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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fall on bus

 The bus was somewhat later than usual today.  At a stop to pick up another passenger the driver got the guy on the lift backwards in his wheel chair.  If you look at a normal wheel chair you will see that the person sitting in the chair is almost right over the wheel axel.  That means the wheel chair can tip over backwards very easily.  As the bus floor  was itself  was also slightly slanted   made the danger worse.  Sure enough when the lift got to the top the chair started rolling backwards and as the guy tried to stop it the chair tipped over backwards throwing him to the floor.  Fortunately he landed in such a way that he  was not hurt.  The guy could walk but used the chair because he had a toe looked at in one of the clinics the bus was parked outside.  The only thing hurt was the guys pride.  But the driver told him he had to stay there until the medics arrived to check him over.  How the medics were going to tell him where he hurt was some mystery to me. This ruined the drivers day because she said she would be suspended for 3 days.  It didn't help ours the other passengers either as we had to wait for the medics who were coming without lights and sirens.  We waited quite a while for the medics because of this all the time eating up our appointment time.  Finally the medics  arrived and when they got on the bus one asked the victim if he was ok who said he was.  The Medic disgustedly commented "Is this what we came for"  So the guy got up all by himself.  Now we are going to go.  Think again.  We now have to wait for the supervisor to come and do what he could do over the phone while we waited and waited.  Eventually he came and asked a few qustions especially are you sure you are ok.  When we finally got going I called the shuttle and got a later pickup because the bus was so late.  

Kay had just finished her shower and was back in bed.  She smiled at me and  I left her there for the visit.  I gave her a little treat.  They said she ate well and walked the hall for a while. So  I figured she might have had enough exercise and was tired. She seemed asleep and I had to wake her to tell her I would see her tomorrow.  

Back at Cascade for evening entertainment we had a guy named Stern who is more or less a regular visitor.  He made some canned music and played it while he also played the guitar and sang.  He is one of the better ones.  He seems to have added the music backup  A good idea.

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