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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday the 21'st

 Kay was in bed.  I stayed with her until it was time for exercises in the activity room.  Even though she does not participate she willingly goes with me.   Even though they are not strenuous they are especially beneficial to diabetics because they exercise all muscles and burn up b/g.  After exercises we went outside to enjoy the spring sun.  Then it was back to her room where in a short time it was time to catch my bus.  The state is in the process of their annual investigation of Assisted Living facilities.  They are supposed to  take a couple days. 

To keep notes I bought a tiny sony digital sound recorder.  The recorder is fine but the software with it is the worst I have seen anywhere.  It is only good to talk into and listen to. If I had bought it from Costco (plug) I could still take it back.  But forget taking it back to Walmart under these conditions.  By the time you get something out of present day plastic containers and your back from the Emergency room at the hospital to get fixed up from the cuts from the plastic container   Walmart wont take it back.   

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