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Monday, April 6, 2015

Late arrival.

 Late getting to see Kay.  It was 2 15 before I got there.  That left me only 45 minutes.  But as long as I show up I think it is OK. As I got off the elevator she was in front of it walking down the hall holding on to the side rail because she had no walker.  I kept her going to the site to get her truffle and before I left she had eaten 4.  I also gave her some crackers then I remembered I had a banana so she ate part of it but not  lot because she had probably eaten enough of the other stuff that by the time she ate the banana she probably was not hungry.  But in any  case this took most of the time and by the time we returned to the room they called and said my bus was waiting  Nuts.  No time for her today. But she took my leaving ok.  A new  bunch of students from  a school that teaches how to do this kind of work. As we walked towards them I heard one ask the other if we might be a couple. I don't look any different from any of the others.  Give someone a walker and they automatically think you must live there. 

/the woman across the table from me has a son who is head of the Mariners baseball team scouts.  He now directs the other scouts. Newly appointed to the position it looks like.  As she had not told us before today.  I gave her my book by Bernstein titled Diabetes Solution because a couple days ago she said she woke up with her feet hurting.  Her eating habits are atrocious so her diabetes is out of control.  She will eat 3 bowls of cold cereal and any thing else she can  get her hands on.  However she may have made a change because she no longer does some things she did in the past.  As a result she said she lost 10 pounds.  It doesn't show yet so I will have to wait longer to see if that is true.  But when she said the other day that her feet hurt before I flat out told her that if she did not do something about her diabetes she was headed for a lot of trouble. When she asked I told her I did not like to tell about it because they say curing eating habits (obesity) is  harder than curing cancer.   That stopping the smoking habit is childs play compared to changing how you eat.  I said I don't talk about it unless the person is really interested in it.  After some discussion I told her to take charge of her diabetes she should read my book on diabetes by Bernstein.  That was ok by her and she took the book.  I said she could have it for a week.  If it has not been read in a week it shows she is not really interested.  I will get my book back if it has not been read.  

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