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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Love Story Continues

 Kay was on the bed so  I assumed she was sleepy and did not want to walk or go to the activity room for exercises.  Later in the stay I was checking my snacks I keep  with me  when my b/g starts to go low. This will happen about 11 00.  At this time a woman and patient went into the next room. She could see me through the door but not Kay on the bed.  When she saw me she commented  "Oh there is someone else here."   I made some non-committal reply and left it at that.  I figured she was a new person and did not know about me.  Sure enough shortly a caregiver came in and asked if there had been a man in the room.  I told her I was the only one.  In a few minutes a couple more came in and wanted to know the same.  Of course the Caregivers knew me and left when I  told them I was the only one there.   I hope they found the person and enlightened her about the situation. 

On the way home the driver was the one who some time ago was complaining about his broken up love life. He had complained that his   live-in girl friend of 14 years objected to being kicked out on the street while he hooked up with a new girlfriend.  Oddly enough this part is being written while a program on RT is discussing delayed marriage and living together.  To bring you up to date on their situation the driver wanted to kick his live  in girlfriend out of the apartment and bring in his new girlfriend.  To make this especially difficult is the fact that  she had no job to fall back on.  As a person of somewhere around more than 50 she had no way of doing anything but go to the streets. From the developments it is obvious this woman over the  years has developed a relationship with this guys mother.  So when he quit paying rent on the apartment she moved in with his mother which he also did. Where the girlfriend is in all this I don't know.  I am not impressed with her IQ when she is playing around with a guy who is willing to kick out into the street a girlfriend he lived with for 14 years. I'm  not impressed with spurned girlfriend either if she doesn't know that in this state there is something called Common Law Marriage that should work for her.  This would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.   

The program just finished was all for delayed marriage and even no marriage at all.  I say why get married at all if you can get all the benefits without any responsibility.  But this would be a view from the mans perspective.  You can go to places like this and where Kay is and see the results of no one to visit these lonely people.   

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nice trip lousy Acer Computer

 Kay was on the bed when I got there in good time.  I gave her a couple truffles and part of a  banana.  We went to the Activity room and participated in the events.  She was alert and acted very affectionate to me.  About 30 minutes before time to go I took her back to her room and stayed there until time to go.  The bus was on time so I got home earlier than usual.I have to figure out how to get the printer installed on this computer.  I cant print print from my main computer because the display does not show the page properly as it is now.  I think some java file is missing but don't know how to fix it,   This old 32 bit HP has all its/ marbles but I am  not sure it can install the printer.  It may be a 64 bit and I don't know what effect that will have.  So for the rest of the afternoon I will probably spend it trying to fix it. I bought a lousy Acer which I am sending back to Costco because it is making it hard to use as it is trying to sign me up for something or sell me something all the time.  Add that o Windows 8 doing the same thing and I want to get rid ot it.    

Monday, January 26, 2015

New survey

 I didn't get to Kay's until two pm.  It was sunny and still warm for January.  So I put a coat on her and took her outside for a while. They want  me to fill out a survey.  Glad to do it.  One of the shortcomings of this place is there is absolutely no open spaces except for the paved small yard at the front.  It didn't look like there were any activities to be coming for this day as the dining room tables were still in place.  They usually take them away and put chairs around the room.. I have made contact with two women here at my place who's husbands have dementia and will be moving to where Kay is.  One has a husband in a rehab place from a foot operation and she goes to see him every day, There seems to be quite a few who does what I do.  Not many over 90 I would think.  It was a short visit but good.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good visit but Kay has cough

Made it to see Kay.  She was in the activity room.  I took her to our spot and gave her a couple truffles and a graham cracker.  We went back to her room.  She was in good spirits.  She seemed to have a cough She seemed to operate very slowly when moving and thinking.  We were in her room for a little while then she seemed to want to go out so I took her to the activity room where the leader was keeping them occupied. It was not long before I had to go anyway. She seemed to respond differently than in her room when I leave which was wave goodbye as she understood what was going on. I left and did not have any opportunity to see how it turned out naturally.  She seems to get along well with all the patients there.  They seem to like her  She waves to them when she sees them.  It was so warm and nice that after truffles I put a coat on her and took her outside to the enclosure next to the building.  they have a couple tables and some benches and chairs. We didn't really need the coat but she likes it extra warm. It was a good visit except for the worry that she might have a cough.  

I went up to  the 1st Pres Church  during the week and asked if someone could give me a ride to church.  The lady said that they didn't have a bus but she would look around and see if there was anyone to do it.  Didn't sound encouraging and so it turned out.  I had to   walk. An assistant pastor from the Maple Valley Pres. church was there and after the service I introduced Came home from seeing Kay and we picked up a woman going to the same place as I. Turns out her husband was in the facility she came from because he was recovering from some sort of surgery on his foot from an injury.  He also will be going to be where Kay is after rehab. I me
t another woman a few days ago who thought her husband would also have to go there too. Google blogger stinks.  It is so hard to fix mistakes it acts so irrationally.  Excuse mistakes

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The guy with no pants

 The day didn't start well for some people at my dining room table.  After I left they took the woman who earts a pound of sugar a day to the hospital.  They also took the one across from me to the emergency after she collapsed. She eats 3 cereal bowls each morning of cold cereal.  She Lost her balance and fell when she tried to leave.  They cant move a person when they fall from an incident.  They must leave then where they fell until a medic arrives.   None of the ordinary nurses here are RN's. They are LPN's I am seeing the effects of high blood sugar as it happens.  Eating a certain way all your life is harder to cure than cancer some doctors say.

