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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A proposal for Cascade

 A longer visit with her today as transportation by shuttle was on time.  I didn't find her in her room or activity room.  She was in the TV room without her walker so she walked down at least from breakfast without it as there is where I found it. We both shared my walker to our spot where I gave her the usual treats. They were doing exercises so I took her back and participated with them for a while.  Kay indicated she wanted to go somewhere else so I got her walker and when we went into the hall she indicated she had no preference which direction she wanted to go so I took her to her room  and she lay down.  She seemed tired although she didn't close her eyes.  I started a DVD of mine and lay down beside her with head on my arm to watch  it. It is one I intend to send to a friend but it needs additional work before I can mail it.  I could check out what it needed at her place.  I'm really put out that my remote for the TV has not been found.  There were only a couple residents there who knew where it was hidden but it seems not much effort was put into trying to find it. 

People in these places can never seem to get over wanting to get out and go home.  Two relatives  of Kay's died from dementia with a broken heart I believe.  It was just a few months after being put into  one of these places they died.  They were from a home where they had raised a family and had lived for many years.   I think that if those who can recognize their family and also talk might be able to recognize and benefit from  seeing their loved ones on a screen where they can also talk to them.  Eventually when they get dementia they lose their ability to talk on the phone.  They can hear but not really understand what is going on.  I have found from audio recording I made way back in 1950 brings back a realism of the speaker much more than a picture of the person.  My theory is that if the two were combined there is a possibility that the resident might want to talk to them.  The people who can still talk on the phone don't need this or those like Kay who can not talk probably wont benefit.  However I am going to try this with Bob's or Tom's help and see if she recognizes me with this arrangement. I've got to contact Tom first as he is more available.  I don't know if he has Skype installed.  I had it installed when it first came out but never used it.  Now I want to talk to Cascade and offer my help so it would take only their engineer and me to set it up and try it out. These places have their committees and bureaucracy just like big government do  even though this is not a big organization.  If this should work it could benefit the lonely forlorn people spending the rest of their lives cooped up like in a jail.  They say they are concerned about those in their care.  We will see.  If this works Cascade could make a name for itself. Wish me luck.

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