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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 I think takes walks looking for me.  When she does not find me she goes back to her room.  She had been in the dining room but left. I found her there and took her to what is now known as our picnic table.  That is what one of the caregivers called my trip there with the lunch box.  I thought that was nicer than truffles.  She ate a good breakfast they said but still ate a couple truffles,  then  two crackers.   But I did not offer her more.  Then I took her to the sitting area down stairs and we both had a little coffee.  Then it was back to her room.   I opted for the walk because only I benefit from the exercises.  She actually tried to copy the exercises that used the arms last time which was amazing.  She has done that only once.  Her walking was so slow.  It seemed that she was breathing hard when she sat down.  I tried to get a pulse/oxygen read but  I don't think it was successful.  The h/r seemed good but the oxygen level was not correct I am sure.  I will get her used to me doing it the she may let me give her the test without complaining. 

Back at the farm the Head nurse administrator was doing duty. The one on duty this morning had some sort of appointment.  She is getting better with the practice.  The Administrator I mean.  Things around here seem to be coming more sorted out.  They still have a way to go when the top of the line is doing line duty.  She's the one who could have gone into modeling.  I'll bet she is not a pound more than two kids and 20 (?)years ago 

Google is working better now that I uninstalled and reinstalled it.  I also told Google what I thought of how it was working.   

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