Kay was in the dining room still there from breakfast when I got there.  She likes the place in front of the heater.   I got her up and we went to our favorite spot for her truffles and graham cracker. She didn't want any of the banana I had for her.  She  walked so very slowly to our favorite spot.  If she gets moving she seems to get more alert. Which she did once I got her back to the bedroom after treats.  On the other hand could their alertness rise to the level of what is going around them  Nothing was going on when I got there. 

When I got there there was a guy walking around without any pants.  Shorts and shirt ok.  the caregiver in the dining room didn't respond when I brought it up.  She was concentrating on something  she was writing.  A half hour later he was still walking the halls needing pants.  I  don't know if he ever got them on before I left.

The persons who walk around the hall the fastest are Linda and a black girl. The black girl follows the white woman around and around. Like a shadow. I think she is fairly recently from Africa.   .  They are back to doing it after a two or three week hiatus.   It seems to take just about one minute to complete the circuit.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Goings on in an Assisted Living facility

 I didn't go to see Kay yesterday because I was so  tired from getting up at 3 for an hour or so that I didn't know if I was just tired or still had a cold.  Later it  was apparent that I was more tired that sick.  Today I went over and found her in the dining room which was almost empty She seemed very glad to see me.  When the caregiver tried to help her up she slapped his hand away.  Preferring to have me do everything I suppose.  We went for her treats which included a couple truffles and almost two graham crackers.  I had no banana to offer her.  We went back to the dining room but although it was prepared for a meeting of some kind no one was in it.  That was to come later I suppose.  I took her to her room for the rest of the stay which was quite short.  

These places like I live in are very compact and it is very obvious there are no secrets.  The kitchen outdid itself this morning and served Belgium Waffles.  A real treat as the norm is powdered eggs and maybe a sausage patty   if we are lucky.  Of course it was way too much for me but I enjoyed it anyway.  The kitchen was made for serving a few arrivals at a time not a hundred all at once.  The quality suffers because of that usually.  Although I think they could improve it  with a little more money.  If there is room for only one cook at a time things tend to be cold before being served. 

They are preparing for an inspection by the state of some kind of the medical department procedure.   

One of the people involved in the preparation for the inspection was offered a modeling job when much younger.  
  She spends her mornings watching what goes on in the med room. From my days in photography I was pretty sure from her looks and the way she carried herself she had been a model.  She confirmed that she had been offered a job as a runway model.   Before I was able to find out more we were interrupted by blabbermouth who talks about nothing but herself.  Except for age she could still do modeling of the teen variety but she has some enhancements done over the years that would have to be reversed. She knows I was a photographer because  she has seen  the pictures on the wall in my room.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Not a lot to report today.  I went to see Kay.  She was in bed and the place was like a tomb.  No action at all.  So I just stayed with her until I had to leave.  It was so dull even the lady in the next bad was there.  The first time I have seen her on the bed. The caregiver said she did not eat much breakfast but she still didn't eat much of my stuff.  Except for the truffles.  Even the banana was hardly touched.  

I spent most the afternoon and evening up to now working an a short  video  of our picture on Pismo Beach.  If I can find the html that will embed it in this upload I will do that now. It is past my bedtime and I am too tired to do a lot to find it on youtube.   

Monday, January 19, 2015

No trip today

 No trip to see Kay today.  During the  night the cold I had seems to hang on.  When I get up I seem pretty good.  Lying down seems to aggravate my cough.  I guess that is my problem.  An expert could probably tell me.  I dont want to give it to Kay if that is now possible.  I have to cancel my bus before 7 am.   

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Football Shuts Cascade Down

 I  saw Kay today for the first time in 3 days.  I had a light cold and did not want her to be exposed.  She didn't seem abnormally happy to see me so she might not have remembered I had not seen her for three days.  

Nothing was going on there because of the big football game on TV.  I watched some and it ended to most every ones satisfaction. 
She didn't mind when I had to go.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kay is better.

 Kay was in much better condition than yesterday. We went to our corner and had a couple truffles then to her room.  She still moves slowly.  But as nothing was going on we stayed in her room until time to go home. I felt strange and wondered if i was getting something.  I certainly do not want to be with Kay and have something I could give her so I was really concerned.  I got home and went for a walk to compare how my legs felt when compared to using support hose.  Both are not where I want them to be but I could not see much difference when wearing support hose or not wearing them. I  took my temperature which read 81.  I then took the cap off and it measured.   normal.  I seemed to feel fairly good but I expect not go to see Kay tomorrow.

Some guy in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 1,000 lashes.  After the first 50 he said he didn't think he could stand another 50. The US does nothing but continues to buddy up to  these people who chop of peoples heads and do nothing about killing a guy with 1,000 lashes. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arranging our last time going to church

 Kay was in a state that she seemed slow in recognizing me.  She was in the 
dining/activity room just staring ahead.  When I got her attention she looked at me with her mouth slightly open.  Just looking into my eyes I got her to take  hold of her walker and follow me using hers to our spot in the hall.  There she loosened up some and began a little smile when I told her I loved her and gave her a peck. I took her around the hall to the entrance to her room where I decided she might not want to around again.  She was walking so slowly.  She climbed up on her bed and lay down for the rest of my stay which was not long as the bus got there very late. However it was on time to pick me up.  Total time there no  more than an hour.  

After lunch I walked up to the 1st Presbyterian Church slightly more than two blocks away.  I told them what I wanted to do with Kay for our 74th wedding anniversary. Meaning going to church with her for probably our last time together.   What I asked her to do was get the Organist to play a favorite selection for us.  I left it to the Organist to pick the selection.  She didn't seem very impressed.  After getting that done I came back.  I  found that two blocks is a long ways considering the condition my legs are in.  Bummer. Ya'all come. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday with Kay

 I gave Kay her treats and then tried to walk around the hall to give her some exercise,  Before  the second one was finished she indicated she did not want to walk any further.  I got her to the iron table and chairs in the hall for a rest.  Then I took her to her room as nothing was going on in the activity room.  I had asked a caregiver to let me know if any activity decided to go on there.  It didn't so the rest of my stay was in her room.  

