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Monday, March 30, 2015

rumor mill and blossoms i the street.

 I got there in good time.  Kay was dressed but  in bed.   She seemed to be sleepy or tired.  I thought I would wait to see if I should take her for her walk.  She acknowledged me but wasn't really awake enough for me to get her out of bed and take her for a walk.  As she seemed to prefer sleeping I did not offer her the treats.  I asked her if she felt bad or hurt but indicated with a small shake of her head that she didn't appear to be in pain.  So I just turned on RT and watched TV for almost an hour and a half.  When it was almost time to go I offered her a couple truffles which she ate.  So she got no walking in today's visit.  She just seemed to want to rest.  While there Peter Adams came in with one of my bags that I had left on the Shuttle.  I must learn not to unhook them from my walker then this would not happen.  This driver like several others knows me pretty well so brought it directly back to me.  It had most of my important stuff in it.  

A good example of why not to believe anything you hear here.  One lady at the xxxx this morning said that the other lady had gone to the hospital for some reason.  So I thought there might be something to it as the way she eats is atrocious.  For breakfast she has x bowls of xxxxx's, and what else she can get.  Like a couple Cinnamon rolls we get on Sunday.   I give her mine as I don't like the kind this place buys.   I wouldn't eat them anyway.  This menu is great for killing off diabetics.  The other night when she sat down at the table she looked down at her plate and started crying because she didn't have big enough portions.   However she showed up for breakfast so another rumor was shot down.  If I told you something she claims to have happened you would know I am in a loony bin.  So dont believe anything around here.  Another guy who seems quite rational said he saw a report about an assault on a woman that did great damage to her (assault not here)  but I thought how did he get the report in the first place.  So you can discount what he says.  
 cherry blossoms
The cherry trees in front of this place.  There was a big wind one day and blew down a lot of the blossoms.  I don't think the pictures are very good but I cant tell my eyes are so bad. The top one is the street in front and then a car covered with blossoms. 

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