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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1st Amendment

It was not easy to see how slowly Kay moved today.  It was just 8:45 when I went to her dining room where she still sat from breakfast.  I am pretty sure she knew me.  But it took a little time to smile in recognition.  After a while I got her walker and we went to the hall for treats.  This is where I noticed that she was so slow.  I  presume she had walked to the dining room without her walker.  I don't know how she managed that as she seemed not to be able to walk without something to support her. She can get to the dining room by holding on to the guard rail.  But part of her walk had to be done without anything to support her. Somehow she managed it without the walker.  Coming back from the treats we have to walk about 125 feet and I began to wonder if she was able to walk that far. I decided to just stay with her and not do exercises.

  • The name if this blog has the words senior observer  in the title. So I am going to do a little observing.  I think the reason the government can get away with what it does these days is because of the ignorance of what the  Constitution is meant to do.  From reading even just the Bill of Rights it is clear the Constitution is a contract between the individual citizen and the government.  The citizen is a free man and can make a contract in his daily life with other citizens.  His way to redress a grievance with another citizen is through the courts.  If he has a dispute with the government he can peaceably assemble for redress of his grievance.  He doesn't congregate in the streets and break windows and burn buildings if he has a grievance with the Government. So when the government allows mobs to burn and destroy  the government is not fulfilling it's contract with it's citizens.  There used to be laws for disturbing the peace but this business of allowing mobs to demonstrate at the expense of the other citizens is a failure of the government to live up to it's part of the contract.  For the government to allow these mobs to so called demonstrate is contrary to the plain reading of what was written.  For the Supreme Court to change the meaning of the 1st Amendment makes the Supreme Court worse than these anarchists.    

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