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Monday, April 20, 2015

Alma is back to normal.

 Good transportation over to see Kay today.  I found her sitting at the place were we go for her treats.  I suppose it is something she automatically does occasionally when  I am not there.  So I gave her a few things but she was not very hungry.  This was very  shortly after her breakfast.  Probably  about an hour.  Even though I got there in good time the visit was just an hour and a half long.  We  stayed in her room as there was nothing going on in the activity room.  I stayed with her until time to go and actually fell asleep the last 15 minutes. 

Alma was back seemingly in about her normal condition.  I was in no mood to listen to her talk about herself so kept the earphones on and listened to the radio.  The woman across the table came down for lunch very confused. She didn't know what day it was a non starter in this place.  Every day in itself is hard to remember.  But even after we told her she couldn't remember.  She couldn't remember where she lived either.  That is a new one. She said she would be down to breakfast but only until her brother picks her up to go somewhere.  We will see about that because that may be her memory playing tricks on her. This seems pretty serious because she has never been this bad. 

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