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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dementia meeting.

 Kay was sleeping but dressed.  I sat by her for a while and finally she woke.  While I was calling Tom for some reason some of the Trainees came in seeing a man in the room got excited and wondered if I should be there.  The director of exercise and  news reading for the group came in and advised me it would go  on shortly  This woke Kay so in a few minutes I took Kay in to the meeting.  During the reading of the funnies I took Kay back to her room to be ready for the bus if came on time.  I  think it would be easier to leave her in her room where she is used to me telling her goodbye.  She always seems to be ok there.  In the room with all the others she wants to go with me.

We had our monthly Alzheimer's meeting this evening.  Not many attend but as I am just upstairs I go anyway.  My problems are minor compared to others.    One woman told how her sister fell and broke her leg, On top of the dementia she also has Down Syndrome. Because of this she will not cooperate with the caregivers so Medicaid will not pay for her care.  The absolute minimum you can get group home care costs from 6,000 to 8,000 a month.

I told them why I am not pursuing my idea to introduce Skype type visits to people at the Gardens.   I could tell from the lack of enthusiasm that I was fighting a losing battle.  So forget it.  They were anticipating my report and were disappointed that I could not get a good response out of Cascade officials.  Kay could not benefit from it but some could.

I am working on getting a new meter as the new ones they use are just like the cheap Walmart.  It works fine but it is one of the kind that this type registers more than the other style of b/g measures.  My doctor did not prescribe it so I don't know how they managed to change without my knowledge and ok.  I am looking into it.    

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