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Friday, January 1, 2016

First Visit to Kay and Ainley boy's Visit

The longer I was not able to visit Kay because of my cataracts surgery and nursing a cold I worried how she was making out  without me. /she doesn't seem to be able initiate any action on her own.  Like getting dressed, combing her hair, or anything,  She is able to get her walker.  Sometimes she forgets the walker and uses the hand rail to go to the dining room.  She  might use the walker and walk around the building inside of course.  Otherwise she doesn't seem to do much else. In the dining room with the TV on she hardly  hardly takes notice of it,  /certainly not enough to register what the TV is communicating.  Mostly she just sits and looks.    When too bored she might get up and go back to   bed.  When I am with her she seems satisfied to just be in my company. We can just sit and hold hand by the hour,   All this means when I am there she is happy.  She doesn't need to do anything.. Now for the past week I have not been there give her comfort.  So I was concerned about how she would respond to my return.  How had she been the week I was not there.  What had she done those 24 hours every day .  I knew the caregivers could not give her much personal attention.  This reunion was to be as emotional as even the one when I came back after two years of war 67 years ago.  Today when she saw me she immediately recognized me and reached out to me.  then it was hug me, pat me, look and smile.  'she did this for some time before she had absorbed what ever was missing during my absence.  I stayed with her until 11 as I had changed the pickup time to 11 from 10.  This evening Shirley's three boys came over and took Kay and me out where we  had something to eat at Chick-a
filet.  Chris seemed interested in any old Brown film.  I don't have much.  I will go through some records and pick out what I can access
More tomorrow. s

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