I have it arranged for us to go to church one more time. On Feb. 15 Tom will pick us up and Bob will join us to make a video of it.  I hope to get the church to doa a little extra with their magnificent organ.  Any one who wants to participate are welcome.  Service begins at 
10 30.  there is plenty of room for additional people to attend.  Hope to see you there.    

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Monday visit

 I haven't done much the past few days because things have been so mundane.  Still things are the same.  That is a good thing because downhill is the  direction things go with dementia. Kay seems to be in a steady state in her condition.  Sometimes that is hard to tell just how she is responding to advancing age and dementia.   Like today when I saw her. I found her in the activity room with nothing going on.  Just 3 or 4 others in the room.  She was just staring ahead.  I got her attention and took her to our favorite spot.  She was so slow getting there.  I don't know if this will be a permanent condition.  Has she changed .  I expect  her condition to eventually go there but she has had her bad days and good days but always came back from the edge.  I am considering making an afternoon trip to see her a couple days a week and see how that works.    

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Romanesque building

Except Kay moving exceedingly slowly today nothing out of the ordinary happened. 
there was nothing going on in the activity room so we spent the short visit in her room.  I woke up at 11 07 and hurried down to get my bus.  Today I managed to get a couple new pictures from the moving bus.Pictures from street side of the front.  Seems clear to me that the designer intended the windows to represent the Cross.  

second picture from bus
I am still amazed at the Romanesque  design of the 1st Presbyterian church.  The article on the church claimed the architect was the foremost expert on Romanesque in the world.  I don't know about that but he could have been in the US because how many are there in the US at that time.  But it sure is an outstanding example to me because even in England or Europe I never saw many buildings.  Could that be because they would be 1500  or so  years old?  In England this style was called Norman.  If anyone out there in webland have seen any I'd like to know.   

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Answer to my question

My visit today was so ordinary I will not write up how many truffles she ate.

Yesterday I discussed the local 1st Presbyterian Church and how I have never seen one like it before.  Today with the amazing Internet I found out why.  I found an article published in 1925 explaining how it came to be built.  Lots of  churches built if not a modern church but one of historical design are of the Gothic style. Few have been of the style preceeding the Gothic which was the Romanesque style.  The building committee wanted something different so got the top architect in the U S in Boston to design it. I would say they succeeded.  Look further down to see the pictures I have published before today.  Enough for today as I am tired.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going to Church

 Nice visit with Kay today.  I asked the head nurse if one  of the care givers might want to take some time on one of their day's off to accompany Kay to church.  I was thinking she might need some attention if the service was longer than she could handle.  This is in relation to she and I going to church  together one more time.  Probably the last unless it is a funeral.  Of course we as a family went to church for years.  I intend to invite the kids to join us this one more time.   Whether or not they join in I am determined to go one more time to church with Kay. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I cancelled my morning trip to visit Kay today because  I wanted to go to the 1st Presbyterian Church in Tacoma just 2 blocks up the street.  I still was not sure I could walk that far.  I did go yesterday and made it ok but thought I might have made my bad knee sore and might cause problems. Although it seemed a little sore at first that disappeared so when 10 10 came around ok I decided to chance it.  Made it OK and got to see the inside.  I have shown the outside a couple days ago. This is a church like I have never seen before.  The interior matches the impressive outside.   
Outside Sanctuary  end

This part of the church was built in the 20's. 

Originally the church was founded in 1873 in what would be downtown Tacoma.  The interior has an extremely high ceiling.  I am interested in learning more about the church.  There are so many brick buildings here in Tacoma I am sure there is a story.  I know nothing yet about the steeple.  It is also different.

They had a number of friendly people as I got to the church.  All with name tags which I cant read of course.  I made my way to a pew that was open followed by a woman and family.  It happened that she knew quite a bit about the church but the service started before I could get more information.  When the beautiful organ began to be played all the pent up emotions exploded withing me.  It has been close to 10 years since I went to Tom's Maple Valley Presbyterian  church a couple times. Before that it may have been another 10 years since we went to the Edmonds Church of God. But the organ brought emotions I did't know still existed.  Getting the family together and going to church all those years could not be forgotten when the organ began to play.  The tears flowed in spite of anything that I could do about it. It must have been a half hour before I felt composed enough to look around and see who might be looking at this  decrepit old man dabbing at whatever was in his eyes.  In a half hour I was composed and was able to handle what was going on in the service.   I got to thinking  was it possible I could bring Kay to church one more time? To sit in a church once more with her?  Like we did so may years.  After seeing her today I am quite sure she could handle sitting in the church service.  When I went to see her today she was fairly alert.  I took her from the TV room and gave her a couple truffles then to her room as there was nothing going on in the activity room at that time.  I played to her my latest video through the DVD player I re-installed a day or two ago.  It had no sound because I had been short a couple sound cables.  However when I pointed out pictures of her, me or Dianne she indicated she knew who they were. She even tried to say their names at times. Tomorrow I must remember to bring them or an HTMI cable and get the sound back. 

When we were first married and lived in Yesler Terrace in Seattle our first Church was the Seattle 1st Presbyterian Church.  I think it fitting that our last should be the 1st Presbyterian Church of Tacoma. Below is a video of the interior.  It made me feel about the same as video taping the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican except no one here would object. 

