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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Not happy at IHOPS

 Bob and Penny came down today and we had a good time taking Kay out to IHOPS  there was somewhat of a line at OCB so we did not go there.   We sat under a cold air register which not only was uncomfortable it also cooled off the food.  It was directed mainly at me as Kay was a little to my left and I suppose Bob and Penny were out of the  air flow.  I noticed it in our first booth so we moved and not wanting to make a fuss I put up with it.  I checked Kays food before we left and it was room temperature.  I should not have let them get away with this as there was plenty of room in the rest of the restaurant away from the windows and registers.  
the owner sat us down the first booth so  I blame him for not moving us to a different part of the restaurant. In the summer it would be ok.  Stay away from Ihops in Lakewood.  

I tried to get Kay to say a few words but no luck.  As we were leaving Bob said she said "thank you"Kay got a box of Sees chocolates.  None today as were were not at her place long enough to go into chocolates.  

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