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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stop watch came today

 I got the new stop watch today and have already used  it today.  I wanted to know if I should have her do her exercising all at once or try to get her out twice during my stay.  Today I  did it all in one piece.  Although we went down stairs and sat in the sort of community area then came  up stairs.  I am pretty sure it will be easier to do it all at once because if she gets tired it will be hard to get her up to do it again.  We easily did 12 minutes today and she was much faster.  Yesterday it took her five minutes to go from where we do  truffles but today it only took her 3 and a half minutes.  Mentally she seemed much better off today too.  I'm too tired to do much typing today maybe tomorrow  I will feel much better about writing.  About dinner I get lonesome for her.  That I noticed today.  

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