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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick trip today

 Kay was sitting in the dining room in front of the electric wall heater.  Everyone else but one woman were somewhere else  Probably in the TV room.  Hardly anyone watches it.  I sat with her a while and eventually took her into her room.  I gave her a couple truffles and what I found later was part of a stale graham cracker.  Almost all graham crackers are on the stale side.  Apparently they sit on the shelf for a long while.  When opened they will probably have a crisp bite but a really fresh taste no.  So when I keep a zip bag a couple days it should be thrown out.  I retrieved my cell phone from her chest of drawers when I got her in her room.  I absent mindedly put my cell phone in her drawer to hide it in a sock instead of the TV remote.
The exercise leader came in and advised us there would be exercises this morning in about 15 minutes which we attended.  Kay did not try any today.  After the leader finished the exercises and took a few minutes going over events in the past and some funnies (comics ) we went back to her room for the remainder of the time.  As the bus came 5 minutes or so early there was no time to do anything but adjust the TV to the Arts channel and adjust the volume before I had to go.

Last night I watched the DVD Girls in Trouble and tonight I am watching something called Fried Green Tomatoes. I've watched about 30 minutes so far.  The difference taken towards  the "Family" is striking.  In Girls in Trouble the family is a distant second to sex. The influence of family is just as remote.
 In Fried Green Tomatoes the traditional old fashioned view is taken.   How it turns out and how much influence it has I will have to wait and see.  Family is the reason I go see her every day.  It isn't a duty it is because I want to. I thank those who do this because of duty but hopefully more do it because they want to. You certainly will enjoy it more.

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