I just tried to send an email to their blog telling them they might like to check this post out.  But they have such a difficult way of sending email to them it is almost impossible. I could not figure out how to send the letters you have to send for them to get the email. My guess is they don't get many comments.  They must get lot  of hate mail to use the system they have.  I've been on the internet since before Al Gore invented it and I couldn't figure it out.  What would they do with real persecution like Christians are undergoing now in the Middle east. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kay sleepy, 1st Presbyterian of Tacoma

 I found Kay in the hall so I immediately took her to our spot where I give her truffles. She moved so slowly.  Dduring the exercise program she was sleepy.  One guy has a tendency to go to sleep in his chair and fall out. Last time I was in the exercise class he fell out.  Today the leader had to wake him.  One time today she was busy and I noticed he seemed to be falling asleep and I alerted her to his condition.  I took Kay to her room figuring as long as she wanted to sleep she might as well do it in bed. We spent the rest of the time in her room.  When a visit is only an hour and a quarter of half it is not long. 

Because there is a  Presbyterian church a couple blocks up the street I decided to see if I could walk that far.  I go by it all the time and it  is a massive brick structure.  It is very hard to get a good picture from a moving bus with no springs. The last couple trips I washed the one I was to sit at.   My lower legs get tired real fast now so I had to make a try at walking .  I made it but took my time and rested a few places.   On the way back a worker at Cascade saw me and brought me home.  I show the back side today.  I showed the front yesterday.  I expect to go to the church tomorrow and maybe I can find out when it was built and perhaps something about why there are so many huge brick buildings.  Where did the bricks come from. 
Back side of 1st Pres. Tacoma

Back side 1st Pres. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kay then Tacoma First Presbyterian church

Kay was in the hall walking.  She seemed to be in pain by the expression on her face.  I could not get her to say she was in pain at that time.   I  took her into the activity room where they were beginning church services.  After just a little while she got up and we went to her room.  There I got her to nod that she hurt in her upper chest.   I don.t know for sure what was going on.  The pill medic was still there so I had her give  Kay a Tylenol. When I left  she didn't seem in pain.  
After a truffle and graham cracker she seemed to relax and had a nap.  I stayed with her until time to go.  

  1. I have noticed that the people holding church service do not have any music. Why I don't know if it his way of doing it or they don't have the expertise to create a system.  I offered to supply one for his use.  He also conducts services at other places too.  I'm a little hesitant if he  wants to use one because he said something about liking acapella  type singing.  I will have to look into this further.  It would be quite easy to come up with a simple rig that would do that and not a lot of expense.

Original Church

Sharing walker today

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day Of Year

Good visit today. Nothing was going on there so I stayed in her room and installed the DVD/tape player.  Near the freeway there are two old train stations.  The Union station has been converted to a federal building and is now a Federal court house.  They were built around 1900 and are historic monuments.  I wonder if when this was done they knew that the windows had the Christian Cross in them?  The building I am showing here may not be the Union station but when you compare the two buildings the Union is more obvious than the other one.  I have only been able to look at the two while traveling to see Kay and have not taken a good picture of it.  But comparing the two as I went by this morning I was able to compare.  Although not able to get a picture.  The bus is going pretty fast at that point and  I didn't have time to take  a good picture.  The Union statio is more obvious.   I don't see how the builder didn't have the cross in mind when he made the building.  Fine with me. 
Tacoma train station

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The cook needs cleaning

 Kay seemed slow and sleepy.  I took her to the hall and we had a truffle and part of a 
banana.  I don't have any graham crackers. Then we went and did exercises rather I did while she looked on. 

 For the life of me I cant understand how they can have a cook who doesn't bathe for weeks.  How can co-workers work alongside him without saying something.  How supervisors can not notice it.  He is friendly and pleasant.  I was talking to him today and what I described above was so obvious. We cant have certain kinds of food without treating it in certain ways first .  Others have to be pasteurized before they can be served.  But he can be in the kitchen although he has not taken a bath in weeks.  They shouldn't have to tell him to take a bath.   He is an adult.  If he is still  here and has not changed I will start making inquiries. He is pleasant to me and I like him.  But I don't think he should be handling our food in this condition.  

Another view of the train station in Tacoma.   
Through the window of the shuttle 

Have a happy new year. Not too happy though.  They had laws against that. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

. Pictures of Tacoma Kay BD

 The sun is out and brilliant today.  Cold though .  This is what I see out the window.  It would be cover  the horizon except apartments were built obstructing the view across the street.  I see Commencement Bay.  In don't know the name of the factory but think it makes particle board.  The name coming.  In the early days of Tacoma the ships unloaded their ballast which were stones.  I guess you might call them cobble stones.  They  then paved the streets with them.  Not thinking of automobiles being invented they were not placed exactly even so they are rough.  Seattle had many streets done in a similar manner.  I used to ride a bicycle on them when I was a bicycle messenger for Western Union In the 30's.  They were rough and slippery.  This picture is less than good because I am shooting through the glass.

Kay and Present from Bob

Rainbow on way home

One of old brick train stations converted into Federal Offices

The other station.  Taken from shuttle  window as it was moving so not the best.  I don't know which one was the Federal building
Lots of Roman brick buildings in Tacoma

Not much except for Summer at front desk

 Incredibly dull to report today.  I got there very late.  Not until 10 am.   They had just checked her over and taken her back to her room where she was on the bed,  I woke her and gave her a chocolate from Shirley.  Or was it Virginia?   She cant eat all kinds of chocolates so chocolates may not be a good selection for her.  Truffles are soft.  But after the two candies she slept the rest of the time I was there.  Quick time getting back which meant I had less than an hour.  But showing up every day is the important thing.  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Not happy at IHOPS

 Bob and Penny came down today and we had a good time taking Kay out to IHOPS  there was somewhat of a line at OCB so we did not go there.   We sat under a cold air register which not only was uncomfortable it also cooled off the food.  It was directed mainly at me as Kay was a little to my left and I suppose Bob and Penny were out of the  air flow.  I noticed it in our first booth so we moved and not wanting to make a fuss I put up with it.  I checked Kays food before we left and it was room temperature.  I should not have let them get away with this as there was plenty of room in the rest of the restaurant away from the windows and registers.  
the owner sat us down the first booth so  I blame him for not moving us to a different part of the restaurant. In the summer it would be ok.  Stay away from Ihops in Lakewood.  

