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Monday, December 28, 2015

No visit to see Kay for days

I hope to see Kay day after tomorrow. 

Big beef with Greg in the Med room that turned into a contest of who could shout the louder.  I wish I had more tact.  I also thought we had this  problem solved of who owns my medical records.  Of course it is me and not Cascade.  But Greg can not seem to get it through his head that  I own it.   Not Cascade,  So if I ask for it he has to give it.  Because of this attitude Greg wont give it to me when I ask    this might have have caused some confusion because the original order from the Dr. says I  am to get a half dose of insulin in the morning.  On the way home I recognized that two units of insulin could drive my blood sugar to zero.  However not wanting to go against dr's  orders  and some nurses who have no initiative  I called the dr office to get it changed to no insulin.  However I did not get a phone call back.  So I went to discuss this with the nurse on duty  being Greg.  He said they had it all fixed.  This before I even told him why I was there. He would say absolutely nothing about it except they had it fixed. Therefore the ensuing shouting match. They deal with so many people who have not a clue what is going on around them their rights etc.  They just expect when they are sick or hurting that all they have to do is get pill  and everything will be hunky dory.  Unfortunately nurses tend to  include those of us in the ignorant category  which results in these unfortunately instances.  

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