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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Good weather is here.

 Kay was sitting in the TV room today.  I took her outside to set in the sun even though it was only 9.  I gave her the treats  there. After a while it was back up to her room for the remainder of my  time.  She walked like she could barely move.  So slow.  

I was going to tell you about the food.  It varies from here to there.  What I have noticed is we get quite a bit of canned vegetables.  Canned vegetables are OK if something is done to make them palatable.  Without  something added they are not worth eating.  I thought  I would bring up a way they could save on grocery bills and a make a lot of people happy.  (happier?)  Make a survey after meals and dont serve what we are throwing out.  Keep in mind that this place has been here for 16 years so I am pretty sure they are doing it the way they  want it done.  Sure enough the answer was that if they did that all they would serve would be corn.  All that did as far as I was concernd that they are fulfilling government regulations and if we want to eat it that is not their main concern.  So we get a lot of canned vegetables.  This is not to say they do not make any effort at all.   They do make a certain amount of dishes that are good so I guess we should be thankful for small favors.  You can do this to us adults but not to kids in school.  They tried that. 

Next I will be comparing my b/g test results to their new meter they are using on me and didn't tell me how they got it. Which doctor prescribed it for instance.  

If I would just give up and throw in the towel and say to hell with it like their, as far as I am concerned, quack doctor suggested I'm supposed to be a lot happier.  They cant seem to understand why anyone would want to manage their diabetes so they remain healthy.  Let it all hang out like most do in their wheel chairs, feet hurting, foot sores, high cholesterol , blindness and all the diabetes related illnesses that I don't have since I started managing my diabetes to where by b/g is in the normal range.  So I don't expect them to make my job any harder.  If I don't do it no one will do it.  

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