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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Keeping them on the straight and narrow.

 Kay was watching TV after breakfast when I got there.  This was in the dining room where she had eaten breakfast. There is a TV there also.  She was actually looking at it which surprised me as usually doesn't even look at it.  I took her to our picnic spot and gave her the usual which she  ate quite a bit.  Must have been still hungry as this was only about 8 45.   I took her downstairs to the 2nd floor and we sat and watched the coming and going.  Then back upstairs for the remainder of the visit.  

They had one of their ordinary meetings where residents can ask questions of the officials, and managers.  You must remember though that this place has been in business for 16 years and I think has things pretty well figured out how they run the place.  Residents come, die and new ones take their place.  Managers for the main continue on managing the place as they learn to their advantage.  I am pretty sure for instance that the Fed's have ordained they provide a balanced diet of the current opinion of what is healthy.  Like it does in the schools.  Unfortunately they did not include a book of recipes. But more on this later.  

The past week I was offered doses of insulin that were entirely wrong two times.  The place here  has contracted to provide the medication prescribed by the doctor and they are required to adhere strictly to what he orders.  Makes sense as more people die from medicine mistakes than are killed in auto accidents. One of the mistakes could have been serious under some conditions if I had not caught it. So I brought this subject up. The head nurse had not gotten back to me after getting my email  about it.  I would not have brought up the subject if she had just commented to even in passing that she was looking into it.   Anyway that gave them something to chew on.  I got to thinking later about why these mistakes can happen other than just carelessness. The first mistake where the nurse was going to give me less than doctors orders probably happened because the eyesight of the nurse went bad.  She told me that on her BD a few days ago she seemed to start going blind.  Her mom did not believe her.  But you certainly go blind suddenly.  I have also not seen her here since then.  She was also a major player the Saturday when the nurse failed to show up here leaving scores of people here without their medicine or treatment.  The nurse that tried to give me almost double my prescribed amount is young and just out of school.  This is apparently her first job.  What should be looked into I think is the possibility that she needs glasses.  Being young and good looking and throw in a certain amount of vanity doesn't mean she doesn't need glasses. The sheet they use to know what is the right amount might be printed poorly. It is hard to tell the difference between a 5 and an 8  sometimes. 

What I learned about food will have to wait until tomorrow. 

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