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Sunday, March 27, 2016


Really a depressing day today.  Bob finally got  here today about 1 30 PM  By the time we got over to Kay's place after a little shopping at Wal mart it was later.  I usually see Kay about nine in the morning.  When she saw me she was almost frantic to keep me near her. The caregiver wanted to take her to do something but she fought him to stay with me.  This is the downside of getting her used to me being there every day. I think in order to reduce the effect on her when I am gone. First I will stop bringing her over here for most of the day. Then I will start missing days. What will happen when I am totally blind I don't know. They say I can stay over there with her. I have my guitar ham radio, radio scanners to take up my time. I can handle living there ok I believe. However as it is so confining I will probably delay that move as long as I can. Central is that I must maintain contact with Kay no matter what the circumstances are.   

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