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Saturday, April 11, 2015

New transit time.

 I've changed my pickup time from  9 am to 8 30.  There were a lot of busses arriving at 9 which made my trip get put back to much later.  So far that has worked well but it makes it hard to get all things ready before that time.  Breakfast is at 8 so there is only a few minutes to get breakfast and be ready to go.  Mainly they don't always get the breakfast out in time to eat and finish the things necessary to be ready in case the bus is on time.  I am going to try an 8:45 pickup and see if that works ok.  Kay was in the dining room so I took her to where we get the treats.  As this is close to breakfast she has not been very hungry that early.  Yesterday she actually ate only part of a truffle.  It might have been the second one though.  However you can get tired of truffles.  We  tried a few minutes in the public area on the first floor for a while then back to her room for the remainder of my stay.    She seems to keep getting slower and slower but her mind seems to be about the same in other areas.  I don't know what to think.  

Come back tomorrow.  

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