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Thursday, April 30, 2015

read the Special Feature.

 Kay was in her room as usual.  When it came time for exercises I took her there too.  She was quite alert but did not participate in the exercises like she did yesterday I think it was.  Because the bus was quite late I did not have a  long visit.  When with her I just sat by her in a chair until time to go. I gotta do something about the TV remotes as they keep disappearing.  they are not take by the Residents because of the way I hide them.  I also have told some of the Caregivers where I put them.  I think this one might have been taken to replace a missing one in one of the other rooms where residents watch TV.   I think one was taken there to replace one of my missing remotes.  You got that straight? I am not sure even I can make sense out of it.

I had to inform the head nurse about the carelessness of some of the nurses in dispensing insulin  She didn't seem all that happy about it. I do it by email and keep a copy of course.  It is rare for the people of my generation to have a  computer or much in the way of skills.  They have 3 computers in the activity room but the main activity is to play games. So she may be not too happy to get these kinds of messages.  This place has a good reputation and I hope to see that they earn it. It looks like they may be looking for another "nurse". I'd better stop now before I say too much.  

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