to the room for some personal attention.  Going back into the room and that it was time to go   made such confusion that  I am not sure she understood that I told her goodbye.  So when she came out I was gone and I am not sure she recognized what had happened. I think it was good for her to want to go in where her friends were.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not very exciting

 I met Kay in the bedroom and took her to the activity room and participated in the exercises.  Afterwards  she seemed somewhat sleepy so I took her back to her room where she lay down trying to sleep.  It wasn't a long time as it was nearly time to go by the time we got back to the room.  She seemed ok when I told her goodbye. The main thing is that she see's me every day.  I think it helps her in the other 22 or 23 hours I am not with her.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Routine all messed up.

 Quick trips to see Kay.  Both ways today.  Nothing was going on in the activity room as it was Saturday  I suppose.   I stayed a while then I put a coat on her the took her outside for a while.  Today instead of going out and waiting for the bus I called and found out that it was going to be a half hour late. This gave me another half hour with her although I spent it in the bedroom waiting. Mentally she seemed about average and does not seem to be deteriorating to any extent. It may be but I cant notice it. What I do notice is her difficulty in understanding when I try to make her turn to take hold of the walker.  But this seems to remain constant. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beef with the shuttle

 Kay was asleep when I got there today.  I sat there until the pill Technician came in which woke Kay up.  After the pills K ay took me on a walk around the hall several times.  Finally we returned to the room where I stayed until time to go. 

 Returning was the low part of my day.  The bus was very late.  About 11:30 I called the dispatcher to learn when I could expect it's arrival.  I was told in 6 minutes or so.  Finally about 10 minuts to 12 the bus arrived.  When I tried to get some information about why it was late I got some so very nasty response from the woman driver. It escell ated from there until she said she did not have to take me on her bus.  As it was nearly an hour late I told her I was going on her bus and that I was going to be late for lunch and my medication.  Before meals I get insulin. It happened to be Candy on the bus.  The driver took Candy into the building and was there for some time. When she came back I got on the bus   and started back to Cascade Vista.  On the way I called the dispatcher to learn why the bus was late.  After a short discussion I learned that I was on the manifest for this bus.  This means that when the driver went to work that day I was on her list to be picked up.  It also means that probably Candy was also on the list.  (passenger manifest) This is not the first ti me this has happened.  In a prevous time they held the same passenger (candy) over to go on my bus.  I think Candy had to wait a long time. I believe in this instance I was informed the bus had arrived early for me but Candy had been waiting around for me but finally they called me early to get on the bus. In my conversation with the dispatcher I don't think I mentioned my beef with the driver.  On the way back however we were met by a supervisor there at Cascade and another person in addition to a person from the Shuttle company.  We discussed my confrontation with the driver although I had not complained about her to Cascade or the Transit company. The manager from Cascade was on the receiving end of the diatribe from the driver. I guess I should have told them don't talk to me as I made no complaint to  anyone about the driver.  She must have been really nasty to the lady at Cascade for her to call the shuttle company and complain to them.  Might also  get an idea of how she treated me.  But as this is all about a driver I didn't complain about I feel pretty much at ease. They should talk to the people at Cascade  not me. I did not complain to anyone about the driver.  I have noticed that even drivers become domineering bureaucrats.  The higher up they are the more domineering they become.  Until as president they can start wars.  But drivers can become bossy as they are usually dealing with sick poor people who are used to being pushed around.  When they come up against people like me or the person at Cascade who  know the score they lose their their perspective on how to treat people and what happened can result.   

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's mine is hers!

 Good transportation today. Kay seemed a little sleepy today.  She started closing her eyes later in the exercise/discussion portion so I took her to her room and gave her a part of a banana then half of a graham cracker as I left  my place in a hurry and didn't bring any.  When we got to her room she put on my new jacket Tom bought to replace the windbreaker I lost. When it was time to go home she didn't want to give it back so I tried to tell a Caregiver  when she took it off to be sure to save it for me.  Not a good idea as it probably would not be there tomorrow.  Besides there is no way to identify it as mine due to the color. The Caregiver was aware of this so when Kay sat down she had Kay slip it off before she was aware of what was going on.  I felt bad about this as I don't know how Kay felt about it. Yesterday Kay wanted to use my walker instead of hers.  I wonder if this was just a fluke or she now wants things that are mine.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Quick trips both ways today.  I took her into the activity room as soon as it was available. During the exercises she participated more than ever although some kinds she doesn't seem to understand.   I used up the remaining truffles today so I will offer her something else tomorrow.  After exercises the leader reads and asks questions about history or other things to get the people participating.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The bus was early today so my visit was much longer.   Not much to report other than we went into the activity room and joined the exercise.  Kay got up but insisted on using my walker.  It was crowded and she did not get into the exercises today.  We went back to the activity room for a while then back to her room  for the remainder of the visit.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kay Does Exercises

