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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some News

 Kay was in another room in another bed.  She had gone there recently as the caregivers saw her in the dining room last time. I took her to her favorite spot and gave her the usual.  She was quite hungry.  They say she does not eat much breakfast so she being hungry is no surprise.    Then to the other place to sit in the hall near her room.  I decided she might like to get some fresh air so we went to the second floor and then outside and sat on the bench in the sun.  No wind there so it was hot.  So it was back up to her room for the remainder of my stay. She seems to be slowing down in every respect.  Mentally and physically.  I believe when we were walking in the outside yard she walked towards a small green tree and had   not realized how to get around it.  I may be hasty with this conclusion I  may have reacted faster then she was going to. But it seemed she had walked into the tree and had not figured out that she had to go around it.  

A--- raised a big ruckus yesterday about me comparing her and Kay walking speed.  When she doesn't know what to do she just screams insults and calling people dirty names.  She has gotten by for 9 years this way.  She screams insults and the people cant take it and leave the table.  But those of us there now are not impressed and let her scream.  In fact if they  would not say anything at all she would finally stop.  But  yesterday they/we didn/t stop and any attempt for us to reason with her just created a bigger outburst. As I said yesterday a pill tech came over and gave her the "now now" treatment and she finally stopped her whimpering and calmed down.  For 9 years she has ruled the roost with her tantrums and cant handle any opposition.  One day she sent a new server away in tears because of her insults.  She has gotten the special treatment so long she expects to get food not on the menu  making the kitchen people go to extra lengths to get the food out to every one. Yesterday the others at the table held their ground knowing that any comment would just make her outburst more mean and viscous.

I don't know if there is anything to the rumor that they will be putting cameras in the halls.  It is oppressive enough now.  Every employee is a spy as it is now. There are no secrets here.   They should put them in Med room or Kitchen.  Better yet put them in their dementia facility where the people are helpless to protect themselves.  This place has been here 16 years.  They should list the times a camera would have helped avoid an incident.  I dont think they have reported any thefts.  How many assaults have occurred where the camera would help.  I can list one, no two, over at the other place against Kay, just Kay alone,  that would have  helped.  That is where they are needed.  

 Have a nice day.  



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