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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A great time today.

 Bus was late again and I only got there at almost ten.  They were already doing exercises.  Kay was in with  them but seeming very  sleepy.  Sitting there with her eyes closed.  I did exercises with them until they quit and went to discussing historical events or historical people born on this day.  The group always  sit attentively and participates when possible.  The leader may run across something new to her and we try to find out what it is.  She has a smart phone and uses it for quick answers.  Today they got on the subject of dancing. Like dancing to various kinds such as to country or modern as she called it.  I suggested the difference was between country and rock and roll which caused some agreement and discussion.  That allowed me to tell the group that Kay was a good dancer.  The she also volunteered at the USO club to etertian the soldiers and sailors back from the war.  Or going I suppose.  How she was so good that a  night club on first avenue wanted her to dance for them.  Of course this subject is in the memory of lots of them.  More like after the war while big band swing was still in vogue.  We had a lively discussion and they all had a real good time.  They can talk about that as they remember it. It is not something in the short term that they forget.  I think the leader learned a lot not just from me but the memories from many in the group who also remember.  Have you ever thought about how the name "Dive"  came to be associated with sleezy night clubs? some of the night clubs on First avenue are in basements.  I remember the old movies about the Prohibition era where you went down to the club also in a basement.  My guess is that this idea of a "dive" came from this.  We had a real good time and they told a lot about jitterbug dancing and other forms from the people there.  

After this I took her to our spot and gave her a couple truffles then back to her room for the rest of the short stay that remained before the bus came.  This was a fun time today.  
They are like little children in a lot of ways. One that they are so easily led.  But I remember that any of them may have a past that exceeds any  I have.  The lady  who comes to our Alzheimer's meeting said her mother was a world traveler.  Any of them could have pasts like education, careers or  some that I might envy.  I am so appreciative I still have my memory intact.  This is a terrible disease. To my dying day I am determined to keep Kay in touch with her past. That is all she has left and it is up to me.  She walks very very slowly but her mind seems to remain just about the same.  It is hard to tell if there is change. 

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