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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kay is tired

 Kay seems quite tired the past two days.  She was in the dining room just putting her head down on the table when I came in and got her up.  She ate a couple truffles and a couple graham crackers.  Refused the banana.   She got up without my urging and started walking down the hall.  On the way to get her truffles she started to turn into a strange room which I later guessed she was tired and wated to go to bed.  But I got the treats to her and back to her room where she stayed the entire time of about 1 hour.  She has seemed tired lately and I wonder if something is going on that I can't see.  

I was able to walk up to the 1st Pres. Church and go to the Easter service.  I love the organ there but the modern religious music I don't care much for.  The Dr. is taking me off the atenalol which is a blood pressure med designed to limit the heart rate.  I seem to feel beter just after a week of half the dosage I was on.  Hopefully it wake me feel better when I get off completely.  My irregular heart beat is pretty bad.  I hope due to the atenalol.  Side effects will  kill you.  

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