 As I have said before Kay sits in during the exercises but does not participate.  Today I came in just   as they were getting started.  Before long Kay was also doing some of the exercises.  I could't believe it.   I was shocked.   A couple days ago she answered me with an OK then a few days before that she answered me "Yes"when I told her I was going home. This is rare so nothint to get excited about.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

This might be minor to you

 Lately Kay has been in the activity room when I get there. By then they are doing exercises and I join in.  Most of the time there is no chair next to Kay so I find one to sit next to her if there is room.  Up to recently she has been in her room or somewhere else when exercises are going on. Now she sits with them but not participating.  It has been a few days now and so expected that they set out a chair next to her so I don't have to look for one.  She seemed to appreciate me and was continually smiling at me whenever I looked at her.  She doesn't enter the exercises but today she stood with me during one where we stood to do it.  That was really a surprise to me even though she didn't stand during the entire exercise.  I had to take her back t her room before they finished talking about historical events on this day, because I wanted to give her a treat although I was out of truffles.  Putting out the  chair and especially her standing with me was quite and event.  this is not the first time I have noticed that she learns some kind of things when it is done enough times. Other things are impossible it seems for her to comprehend.  Such changing direction to go somewhere in a different direction. Walking down a hall that turns is different and she does that OK.    

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ot much

 So ordinary is frightening.  Got there late during exercises.  Got warmed up with with them then took Kay to her room and gave her  my next to last two truffles. I will have to come up with someting else until Tom replaces them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nothing to report

 Kay didn't seem to feel well today.  She was sitting in the activity room waiting for the activity but I took her a walk.  I was late getting there as usual.   She got cleaned up and I stalled for a while then my bus arrived.  Other than her seeming to not feel well nothing much happened. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kay slows down.

 I found Kay walking the hall ever so slowly.  She did not seem like her happy self.  I also met the caregiver who wanted her for the periodic check up.  When this started she  violently objected to getting it done to her.  Even with my help it didn't matter much although she didn't strike out at me.  Eventually it got done and I got her to the bed where she lay for a while.  Not long before it was time to leave she got up again and I got the walker for her to use. Still very slowly.  What was happening to her I have no idea. Her expression gave me no idea.   Shortly as I was getting ready to take the elevator I did not know how she took my leaving as the elevator door closed too soon for me to see her reaction.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Exercise is good for you

 I didn't get to Kay's place until about 10 to 10 which means I don't have much time for my visit.  She was in the exercise room watching the others begin their exercises.   The exercises don't look like much but are very useful when you don't do any exercising as these people do.  After greeting Kay I sat and did my exercises with them.  As long as Kay seemed happy I did exercises.

Suddenly Kay got up indicating she wanted to leave and I suspected an emergency had come up.  After this was taken care of I just stayed with her but about 10:45 they came and announced that my ride was here.  That means my visit was less than an hour.  But it was not worth trying to reschedule a later pickup because that might put me home after lunch was being served.  So I just went.   It didn't seem to bother Kay.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nothing exciting today.

 Not much to report today.  The usual hassle of transportation causing a short visit.  I got there about 10 after 10.  That leaves me with a 50 minute visit if the pickup shuttle is on time.  Which it was today. She was in her bed but not asleep.  I just stayed with her until time to go as there was nothing going on.  Tomorrow I hope to get some more information from Candy about her history and some video if possible.  Some how I have to get some of her pictures as she said she had some.   

