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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chaos in Paradise

What a day.   As  usual on getting up I made the usual preparations to go see Kay.  Mainly to have enough to eat if I have to adjust my b/g level before I get back and to have something for her.  When I got to the med room nothing was going on.  Someone told me there was no nurse. She had supposedly  gone to the other facility instead of coming here.  The med tecks can dispense pills but not the insulin.  Even if you want to eat out.  Under those circumstances you take it with you and take a shot when you eat.  No way she cant touch the medicine bag even if you called the nurse and asked if the tech could give it out to the patient.  So my problem is how what to do with no insulin if the nurse does not get here before the shuttle bus arrives to take me to see Kay.  I cant jeopardize my shuttle eligibility by doing a no show so it looks like I may have to eat a no carb breakfast and go without insulin.  The nurse was supposed to go on duty at 6 AM at both places.  But I got everything as ready as I could in case I had to go without insulin.   At 8 the nurse finally got here and as there was a line waiting I knew I could not go through the line and still get my bus.  She gave me the insulin and I went down stairs to catch bus.  The driver whom I have met before informed me that they had my missing jacket.  Great.  

Nothing of note was going on at Kay's and I left at the usual time to come back.

There are a lot of questions to be asked about the debacle this morning.    One thing you can be sure of. What really happened we the peasants may never know.  For one thing.  The shift starts at both places at 6 AM.  So if the nurse from here was there at 6 and the other nu  there or was this nurse the only one there? That looks like to me the person who did the scheduling screwed up.  But if the other nurse was there too why could not these two figure out that something was wrong and one of them was not supposed to be there?  This would be at 6 AM.  At 7 when people were coming down for their medicine we were told the Nurse was coming because she went to the wrong place.   OK this is at 7 but when was she told she was at the wrong place?  The two places are less than 15 minutes apart by car.  The question then was why did it take until 8 AM to get over to the Vista? they knew before 7 where she was.  The other place does not require the large umber of treatments that this place does.  So the question why did not the Nurse start for here immediately when she learned she was at  the wrong place?  It took two hours to go these 15 minutes.  One thing no one here would have the initiative on their own to do  anything to help the situation.  They are scared shirtless about their jobs. 
I asked one of the tecks why not phone the nurse and ask if she could give me my insulin so I could go and eat out.  She could not do that.  Maybe so.  But that is one question I will certainly clarify.  Then there is the question why did the nurse not take care of the patients during the morning hour she could not take care at breakfast because of the large number there at 8?  Instead of, after breakfast, contacting the ones she missed.  They added to the noon glut and slowed up everyone at noon.  I know of one the nurse spent  15 minutes on right at the noon rush.  If they would hire people for ability more than diversity these things would not happen as often.  You would think these problems would be discussed in their meetings and not depend on the individual nurse to solve the problem alone when it hits unexpectedly. This circumstance would certainly be expected to happen.  So why was there no apparent preparation for this?  This place has had a huge turnover of personnel in the past two  or three months. It just seems chaotic.  But this should never have happened and when it is  with proper training the effect could certainly diminished.  Why didn't they have someone to call that could have gotten here in less than 2 hours? I say plan ahead.

I don't expect this to make any friends with the people, it might reflect on, but so be it.  With this heart problem they probably wont have me to kick around much longer anyway.  But then?  I am optimistic. 

Plan Ahead

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