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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Not much exceitement

 Not much going on.  Th e usual ritual with Kay and as there seems to be nothing going on in the activity room I took her back to her room for the rest of the stay. She seemed sleepy anyway.  She is moving so slow.  Could be because she does not get enough exercise.  Like walking.

I   think I will let it go at that.  I am working on a  new chapter of WW2 .  I will look and compare the narrative so see if it really could be good enough to put in book form.  Soon I might be able to let the owner of this place take a look at it and see if I should keep that in mind or just forget it in the future.  I have not gone to great effort to keep the pictures exactly in sync with the narrative because that takes a long time and a lot of effort.  In it's place I will add captions which should be easier.  My eyes may put a stop to this sooner than later.  Before I am finished with the project. 

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