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An interesting day today.  I got to Kay's late.  Not until 5 to 10.  In the front yard was the lady (candy) who comes to see her husband.  She is in a sort of drivable bed.  I think I mentioned her before.  I thought she would be a good subject for a movie. She liked the idea but the Caregiver stepped in ad made it uncomfortable for us to proceed.  Caregivers are not someone who is in charge, They are there to help you with what you want to do.  But this one thought this could not be done because of privacy matters.  Any spouse in charge can have their pictures taken or not to have them taken.  Of course people in the facility would not have their pictures taken.  But that is the one who has power of attorney to decide.  But to avoid an   unpleasant situation Candy suggest we just wait another day.  That turned out to be today.  She and her husband were waitng in the yard for their bus which turned out to be the bus I came in on.  I took some video then went upstairs to visit Kay.  A half hour later at 10 30 they told me my bus was waiting. This is a half hour early.  I went down stairs and the bus was the same one I came on.  They had loaded Candy, husband and caregiver then had them wait until they called me half hour early.  That turned out ok for me as I was able to get some video of them today.  I had just a half hour but I saw Kay which was the important thing. She seemed sleepy anyway.  
My plans now are to video her going out to eat with him and to go to her apartment some time and get some copies of her pictures to insert in her video.  She like the video I gave her as she said she watched it two times. I also have to find out something about her.  I have an upgrade of the video which I am sure she will want to see. 

I am real lonesome for Kay as I always am after dinner.  I was going to schedule two visits a day but it takes so  much time I cancelled the rides in the afternoon.    

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The amazing Candy

 When I got there at Kay's place today the lady I want to make  a video about was there with her husband.  I  got to finally talk to her about making a video of her  You have no idea now what she has to do to see her husband.  People keep telling me that I am such a wonderful person to go see Kay every day. I dont hold a candle to what she has to go through to see him.  I got a short video of them today but it is late and I am too tired to add it to this post.  What she has to contend with is her in a wheel, totally paralyzed as far as I can see.  She has enough movement in her hands to manipulate a reclining wheel chair/bed  which she does quite well.  She is also on oxygen.  She was in an auto accident when she was 6 months old.  If she is in this condition now from that accident I do not know. How old she is I dont know.  I must get to todays point   that even though she was entirely in favor of the movie a caregiver with her started interfering as if she had any authority to do so and as a result Candy decided to wait for next trip when there will  be no caregiver to get in the way of the project.  Caregivers have no authority to interfere or give legal advice to the person in her care.  I am furious in her meddling.  I will try to get an earlier start tomorrow and bring you up to date on what this is all about.  I should have the short video uploaded.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gaza as it was.

Some information that may 

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What I Saw and Experienced In Gaza

