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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A skypes tri with Kay

 I am  worried now.  Kay has become so accustomed to my visits that she goes looking for me.  I got there about the usual time today and the caregiver said she went in to the dining room.  That is where we have the meetings.  Recently very erratic.  But  today the Caregiver said she was there but I didn't find her there or her room.  So I went to our  place in the hall and she was coming back from there obviously not finding me.  So I returned her there where we had the usual treats.   Some times I have to cancel a morning visit for one reason or other.  I don't know what is going on but exercise meetings are very  erratic lately.  I've seen groups going to Active Day recently many from the third floor where she lives. Now that she goes looking for me means she will be disappointed and I don't  know how she will take it.  

I met with the Administrator there about trying out a Skype kind of setup to give relatives and loved ones a chance to meet with their people in the facility.  Although she said it was a good idea I felt it was a lukewarm reception because her first reaction was that there might be a couple there who could handle it.  If she meant someone who could talk on the phone that is not what I meant.  It is entirely possible that it will not work at all.  But without trying it we will  not know.  I know from my experience  that hearing someones vice may be more real that seeing a picture.   I have family recordings going back to 1952 actually 1945 and when I hear someones voice from that era it gives a presence as real or more real of that person than looking at a picture of the person taken at the same time.  The voice seems to connect to the person now where the picture connects to them as they  were then. There is a difference.  I may just skip having Cascade look into it and get Bob to try it out some time with me and Kay.  If it doesn't seem to work we can just skip it.  Getting Cascade to do a real test as I want it mcaay not work.  The guy in charge may not put the effort into it that I want.  If it works Cascade would develop a real reputation for innovation.  

I asked a FOE request for how many emergency calls the Tacoma Fire Dept made in the last year there is a record of how many related to diabetics.  They are so worried about me overdosing but last I checked these 800 people were under  a doctors care.  

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