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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I looked took Kay into  the hall where she seemed very hungry.  There was nothing going on today.   This is Sturday which might have accounted for it.  But it was on the schedule so more likely someone didn't show up.  Got me a chance to rest up anyway.  If she wants a truffle now she just goes to my bags and gets it.  I'll  have to take measures so she doesn't overeat the candy stuff.  She gets enough now.  

The lady at  my table goes to Active Day a place for people who needs mental stimulation.  She goes for the exercise.  Yesterday they  kicked her out.  She did something they didn't like.  They told her they were closing for the day.  But she found out they were still open.  It didn't seem to bother her much.  I'm not surprised.  She will blow up at a moments notice.  One moment ok but say something she doesn't like and she is off on a rant.  Didn't work with them looks like. My bet is they will ban her.  I think she has met her match. She has been here 9 years.  Too bad as she really needs it.  She can barely walk.  She takes 3 or 4 inch steps.  But wants the exercise so much she wont take a wheel chair.  She lives on pain pills.  I hope she has the sense to try to negotiate a settlement and keep her mouth shut.  More tomorrow.

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