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Sunday, December 27, 2015

I am/was sick.

I have been sick the past couple days so I have been resting up doing as little as I can.  This comes exactly at the time I am to have the cataract surgery.   If I continue to improve I should be almost 100%What the doc thinks will determine whether I get it done or not. If we can decide Tuesday AM and it is up to me I am pretty sure it will be done.

I  have had not contact with Kay since Friday.  This is the longest I have not had contact so she is probably  wondering where I am.  She had so many wonderful experiences lately she will be especially hurt if I don't see her soon.  But I must get over this cold. Or what ever it was. Back to bed when I post this. 

I just noticed something over at the container terminal.  There are no lights,  Although it is only 3 pm I always see lights there.  I didn't notice this  yesterday   but it could be I didn't notice.  I was sick and not interested in the terminal.

Looks like I go another week with the apt not cleaned. The current new worker seems not to be able to handle the Job.   
 Happy New Year

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