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Friday, May 22, 2015

Default events

Kay was dressed but in bed. A caregiver said she ate about a third of her breakfast.  She usually estimates this amount.  I suspect it is less.  Kay smiled and held my hand.  I decided to just stay in her room with her and do nothing other than watch TV.  So except for a couple truffles and cracker we did nothing.  
While I was in the med room this morning I was telling the nurse about how Kay seemed which meant that everyone else in the room got a description about how dementia works.  I told them that Kay was walking very slowly.. the nurse asked if she uses a wheelchair. This nurse switches between the two places.  She worked   there when Kay fell the other day.  She did not  see her when she fell as no one was in the hall when it happened.  She was sitting on the floor when someone arrived. Probably walking without her walker. 

I just posted my account of the occupation after the war on youtube.  I keep refining it.

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