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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nothing. I play a practical joke

 Nothing new from seeing Kay today.  I was there about an hour and a quarter.  But we enjoyed each others company as we she laid her head on my shoulder and she either slept or watch the tv as I did.  She didn't seem to want to take a walk so it was stay together.
What I remember about today was that one woman at the table talked about herself to me this morning for an entire hour.  I mean constantly.  She was not going to be here for lunch and I thought  dinner.  Wrong!  She was back for dinner and still wanting to talk.  This time in spite of the apparent discourtesy I decided I would  put on my headphones and listen to the radio.  It didn't seem to make any difference as occasionally I'd look over and she would be talking.  To me I suppose but occasionally I would lift one headphone and say I could not hear her.  

She almost always goes to church on Sunday and this Sunday was no exception.  Except this Sunday she was in a wheel chair as her feet must have hurt too much to walk.  She will be gone and eat at the Church.  Today she left the dining room before food was served and I saw her in the entrance to the lobby waiting for her daughter to pick her up.  This was a half hour after lunch would have been started to serve.  So I asked her if she had had anything to eat.  She said she had not and in response to question if she was hungry answered in the affirmative.  I asked the caregiver who was with her at the time to go to her place at the table and get the piece of Banana Cream Pie and get it for her.  As she went to get it I went on out to do my walking up the hill to get rid of some b/g.  When I came back where my table partner was she was still there.  So I asked her if the caregiver had given her the pie.  S he said no so I said I would go get it.  When I got to the table there was  no piece of pie at her place. I had eaten mine of course but at the two remaining places there was one.  Here I have a problem  It is late and highly unlikely they would come for lunch.  The lunch period was pretty much   over so they would not be coming.  In any case if I took one they could get another piece from the kitchen.  Now there was another problem.  One for the woman on my right was just a sliver of a piece.  The other one across from me was an extra big piece.  This is at the place of the woman who whimpers when she doesn't get a large helping of something she really likes.  Banana Cream pie is one of them.  So I figured I might as well play a joke  on her.  So I took the little piece of pie from my right and gave it to her and took her piece down to Alma.  She will probably not be there at all as her son is a part of the Seattle Mariners organization and I think they are playing in Seattle today. She is probably at the game.  In any case I took the pie down to Alma and went over to see Kay as soon as the bus came.  No one got  a chance  to see her reaction at the small piece of pie.  

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