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Saturday, April 18, 2015

No change in Kay

 I decided to make my morning visit to Kay although Tom is going to take me to see her this afternoon.  We will go out and eat some where for dinner.

When I went down to the Med room it was crowded.   When she took my b/g it read 205.  I knew that was not right and said so.  After she gave me the insulin I insisted she do it again to get a realistic reading She didn't want to but did so and got a reading of 140.  I still thought it was high but allowed it to stand as apparently she either did not really know how to take a reading or the meter was not reading what I usually was getting.  So  when I got out of  the room I took my reading which was 123.  My meter consistently reads 20 points higher than the  meter they use in the Med room. When I was leaving the room there was a discussion going on about the reading because the insulin might have given a lower reading. They knew so little about readings and how fast insulin.  Or even how fast which kind of insulin begins to work.  My insulin will not work for 30 minutes so the insulin I took 2 minutes before was not a factor.  But none in the med room seem to realize that. Even the nurse didn't try  to straighten them out.  If she knew.


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