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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kay was glad to see me

 Kay seemed fine today.  She was being taken to be checked over so when it was finished I took her for her usual expected treats.  Today she ate a couple plus most of a banana and part of graham cracker.  The caregiver said she at breakfast but most times she does not eat much.  That is why she eats something when I get there.  She does not seem to be losing any weight however.  This is so regular I should try to take something  more nutritious than just banana or cracker.  The care giver commented that I didn't come on her birthday.. So I told him that Tom had gotten sick suddenly and I had no way
to get there.  I told him I didn't think she knew it was her birthday.  But he said he thought she did.  I  would probably have considered taking a cab over to see her if I had known she missed me.  He said she was acting differently, I forget the word he used.  It didn't look like there would be any  activity today because the chairs and tables had not been moved out of the way so I assumed no activity.  The usual woman who leads the discussions and exercises  is temporarily working in the kitchen for about a week.  I should tell them she is the best one to lead the group.  She really gets them involved.  Sometimes it is a  a very young inexperienced person or an other one who goes by the record that gives the exercises.  The older lady who leads uses a record and goes on too long.  The young girl is totally at a loss about what to do.  So I probably didn't miss much today.  We stayed in Kays room and also catch up on my rest as I am writing this at just past eleven.  I should be in bed.  She seems to like being with me.  
Taken today.

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