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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Big noise at table 8

 My first day of going over twice in one day.  She was hungry and ate several things.  Almost a whole banana.  

Big noise at table 8 in the dining room this evening.  I was telling the other three about going over twice a day to see Kay hopefully to bring back her walking strength.  I was telling them she has to walk or they will move her to the 1st floor.  It has a limited view of the outside. Very depressing.  It is for those in the final stages of dementia.  It still would be depressing to have Kay put there.  I was telling them how slow  she walked and compared her to the speed that Alma walks.  Now, I was pretty sure Alma might be sensitive about how she walks but she has been trying to be pleasant lately and I thought she could understand what I was trying to do.   She  mulled it over a while then began to attack in a rage any of us who didn't roll over and get up and leave in a huff.  Instead we just let her rant.  Karla tried to say something but she was screamed at by Alma calling her brain damaged.  Me, she said I smelled.  I cant think of what she called Debbie but we all just sat there letting her rant.  She was in such a rage that she would not calm down but continued on until the pill person came over and got her to calm down.  Giving her the "now now" treatment.  When we had made our point that she could not drive us away with her insults we got up promising to be back in the morning.  She has been driving people away from this table for nine years now and for people to sit and let her rant is something she cant cope with.  Others cave in to her rants and insults and as we don't follow suit it is a situation she cant cope with.  She even tried to invoke the Owner Hanson in her rant but that didn't work either. We just sat there and let her rage.  

That is enough for today.  Time for a break.   

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