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Monday, May 4, 2015

Why do people lie?

 Kay was lying on the bed clothed.  For a while I just sat next to her until finally I got her up to take a walk.  We had quite a walk in the hall then back where I finally gave her the treats.  She seemed qjite hungry.  A couple truffes, a small banana, and a couple crackers.  The bus came on time and took me home without stopping.  The bus driver said the police both city and state had some roads blocked off which he luckily managed to avoid.  

An example of how easily people in institutions will lie to you.  For no reason at all experhaps in this case she might have to admit she was not doing her job.  When Kristine the food server at breakfast brought the breakfast she brought the no sugar syrup. For those who don't  want that they normally provide normal maple syrup by a known brand firm.  As I prefer flavor over just sweetness. I asked her to give me some real syrup.  Instead she just said they didn't have any.  She had asked the other server and he said no.  I told her they always have this option and I was going to the kitchen and find out.  Which I did and asked a cook who went went and got me a pkg.  Coming back to the table I held it up to her and asked "does this look like syrup?"   Typical of some of the workers who think you are so simple you will just gobble up anything they tell you.  What I think is it really shows you what they think of you.  If they respected you or even had any self respect they would not be so quick to lie. But some will lie first when the truth would do  just as well. 

A number of people recently have had  911 called because of emergencies.  One died.  If I thought about it very much it would be depressing.  A good reason to get out as much as possible. A good reason too to treat the sick and old compassionately.  You may  will be there someday if you live.  

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