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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kay and Tokyo revisited.

 The bus was very early this morning.  It has been very good since I have scheduled the pickup at 8 30.  The past two mornings she has still been in the dining room when I got there.  She has such a problem comprehending how I want her to get up and take hold of the walker.  The past few days she seems so much slower than she has been in the past.  My experiment of trying to get her to exercise more has not really worked.  If she is sleeping or drowsy I don't want to  force her to get up and work out if she is not alert enough.  If she doesn't want to get out willingly I just let her stay on the bed.  Today after I took her to give her the treats I took her down stairs to the public sitting area to watch what was going on.  There are overstuffed naugahide furniture to sit in and watch who comes in or works around the area.  Today there was nothing much just an occasional passerby.  But as I have to have something to do  that is just fine. She is happy I think.  Just being with me allows her to have something else to do than just watch the TV that she can't understand anyway. This is why I hate to have her there alone.  Nothing to do.  Maybe go to bed and sleep.

After we came back upstairs we went into the activity room and waited for exercises to start.  Before that started the leader was going around the area greeting people.  Two of them were Japanese.  She asked one, Coco, where she was born, then asked the new woman  where she was born.  That happened to be   Tokyo.  That got them started talking together as if they didn't need to be in  this place.  As  they conversed in Japanese we had no idea what it was all about.  The new woman  has an American name so I suppose she is married to an American. She looked old enough to be in Tokyo during the fire bombing that killed hundreds of thousands.  Too bad I cant get some real information about it from her.  After exercises I took Kay back to her room until the bus came.  I called and learned it was to be about half hour late so I got an extra 20 minutes with her.  

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