By Mustafa Barghouti  
On Tuesday 9th September, Dr Mustafa Barghouti, the Palestinian MP, member of the PLO’s Central Council, and General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, addressed Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists in London.
Dr Barghouti, a medical doctor, was in Gaza during Israel’s latest massacre.
He spoke to a packed hall of 400 people on the day of PSC’s National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine. Activists then went on to meet their MPs and put the case for justice for Palestine and sanctions on Israel.
This is Dr Barghouti’s speech:
Thank you for everything you have done for Palestine and Gaza. We have been watching the demonstrations. What you have done has given the people a great amount of moral support and I hope you can continue with this, because it is very important.
I ask you to continue with this solidarity work because we have a very, very big fight ahead of us.
I want to give you a glimpse of what I saw and experienced in Gaza.
No footage, no speech, no camera, no television can really show the reality that you can see with your own eyes. Please go there if you can. It’s so important for you to know the reality and it’s also important for there people there to see you there.
What happened is beyond description. Even describing it as an act of disproportionality is an insult to humanity. Describing it as an imbalance of power is also an insult.
After slaughtering thousands of people and destroying thousands of homes and to speak about reconstruction and to immediately allow Israeli companies to make a profit from this is also an insult to humanity.
What happened in Gaza, as has happened before in the West Bank is nothing but war crimes and crimes against humanity. What happened was nothing but massacres against the civilian population and Israel couldn’t have done that without a feeling of impunity and without having impunity from international law, and this couldn’t have happened if so many Western world leaders hadn’t been complicit in what happened.
When major world leaders come out and speak about the right of Israel to self defence and not a single word about the Palestinian right to self-defence when Palestinians are slaughtered and occupied for 47 years, this is an insult to humanity.
And let me tell you frankly, after all these days and all this suffering, I have no patience for diplomatic talk.
I will show you some pictures of what I have seen. The destruction was beyond description.
(shows photos of devastation in Gaza)
Even in the Second World War, there was not so much destruction in such a small area.
This was not about one house being destroyed and the house next to it being destroyed.
This was intentional bombardment by the Israeli army and navy and air force to destroy whole neighbourhoods.
Shujaya, which was completely destroyed was not a neighbourhood. It was a town, it was a city, with 150,000 people and it was destroyed, one house after another. Every house, every clinic, every mosque, every building was destroyed. Even a home for people with disabilities was destroyed. The destruction was beyond belief, and it is there for people who want to see.
Huge buildings, of five, six, seven, eight storeys were completely destroyed.
In my opinion, Israel was using Gaza as a testing ground for its weapons. I have never seen even in films such a level of devastation.
I saw one bomb which caused a half a square kilometre hole in the ground.
18,000 homes and buildings were destroyed completely, 41,000 houses partially damaged, 145 schools, eight hospitals, 13 health centres damaged. 180 mosques damaged, 71 destroyed completely. Even cemeteries were bombarded, 10 bombarded, nine Muslim cemeteries, one Christian cemetery. They bombarded the graves. The bones of the people came out of the graves.
The amount of explosives they used was beyond description. (photo of children climbing a huge mound of rubble, as high as a house, ‘looking for anything. You can see the stairs. You can see how this huge building became rubbish.’)
People were told sometimes to leave their homes. They call it warning. They were told within two minutes you have to leave your home, or they will kill you. And they can take nothing. Imagine, wherever you live, someone telling you to get out of your home within two minutes or you will be killed and within three minutes your home will be destroyed. How will you feel?
You lose your belongings, your money, your papers, you photos, your passport, and, most important, your memories, which can’t be brought back even if there is reconstruction. That is what they did to people.
They did so many insults to humanity. They talk about warnings by shooting people. They will shoot a small rocket at a house as a warning sign and then shoot a rocket from an F16 and destroy the house. And these small rockets kill people, tens of people.
How can the world live with that? How can the BBC speak about the Israeli army warning people with rockets and call it a humanity?
461,000 people lost their homes. Many of them are still living in shelters. In huge numbers.
I almost cried when I was asked to see a girl in one of these shelters. She has cancer which has taken away her sight and she was half paralysed. Her mother was with her also. She had to be inside the room with 50 other people. Very hot, very humid, no showers, no clean water. That’s what happened to these people when they went into these shelters.
We found evidence of scabies, and gastroenteritis and hepatitis.
Some people decided to live in the rubble rather than in the shelters, because it was so humiliating to live without any privacy.
Sometimes they still find people who are dead under the destruction (photo of a dead baby girl, who had been under a destroyed home for eight days)
Towers, high rises, they were all destroyed. Huge devastation.
This building hosted 80 families. In two minutes, it was destroyed.
There was a man, 82 years old, who told me he spent all his life building a house and a family. He had a house with four storeys and 28 sons and daughters and grandchildren. He went to pray during Ramadaan, one evening. He came back. The house was completely destroyed, his wife was killed. All the 28 sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters were killed.
91 families were completely annihilated. 91 families were scratched from the civil records in these attacks.
During these attacks, the Israeli army killed 2,153 people, and the number will still rise because we still have injured people who will not survive. 83% of those killed were civilians, 85% of them were killed inside their homes, 578 of those killed were children, 260 were women, 101 were elderly people. More than 1,100 people have been injured, including more than 3,000 people who will become disabled for the rest of their lives.
