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Sunday, January 4, 2015

I cancelled my morning trip to visit Kay today because  I wanted to go to the 1st Presbyterian Church in Tacoma just 2 blocks up the street.  I still was not sure I could walk that far.  I did go yesterday and made it ok but thought I might have made my bad knee sore and might cause problems. Although it seemed a little sore at first that disappeared so when 10 10 came around ok I decided to chance it.  Made it OK and got to see the inside.  I have shown the outside a couple days ago. This is a church like I have never seen before.  The interior matches the impressive outside.   
Outside Sanctuary  end

This part of the church was built in the 20's. 

Originally the church was founded in 1873 in what would be downtown Tacoma.  The interior has an extremely high ceiling.  I am interested in learning more about the church.  There are so many brick buildings here in Tacoma I am sure there is a story.  I know nothing yet about the steeple.  It is also different.

They had a number of friendly people as I got to the church.  All with name tags which I cant read of course.  I made my way to a pew that was open followed by a woman and family.  It happened that she knew quite a bit about the church but the service started before I could get more information.  When the beautiful organ began to be played all the pent up emotions exploded withing me.  It has been close to 10 years since I went to Tom's Maple Valley Presbyterian  church a couple times. Before that it may have been another 10 years since we went to the Edmonds Church of God. But the organ brought emotions I did't know still existed.  Getting the family together and going to church all those years could not be forgotten when the organ began to play.  The tears flowed in spite of anything that I could do about it. It must have been a half hour before I felt composed enough to look around and see who might be looking at this  decrepit old man dabbing at whatever was in his eyes.  In a half hour I was composed and was able to handle what was going on in the service.   I got to thinking  was it possible I could bring Kay to church one more time? To sit in a church once more with her?  Like we did so may years.  After seeing her today I am quite sure she could handle sitting in the church service.  When I went to see her today she was fairly alert.  I took her from the TV room and gave her a couple truffles then to her room as there was nothing going on in the activity room at that time.  I played to her my latest video through the DVD player I re-installed a day or two ago.  It had no sound because I had been short a couple sound cables.  However when I pointed out pictures of her, me or Dianne she indicated she knew who they were. She even tried to say their names at times. Tomorrow I must remember to bring them or an HTMI cable and get the sound back. 

When we were first married and lived in Yesler Terrace in Seattle our first Church was the Seattle 1st Presbyterian Church.  I think it fitting that our last should be the 1st Presbyterian Church of Tacoma. Below is a video of the interior.  It made me feel about the same as video taping the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican except no one here would object. 

I just tried to send an email to their blog telling them they might like to check this post out.  But they have such a difficult way of sending email to them it is almost impossible. I could not figure out how to send the letters you have to send for them to get the email. My guess is they don't get many comments.  They must get lot  of hate mail to use the system they have.  I've been on the internet since before Al Gore invented it and I couldn't figure it out.  What would they do with real persecution like Christians are undergoing now in the Middle east. 

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