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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas party. Pictures

 Kay seemed especially glad to see me today.  I came in the afternoon because there was going to be the Christmas party.  Gifts for everyone.   She got cleaned up and went with me to the 2nd floor where the party was to be held.  We went down and they served treats, and passed out gifts.  She got a nice pull over sweater and a special  bed cover,  Nice and warm.  At  3:30  I  went downstairs to wait for the shuttle.  I waited and waited until about 4 30 until it got there. I dont mind having to wait too much but if  I knew it was going to be that late I would have stayed with Kay.  I  could have been keeping company with her if I had known. Occasionally I call and find if it is going to be late but those times it seems to be on time.  When I left she accepted it and waved as I left. Pictures of Kay and me then one of the new director of  nurses.  She will manage both facilities
Just say "smile"

At the party.

New Director of Nurses.  Maybe services
I was sitting down so is not the most flattering.



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