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Monday, January 26, 2015

New survey

 I didn't get to Kay's until two pm.  It was sunny and still warm for January.  So I put a coat on her and took her outside for a while. They want  me to fill out a survey.  Glad to do it.  One of the shortcomings of this place is there is absolutely no open spaces except for the paved small yard at the front.  It didn't look like there were any activities to be coming for this day as the dining room tables were still in place.  They usually take them away and put chairs around the room.. I have made contact with two women here at my place who's husbands have dementia and will be moving to where Kay is.  One has a husband in a rehab place from a foot operation and she goes to see him every day, There seems to be quite a few who does what I do.  Not many over 90 I would think.  It was a short visit but good.  

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