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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nice trip lousy Acer Computer

 Kay was on the bed when I got there in good time.  I gave her a couple truffles and part of a  banana.  We went to the Activity room and participated in the events.  She was alert and acted very affectionate to me.  About 30 minutes before time to go I took her back to her room and stayed there until time to go.  The bus was on time so I got home earlier than usual.I have to figure out how to get the printer installed on this computer.  I cant print print from my main computer because the display does not show the page properly as it is now.  I think some java file is missing but don't know how to fix it,   This old 32 bit HP has all its/ marbles but I am  not sure it can install the printer.  It may be a 64 bit and I don't know what effect that will have.  So for the rest of the afternoon I will probably spend it trying to fix it. I bought a lousy Acer which I am sending back to Costco because it is making it hard to use as it is trying to sign me up for something or sell me something all the time.  Add that o Windows 8 doing the same thing and I want to get rid ot it.    

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