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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fixing a problem

I have been told that the readability of my blog is hard to read because it reproduces in such a manner that the line spacing is wrong.  I have been using the largest type that google has for the print because my eyes are bad and large print helps.  I have other methods to vary the print size so I can read it when I make it up.  This post will be in the next size down which is half way between  largest and normal.  I also set it to be in bold type.  I can do a ctrl + to make it bigger. This should eliminate distortion caused by two browsers having trouble reading each other.  If this does not fix it I will do a normal type tomorrow and then make it more readable for me  by making it bigger with a ctrl + if you respond please let me know what browser you use.  Internet explorer, google, mozilla etc.  I have a plan that will  eliminate a lot of print soon.  But you will have to put up with my ugly face instead.   Please help me fix this problem

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