I tried to get Kay to say a few words but no luck.  As we were leaving Bob said she said "thank you"Kay got a box of Sees chocolates.  None today as were were not at her place long enough to go into chocolates.  

Saturday, December 27, 2014

ating out again

Tom came over and took Kay and me out to the old country buffet.  I think she had a very good time.  She always seems to have a good time when she gets out of where she lives.   They caregiver said she was happy since yesterday.  On her birthday I could not go because Tom was sick and I had cancelled the shuttle so I was stuck.  The caregiver said she was moody and missed me.  Now tomorrow I got a call from Bob who said he had a big problem with a project he was working on and had to fix it otherwise production could not go on until he fixed it.  So he has to hold everything until it is fixed so I may also miss tomorrow. We opened some Christmas presents that Tom brought. New computer that is giving me fits to set up.  Getting  rid of all the stuff they try to sell with a new computer is disgusting.  I just want a computer that works. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Good trip. Useless fire drill

I got a ride before 9 this morning and we went straight there.  So I got there at 9 straight up.   There was nothing going on because the elevator was not working.   So I took her to our spot and gave her a couple Frango mints that Robin brought yesterday.  We spent the rest of the time in her room keeping company.  Then back. She didn't seem very active.  Just wanted to rest or perhaps just to please me as I had nothing for her to do. 
Robin and Mary took me around the area looking for interesting buildings.  Here is one It is a church.  I don't remember where.  Note the tower.   

Brick church in Tacoma
Another one of their fire drills today  If they ever had a real fire half the people would die in it because they would figure it is just another drill.  As far as myself I stick my nose out in the hall and if I don't smell anything I go back to my business whatever it is.  They tell us  to go to our rooms and get behind that wonderful built fire door.  Unfortunately I suppose the fire is to go into the hall and knock on the door trying to get in.  Unless deliberately set, fires don't start in the hall because there is nothing to burn there spontaneously.  Even it is going 

to go through the wall. Fires in apartment houses start in an apartment next to you, above you or below you.  If you are not in a wheelchair remember you cant get burned to death outside looking in.  I've never seen what the staff does in a drill.  If they can find someone in a wheel chair weighing 300 pounds and try to get them out of the building.  The fire station is just two blocks away so it is unlikely a fire would get much of a start before they get here.  They are here all the time on aid calls. It's  real hard on the ears though.  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas and Tacoma Architecture

 Great time with Kay today. Robin and Mary came down to take Kay me out to  the Old Country Buffet.  She didn't say a word all that time.  But she did nod when she answered a question. After we dropped her off we went on a short tour of old Tacoma.   As I told you a day or two ago Tacoma has never been destroyed by fire or earthquake so what was built has been kept in it's original  condition.  That is of course unless it was  torn down to be replaced with something else.  What I show here is the first Presbyterian Church.  I huge massive structure.  I don't know any more than what I see here.   Made entirely of roman bricks.  As many are in this town. There must be a story about the use of bricks in building construction in Tacoma.   After all why didn't they just cut down a tree like everyone else.  The library has a strange main office too.  Maybe someone there can fill me in.    
Presbyterian Church

Kay at OCB

Catholic Church down the road a couple miles

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kay was glad to see me

 Kay seemed fine today.  She was being taken to be checked over so when it was finished I took her for her usual expected treats.  Today she ate a couple plus most of a banana and part of graham cracker.  The caregiver said she at breakfast but most times she does not eat much.  That is why she eats something when I get there.  She does not seem to be losing any weight however.  This is so regular I should try to take something  more nutritious than just banana or cracker.  The care giver commented that I didn't come on her birthday.. So I told him that Tom had gotten sick suddenly and I had no way
to get there.  I told him I didn't think she knew it was her birthday.  But he said he thought she did.  I  would probably have considered taking a cab over to see her if I had known she missed me.  He said she was acting differently, I forget the word he used.  It didn't look like there would be any  activity today because the chairs and tables had not been moved out of the way so I assumed no activity.  The usual woman who leads the discussions and exercises  is temporarily working in the kitchen for about a week.  I should tell them she is the best one to lead the group.  She really gets them involved.  Sometimes it is a  a very young inexperienced person or an other one who goes by the record that gives the exercises.  The older lady who leads uses a record and goes on too long.  The young girl is totally at a loss about what to do.  So I probably didn't miss much today.  We stayed in Kays room and also catch up on my rest as I am writing this at just past eleven.  I should be in bed.  She seems to like being with me.  
Taken today.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas party. Pictures

 Kay seemed especially glad to see me today.  I came in the afternoon because there was going to be the Christmas party.  Gifts for everyone.   She got cleaned up and went with me to the 2nd floor where the party was to be held.  We went down and they served treats, and passed out gifts.  She got a nice pull over sweater and a special  bed cover,  Nice and warm.  At  3:30  I  went downstairs to wait for the shuttle.  I waited and waited until about 4 30 until it got there. I dont mind having to wait too much but if  I knew it was going to be that late I would have stayed with Kay.  I  could have been keeping company with her if I had known. Occasionally I call and find if it is going to be late but those times it seems to be on time.  When I left she accepted it and waved as I left. Pictures of Kay and me then one of the new director of  nurses.  She will manage both facilities
Just say "smile"

At the party.

