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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Good news and bad news

I have some good news and bad news.  l  have not seen Kay seen or heard from Kay since I sent her back on the shuttle.  How long I will be able to bring her here I don't know.  These little things like her ability to do just normal things is indicative of the progression of her dementia.  Then a day or so after she went back I got sick as a dog.  What it was I dont know.  Because there didn't seem to any symptoms of a particular sickness.  No cough, not fever to speak of..aNothing.   I just felt bad.  The only thing that indicated I had something was that I could't control my blood sugar.  It was  up even though I ate practically nothing and was still taking my normal insulin.  In any case last night I seemed to get over it all of a sudden.  All well and good.  But  when I sent down to breakfast my eyesight seemed to be much worse.  As the doctor said a few weeks ago I was 95%  blind that was very bad news.  So now I will see what he says in a couple weeks when I go back for an evaluation.   lf it is due to glaucoma  it's gone. Period.  No matter what clames he has for IOP drops.  The manufacturer of of them all say they don't work.  Rignt on their  web [age/  Usually in bold print.  But Doctors keep you coming back with the come on that the drops will cure it.  I  will now see what happens.  I  compare what I now see to what I could see previously. I have to check in and see how Kay is doing.

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