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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alma has problems

 Nothing was going on at Cascade Gardes as it was Sunday.  But I have never seen it so dead.  I didn't see one care giver on the floor.  the residents were either in their room, TV room, or Dining room.  I went to Kay in her room and later took her downstairs to see the coming and going.  Then back up stairs to her room until time to go. Of course I gave her some treats and she seemed to be hungry.

After getting back home and I went down to lunch I found Alma already at the table but it seems in considerable discomfort.  She said   her stomach was upset.  A care giver was sitting by her waiting for the Medics to arrive as they were already called.  I assumed that her daughter had already been called. The medics came shortly and  started trying to get some information from her.  She told them she had upset stomach.  They inquired as they could and recommended she go to the hospital.  She could not decide so I told her she should really go to the hospital and get checked out.  The firemen immediately started getting ready to take her but something happened in the meantime and some how the nurse suggested she give her an ant-acid pill.  I thought that was strange to take Alma's word for this. She came down not eating and feeling very bad.  I had been at the table every  time she had been there and she had not eaten for at least one day before this and perhaps 2.  When you consider I have been with her more than anyone by just being at meals with her.  Although she talks a lot she is still a person and hurts.  She managed to tell me she loves me and I returned the favor.
I tend to think this is more serious than just an upset stomach.  She has been in pain for ,two or three days and probably not eaten things.  My opinion of these "Nurses" here is not very  nigh.  How come her daughter was not here?  I cant imagine making the decision without getting in touch is irresponsible.  They even called me from Cascade Gardens that time when Kay just fell out of bed.  To do all this without telling her is poor practice.  Now maybe she was not available but Alma would have said something. Alma was in no condition to make this decision alone. Lets hope she is not upstairs in her room needing help. 

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