New Director of Nurses.  Maybe services
I was sitting down so is not the most flattering.



Kay is 93 today

 No trip to see Kay today. It's her birthday.  She is 93.  Both Tom and Peggy are under the weather.  It sounds like the flu. I don't know if they got a shot but it wouldn't make any  difference  anyway.  According to the CDC the wrong kind was made.  

We had originally planned to go see her and attend the Christmas party there  for the people.  So I had cancelled my ride that I usually take.   I would take a cab if she knew it is her birthday. I have a ride scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to attend the party that was postponed because of some problem getting the gifts on time.  I will let you know tomorrow how it turned out.  There will be dancing and gaiety.  You play some popular music and they like to dance.  Jitterbug?  You bet.  Not the kind of dancing they did when young but the do their best and they like it. They never dance here to the music. 

About Tacoma.  I thought as long as I can see a little I might as well show you what I can of Tacoma.  I have been here hundreds of times but always going somewhere else.  The town has never had been destroyed by fire or earthquake like Seattle or San Francisco so many of the early buildings built in the last 150 years are still standing.   This is the tower of a building I can see in the distance from the street where I go to walk my b/g off.  There is also the picture of a huge factory that makes pressed board I think.  It is hard to find out as Tacoman's dont know a lot about their town.  Then in another direction is the top of the Tacoma Dome.  I think it holds about 12,000 people. It is popular with entertainers who cant fill one of the huge stadiums in Seattle. The dome or whatever it is in a top panel has a cross on one side, in the panel facing the camera there is a 5 sided star then on the left of it is an interlocking scroll of somekind.  Next trip by it if possible I will take a better picture. 
Dome from street

Tacoma Dome from in front of building

Factory from street


Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas story.

Next time you see a homeless person give him or her five dollar bill.  remember you are not going to take it with you.  Have a merry christmas

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Season of Goodwill… West Delivers Sanctions, Suffering and Conflict
By Finian Cunningham
December 21, 2014 "ICH" - "SCF" -  It’s the Season of Goodwill – and Western governments are showering us with a medley of their «gifts». Sanctions, austerity, lethal military aid and red-hot coals of conflict.
Meanwhile, the contrast of Russian humanitarian aid to Ukraine could not be greater or more telling. This week another convoy of trucks from Russia – at least the tenth so far in recent months – is due to arrive in eastern Ukraine, bearing food, clothing, heating and toys for the war-torn children of Luhansk and Donetsk. 
Only in the cynical, mean-spirited West would such a juxtaposition of very different Russian conduct be misconstrued. 
As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas – an occasion of peace, joy and salvation for humanity – Washington and its allies in Canada and the European Union see fit to unleash more sanctions on Russia, fuel further misery and suffering in Ukraine, and perhaps most perniciously, to stoke conditions for larger war.
Hard-hearted Western rulers just don’t seem to have a redeeming bone in their bodies or cell in their brains. At least in Charles Dickens’ classic novel ‘A Christmas Carol’, a story of redemption and hope, his horrible miserable character Ebenezer Scrooge was able to recognise the meanness of his ways and, in the end, repent. No such change for Western governments, it seems, who press on in their destructive, blind arrogance.
As US President Barack Obama departed from the White House last Friday for Christmas holidays with his family in sunny Hawaii, he bequeathed his signature to a Congress «present» for the Kiev regime. Among the «goodies» are millions of dollars worth of lethal military aid for the regime that seized power in an illegal coup in February this year. That’s not an pejorative opinion about this regime: it is simply an objective fact. Of course, the Western governments and their media would disagree because they are inebriated on their own cocktails of propaganda. 
One wonders if Obama will remember when he is pulling crackers with his daughters around the Christmas dining table that the children of Ukraine will be cringing in fear from the crackle and thud of weapons that his government is funnelling into that country.
Obama also signed off on new sanctions to hit the people of Crimea, for their audacity to vote in a referendum in March to secede from the neo-Nazi regime that his CIA shunted into power. The executive order from the White House prohibits the export and import of goods, technology, services and investment because of, as Obama put it, Russia’s «annexation and occupation of Crimea».
Similar punitive measures were also forthcoming in the same week from the European Union and the Canadian government of Stephen Harper.
These latest Western moves come on top of previous rounds of economic and diplomatic sanctions imposed on Russia. This week – on the eve of the Christmas holidays – the Russian rouble hit new lows, partly as a result of Western sanctions, thus bringing uncertainty and anxiety to many Russian citizens. 
Moscow deplored the new round of sanctions as a reckless provocation, and in particular the approval by Washington to open the floodgate for weapons supply into Ukraine.  The country has already seen nearly 5,000 deaths over the past eight months since the Western-backed Kiev regime launched a military offensive on the eastern Donbas regions against the Russian-speaking civilian population, simply because the latter, much like their compatriots in Crimea, refuse to recognise the CIA-backed coup that ousted the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. 
Under the subsequent «leadership» of oligarch Petro Poroshenko and CIA protégé Arseniy Yatsenyuk, along with a cabinet of foreign impostors, the regime has imposed an economic blockade on the people of Luhansk and Donetsk. Unable to win the military war against the people’s self-defence militia, the Kiev Reich has now resorted to a tactic of attrition and collective punishment. That is, more crimes against humanity. 
Western sanctions this week on Russia and promises of further military support will only embolden the already illegal regime in Kiev and its criminal conduct against the civilians of eastern Ukraine. Spare a thought for the children of Donbas who have to huddle around stoves in the midst of electricity black-outs and the constant fear of the Kiev military breaking the tentative ceasefire, as it has routinely flouted over the past two months.   
However, the benevolence of the Brussels plutocrats to their rogue progeny in Kiev is being strained. This week the unelected president of the European Council Jean-Claude Juncker warned that further financial aid is no longer possible. Already the Brussels elite has forked out some €1,800 million to the coup-regime. Petulant demands for «more money» from the Brussels cash cow by Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are becoming unbearable.  
The largesse showered on this criminal regime (a UN human rights report last week cited systematic violations against civilians, including indiscriminate shelling of residential areas) is at the expense of EU citizens who are facing relentless austerity, unemployment, homelessness and welfare cuts. How is that for brazen cold blood among the Brussels bureaucrats? Unelected mandarins shovel public money to a neo-Nazi regime outside of the EU that is killing their own people and yet EU citizens are being denied basic human needs from austerity cutbacks – and at Christmas too! 
But, as noted, the EU plutocrats seem to be realising that the entity Washington and Brussels have sired in Kiev is a runaway train wreck, an insatiable Frankenstein monster.  
At the latest EU summit at the end of this week, Kiev’s tycoon-president Poroshenko was not invited to attend – a sharp change in tack from the customary indulgence afforded by Brussels.  
Also, when the arrogant Yatsenyuk was asked earlier this week when Kiev expected a further tranche of €200 million from the EU public purse, he snapped: «Let me put in a nutshell: yesterday!» To which European Commissioner Yohannes Hahn retorted that there would be no more money from EU taxpayers «until Kiev implemented certain reforms». 
Undeterred in his whining, Yatensyuk later told media: «We will do everything that was promised... but to overcome this period Ukraine needs to get some kind of cushion and this cushion is a new package of financial aid. It is difficult for us to fight with a nuclear state [Russia] which is armed to the teeth.» It was the usual shrill excuse-making, blaming everyone else, and expecting something for nothing. 
And what reforms does the EU want from Kiev? More neo-liberal economic reforms, privatisation, austerity, and general capitalist raping of the country. Nowhere in the EU-mandated reforms are an end to war, violations and crimes against humanity.  
A Christmas Carol? The EU is not only Scrooge unrepentant. It is also the biggest Stooge for American war-making. 
Happy Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What to expect in 2015 Satire

