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Friday, March 27, 2015


 I continue to miss Kay in the evening after dinner.  I would go see her twice a day if it didn't take the entire afternoon or morning.  I still intend to try it. She is so very slow.  I think that is a continual condition.  She ate quite a bit of the treats I came with which means she is not eating breakfast to any extent.  She eats about 8  and I get there from 9 15 to 10 00.  She would be continually hungry if  didn't bring her something to eat.  I also think if I didn't go to see her she would be dead by  now.  Or at least starting the process by not getting enough nourishment. Anyone reading this should   remember that she would be starving to death. 
If I were not there she would be hungry all the time. All  of us know how hunger feels.  We fix that problem as soon as we can.  I hate to think of her being hungry.  I may start going over regularly two times a day.  What happens if I am not there to help? I get away from lonesomeness for her by trying to fix up a decent video of her from our collection of film and pictures.  This is too maudlin.  Forget I said it   Have a nice day   

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