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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Corn on the cob.

Quick trip both ways.  Kay was still in bed when I got there at 9 AM.  I saw a caregiver and asked him if she ate breakfast.  He said she did not eat.  And after getting dressed she stayed in bed.  I had a banana, crackers and truffles so I gave these for her to eat.  She was obviously not happy with the caregiver and pushed him away.  This is the one who may have treated her roughly some time ago. She seemed to take me about normal but I don't remember her   smiling at me.  I tried to ask her if she hurt but did not get an answer.  She did not seem to be in pain.  I just called the nurse where she is and the nurse said she ate lunch and dinner.  I don't know how the nurse can remember this without looking it up.  I am convinced that employees there will tell you what you want to hear.  I don't know know if this is the case now but I know for sure it has happened in the past.  As I visit every day  I will know tomorrow if she does not eat her meals.   I stayed with her and let her stay in bed until it was time to go.  I was about ready to go when I discovered my phone was missing.  As the bus could come any minute I pulled the call light and got a caregiver to call my number.  I could hear it but had quite a time  finding it.

There is a Thriftway just a few blocks away but it might as well be 5 miles considering my walking ability.  However it may be on 1 or more bus lines that go by my location so I took it's shuttle to get there and find out for sure.  My eyes are so bad it is hard to read the booklet that Pierce County transit publishes.  I figured it was easiest to go there and read the list at the bus stop.  I did some shopping while there.  I don't see how it could be better.  3 busses go by here that go there.  Of course they also come back here.  Going by bus sucks usually.  Most lines in Tacoma run just an hour apart. So it could take all afternoon to  go just these 6 blocks if it was on only one line because of the waiting.  But with 3 busses going here to there it should be fairly quick.  The bus stops are close to where i live and close to the grocery store.  I am interested in the deli  there for varety from the menu here. While there today I bought some corn on the cob then for dinner I cooked enough for 4 people and took it down for the others to eat.  Fortunately Alma was not there so I managed to get two pieces that gave me a decent serving.  One of the ears I didn't break in the middle and it was quite small.  When I gave it to the one across the table she said it was such a small piece.  I was going to give her the other piece anyway.  She is the one that cries like a baby when her portions are too small for her.  If Alma had been there  I would  have had to eat it.  I knew that small a piece would not satisfy her. I was coming up to my room and cook the last ear for myself anyway.  Surprise surprise, Alma did show up for dinner but too late.  We were completely done.  She loves corn on the cob.  I did this once before.  We could safely tell her we had corn  as the only evidence left were the cobs.    

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