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Friday, May 1, 2015

Kay, and Cascade Vista

 Made good time going and coming.  She was in the dining room but someone else had the spot in front of the heater.  She had on socks but no slippers.  I keep telling them to keep her teeth in because I don't want her to forget how to use them.  That is one of the small things that make such a difference in her looks but is not very important to the Caregivers there.    I got her walker from somewhere else but she wanted mine.  I took her to her room as I  cant give her something to eat in the activity room with others looking on.  Not polite of course.  She seemed very hungry and ate truffles, two Ritz, and a small banana.  All of it.  Everyone keeps saying how cute she is and actually is compared to some others.  I would discount this but it is nice.  Even some of the patients also say so and they are not being paid.  Taking care of herself and getting what help she needed from the plastic surgeon pays off in the end.

I attended the general meeting and made my complaint about the apparent lack of appreciation of how important it is to get the right amount when dispensing insulin.  I was intended to get enough that might have might have killed me if I was not aware and didn't compensate for it.  But I happened to ask how much and got her to change it to the correct amount.  Her mistake didn't seem to faze her.  That is what got me.  No expression that she had better take more care.  She is very new just out of school and at this stage is getting a lot of stuff thrown at her so that this importance is not where it should be in her mind. A big problem is these syringes are not made for the small amounts and are hard to read. This is the result of some bureaucrat who has not made any decisions recently and probably decided that by issuing a new order the world would be a safer place.  So they decided the medical industry had to use a syringe that has machinery built in to when handled a person would not get stuck. As a result I am sure there are many times a nurse has not filled the right amount in the syringe because it was so hard to read the syringe. A similar situation developed here when they required the facility to install restrictors in all the faucets so no one would get blasted and scalded with hot water when they turned it on .    Great idea but in a large building the hot water tank is perhaps a hundred feet away. Now it is rare to get hot water to do dishes.  .  Besides they  keep the water at about 105 to 130 degrees,  My guess no one has every been scalded in the 16 years this place has been here.  When you say "the Government"   people's eyes glaze over and a picture of some out of this world organization making wonderful necessary decrees everyone is to follow blindly.  Just go out onto the street and look at the passerby's.  Those are the kind of people issuing all these stupid orders.  I've used up my quota for the day. 

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