The population of Gaza is only 1.8 million. If Gaza had the population of the United States, you will be talking about 400,000 killed and 1,934,000 injured, almost two million.
During the September 11th 2001 attacks, the United States lost 3,000 people. After that, they conducted so many wars and went after everybody all over the world. What would the United States have done if they had lost 400,000 people in 51 days?
This is eight times more than what the United States lost in the whole of the Vietnam War – just to give an idea of the scope of the killing and the damage.
145 families lost three or more of their members. 31 charities were destroyed. 462,000 people were dispossessed.
The weapons they used should be prohibited by international law. As well as using their F16s, the Israelis started throwing barrels of explosives, because their aim was not to target specifically but their aim was to destroy and kill as many people as possible.
This is something that the BBC does not show you, and CCN and Sky news does not show you, and Fox News does not talk about it. I provided this footage (photos of barrel bombs, exploded and unexploded) to their correspondents. They would not listen.
Did you hear about it? Was it mentioned in the news? Tell your MPs about it. Ask your MP – how can a country that claims to be a civilised country, a democracy, that has a very special relationship with the United Kingdom, that keeps speaking about the right to defend itself, ask them, how can they be allowed to throw barrels of explosives at a civilian population?
The shrapnel is so sharp it can cut anything, and shrapnel like this is all over the place. It includes very dangerous material. Tungsten and other material that is cancerogenous, and depleted uranium.
One woman told me she was hiding in a UNWRA shelter, which was supposed to be a safe place. The Israelis had the geographical location of it, they had the co-ordinates for that shelter. And they still attacked seven of these UNWRA shelters, killing 40 people and injuring 240 more.
One woman called me. She was in one of these shelters. She said: ‘At four in the morning they started bombarding us. There was one bomb, then a second bomb, then a third. I woke up, it was dark, I couldn’t find anybody. I started looking for my children, and then I found Mohammed. I put my hand out and he was without his head.’
He was decapitated. This is what they have done.
They used 21,000 tonnes of explosives. This is equal to two 1 megaton nuclear bombs. Two nuclear bombs basically were dropped on Gaza.
They used prohibited weapons. Dime bombs, tungsten, depleted uranium, even bombs that throw nails everywhere, so they kill as many people as possible.
They destroyed water networks, sewage systems, they attacked and destroyed the only electricity station in Gaza. And they created epidemics. Uptil now, in the best case scenario, people in Gaza have electricity for only six hours a day.
What do you do if you only have electricity for six hours a day? What would you do if you could not have showers every day because the water is so saline? What would you do in a place where 90% of water sources are polluted and salinated, and not good for human use?
The devastation is unbelievable. They attacked 36 ambulances, they killed 22 first aid and health providers. They devastated eight hospitals. They killed 18 journalists and attacked seven UNWRA schools. They killed five people in Shifa hospital. Two disabled women were killed in a disabled centre. 450 factories were destroyed. Farms were destroyed. Today there is no meat in Gaza, because all the sheep were killed in the attacks. The soil is so covered in chemicals that it’s not good for human use, for farming.
This is Amira (photo of heavily bandaged girl in a shelter), and her sister. Two years old and four months old. Broken legs, broken arms. They lost their father, their mother, brothers, sisters, their aunts, their uncles, they lost everything. And when somebody in the room in the room said ‘who will have them?’, three women in the room immediately said they would. And they were women who already had children to look after, one of them had lost a child. They said, ‘we will have them. We are all their family.’ This is the Palestinian resistance that Netanyahu will never understand.
People are not numbers. People are human beings. None of you would expect to be treated as a number. You are a human being with a history, with family, with children, with relatives, with a whole life. Every single one of those people who were killed should be recorded and people should know about them.
Israel attacked Gaza in 2006, in 2008, in 2013 and in 2014. In 2014, there was one hundred times more destruction and more explosives than in all three previous wars. Why? Because they are testing the world, they are testing you, they are testing every single person in humanity to see how much you can tolerate.
This is what the fascists did before. The fascists tested humanity to see how much it would resist and now it is time to resist Israel.
They tried to dehumanise us as Palestinians. First they tried to dehumanise Hamas, then all Palestinians. Netanyahu even has the guts to try and compare Hamas with Isis.
It’s totally unacceptable to keep accepting Israel’s claim of self-defence. This is not self-defence. This is offence. Israel shouldn’t be allowed this level of impunity. Enough is enough. We have to take them to the International Criminal Court. The PLO must immediately sign the Rome Statute and take Israel to the ICC.
Israel bombed, then they let ambulances and journalists come to the site, then they bombed again and again. (shows a harrowing video of ambulances and people coming to the aid of people injured in a bombing, and then being themselves bombed)
Tell your MPs now that this inhumanity can’t continue. There’s only one way out – to establish boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel in order to dismantle this occupation and this apartheid.
Copyright Palestine Solidarity Campaign 2013
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Jim's avatar
Jim· 4 hours ago
Never again My Ars! Nothing is going to happen to these criminals! Shame on the western world especially 
Angela Merkle for selling nuclear sub marines at 50% discount to these butchers.of GREED!
Angie's avatar
Angie· 2 hours ago
"Israel's" lack of humanity and common decency is breathtaking. One of their leaders said they must act like dogs with rabies so that the world will be very afraid of them. True cowardly bullies. Shame on the western leaders for being complicit with "Israel's" many crimes against humanity!
guest's avatar
guest· 1 hour ago
It certainly makes you wonder how different things would be if Germany would have finished what they started in the 1930's. Definitely, food for thought.

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