Happy New Year. Here’s what you have to look forward to in 2015.

  • January 25: 467 people reported missing from a university in Mexico. US State Department blames Russia.
  • February 1: Military junta overthrows President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. Washington decries the loss of democracy.
  • February 2: US recognizes the new Venezuelan military junta, offers it 50 jet fighters and tanks.
  • February 3: Revolution breaks out in Venezuela endangering the military junta; 40,000 American marines land in Caracas to quell the uprising.
  • February 16: White police officer in Chicago fatally shoots a 6-year old black boy holding a toy gun.
  • March 6: Congress passes a new law which states that to become president of the United States a person must have the surname Bush or Clinton.
  • April 30: The Department of Homeland Security announces plan to record the DNA at birth of every child born in the United States.
  • May 19: The Supreme Court rules that police may search anyone if they have reasonable grounds for believing that the person has pockets.
  • May 27: The Transportation Security Administration declares that all airline passengers must strip completely nude at check-in and remain thus until arriving at their destination.
  • June 6: White police officer in Oklahoma City tasers a 7-month-old black child, claiming the child was holding a gun; the gun turns out to be a rattle.
  • July 19: Two subway trains collide in Manhattan. The United States demands that Moscow explain why there was a Russian citizen in each of the trains.
  • September 5: The Democratic Party changes its name to the Republican Lite Party, and announces the opening of a joint bank account with the Republican Party so that corporate lobbyists need make out only one check.
  • September 12: White police officer in Alabama shoots black newborn, confusing the umbilical cord for a noose.
  • November 16: President Obama announces that Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, North Korea, Sudan, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba all possess weapons of mass destruction; have close ties to the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and the Taliban; are aiding pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine; were involved in 9-11; played a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the attack on Pearl Harbor; are an imminent threat to the United States and all that is decent and holy; and are all “really bad guys”, who even (choke, gasp) use torture!
  • November 21: The United States invades Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, North Korea, Sudan, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.
  • December 10: Barack Obama is awarded his second Nobel Peace Prize
  • December 11: To celebrate his new peace prize, Obama sends out drones to assassinate wrong-thinking individuals in Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen.
  • December 13: Members of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi parties, which hold several high positions in the US-supported government, goose-step through the center of Kiev in full German Storm Trooper uniforms, carrying giant swastika flags, shouting “Heil Hitler”, and singing the Horst Wessel song. Not a word of this appears in any American mainstream media.
  • December 15: US Secretary of State warns Russia to stop meddling in Ukraine, accusing Moscow of wanting to re-create the Soviet Union.
  • December 16

Christmas Performance

 We were entertained by a Tacoma high school group today.  What I wrote I can not post.  So I will cool off and then forget it.  I will only say I felt insulted with the effort that went into this performance.  I am thinking back over the high schools my kids went to and would they think of doing the same. No way. 
Merry Christmas

A take of woe

 Kay seemed to be napping when I got there.  Although there was a schedule listed of events there didn't seem to be any staff there to make it happen.   When the med tech came and got her up to take here pills she stayed up and we went for a walk.  After a while I decided maybe she would like to put together a jigsaw puzzle.  When I got it out on the table I found that my eyes were too bad to distinguish the pieces well enough to put it together.  So back to her room.  

