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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kay sick, now better.

Kay was sitting on the bench outside her room when I got there.  The caregiver said she did not eat breakfast.  He also told me she threw up last evening.   That explaines why she has not been eating looks like.  There has been some bug going around that she has apparently caught. She would not eat the nice muffin I bought over.   I gave her a couple truffles and two parts of a graham cracker.  Plus a Ritz.  I didn't think she wanted to be in her room so I stayed with her.  I /took her to the exercises and news reading.  We stayed there until about 10 15  and took her to her room to tell her I would be back tomorrow.  I got a message on the machine that she was getting along fine now.  I don't know whey I didn't hear it ring.  Looks like I had better check the ring.

 I  really got upset with one  of the food servers.  She came around with the drinks and I asked for whole  milk.  She dragged out the milk with the blue top and started pouring. I told her that was not whole milk.  She said "It is whole milk".  I had to tell her to give me the red top.  This is the same one who the other day said she had brought my breakfast for the early shuttle pickup and that was a lie.  The other two at the table were there after I left and they did not see her bring the breakfast.  I quickly went up to my room and got something real quick.  
why  do they tell these lies?  It is chronic around here.   I think her lie about the milk tells us what they really think of the people in their facility.  Of course the  management is not of that class.  I  just cant believe how the general worker too often will tell a lie when the truth would do just as well.      

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