On the way home the bus driver gave me his tale of woe.  He had a falling out with his girlfriend and missed the deadline to enforce a writ by the sheriff to evict her. This went on for the entire trip home in spite of my  advice that could get him out of his predicament.  She apparently was a real stinker.  Near the end he mentioned he had another girlfriend to relieve the pain..  Just before we got home I had asked him how long he had lived in the apartment.  14 years he said.  As we drew up to my place I asked him how long they had been together.  14 years he said.  WOW.  That put a different light on the situation.  Now who is the stinker?   I dont know if she has a job or what income she has.  He looked like about 50 but could have been more.  So if she is about his age she has good reason not to want to leave.  As I don't see a particular driver very frequently I may never learn how this will turn out.  But I think there may be a lesson to be learned.  If I were her though I'd look into what a common law marriage can do for her.  Now we know one reason why God ordained marriage. Women: You wanted liberation.  Well you got it.
Have a nice day.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Kay walks slwly. See blog Kay was walking the hall today.  I walked her to our  place and gave her one truffle and part of a banana and graham cracker.  I then took her  to the activity room for some exercising.  (me)  /There was no church as there should be on Friday.  The elevator was on  the blink for a second time.  A control problem that got fixed before I left. 

A new inexpericenced girl was conducting the exercises and it was not very interesting.  The usual one who does it is experienced and gets the group involved in participating.  After   that I took herback to her room until time to go.  She has walked so very slowly the past two days.  It is sad to watch her.  She did wave to me and smiled when I left.  

I have finished making the DVD of us and what happened around 1941.  I have to just quit because every time I want to improve a couple areas I make it worse in 3 or 4 more.  I think any video editors understand what I am talking about.  I will now go to trying to put together a video of some that Bob took with the camera the last time he was down here.  I am way past the time I should have done it.  It will be a good indication of how she looks at the present time although she may have gotten worse by now.

If you want a look at how she walks I put up a 22 second video on my blog  Doyal Gudgel I couldn't remember how to imbed the code besides I could not find it. 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

You can probably skip this one

 Absolutely nothing going on over at Kay's today.   She was in  the dining room just looking out the window I suppose.  Eyes half closed.  I took her to out spot and when I looked for truffles there were none.   I had laid them out in the little kids lunch box where I had placed it so I would not forget it  I figured I would see it when I looked in the refrigerator for my  milk.  Then I would be reminded if I was not thinking of it.  But I forgot anyway.  I make sure I take enough carbohydrates to eat when my b/g goes low about eleven.  Fortunately I had a couple bananas and the milk when that time came.  Kay had to settle for part of the banana.  We went to her room and stayed there until time to go.  Right at eleven the bus was there to take right  straight home.  Different from the usual drive all over Tacoma.

What they call a formal dinner here tonight.  I will actually put on a tie and jacket again.  It's the Christmas special.  Music provided by a band or entertainers they hire. Nice of them.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easy today

 Not much to reprt today.  The elevator was down.  Understand that  it didn't work so I walked up to the third floor.  Before I had left though it was back in operation.  The control was messed up.  If you pressed a button nothing would happen.  In this place this is a disaster not to have the elevator to work.  Almost as bad as here if both went out.  There almost everything is only one floor away.  Entrance is on the second floor and patients are on floors 1,2 and 3.   No patients are not on the 4th flo0r which is the top floor.  No activities  were conducted.  Kay was in bed but not asleep.  So I sat by the bed ad held her hand while watching RT and the arts channel.  I have said all along.  That if you love the food here from FSA you have been here too long.  Today the lady across from me said the pudding was very good.  I know a package pudding when  I eat it and it doesn't  compare to a baked  custard. The differemce might be that her sense of taste is bad.  Thats about the only  thing I have that is still good.  My hearing, eyes, balance knees and so on are bad.  But somehow my sense of smell is still good.  But that is the way diabetes works.  It destroys different nerves in the body depending upon the directon it takes.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kay speaks again

Nothing was going on at Kay's place today and I found her sitting at a table with her head on her arms  napping I suppose. I took her to our place and all she ate was one truffle.   I took her back walking very slowly.  In her room she lay on her bed and covered her with my coat.  They still have not fixed the room heater yet.  It is not cold but not as warm as it should be.  I let her nap while I sat in a chair next to the bed watching RTTV or the Arts channel.   Finally time to go arrived and I woke her although she didn't seem to be really sleeping.  When I told her I was leaving she smiled and said "OK". That really surprised me.  Anytime she speaks a clear word it is surprising.  When she answers me she can find a word now and then.  If she wants to tell me something that is on her mind she can not do it. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good visit

 Thanks for the comment anonymous.  Today she tried to say something like  "Did you" but could ot get the right word out so had to stop.  It hurts for hours after she tries to do something and cant bcause of the dementia. That is one reason why I wish we were together instead of apart.  At least she would have the comfort of being with people she cared about before this condition came about. Fortunately she is getting used to her surroundings and her ability not to get her thoughts out may not stay long with her. That is not a lot of comfort to me though.   

  Today she was in the TV room.  She went with me for her usual treats and seemed  hungry.  So she ate 2 truffles, part of a banana and a couple crackers.  I offered her some milk out of my big  coffee thing I bought to bring milk or other drinks in.  But she either did not want it or could not handle that kind of cup. 

She was OK when I had to leave. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kay spoke today

 I had a long visit with Kay today.  We didn't do much.  I thought there was nothing going on and did't check the activity room when it should have been so we missed it.  When I had told her I was leaving she said as clear as a bell, "Thank You".  I tried to get her to say something and she did one word but I forget what it was.  The strange thing about it was they were very clear and to the point. Wouldn't have been nice if she was in her right mind and able to live to this age together.  So many are separated. Of course we are separated but in a different way.