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Monday, December 14, 2015


Saturday  I think it was I made a complaint to Lincoln and Shannon that the Med Teck  deliberately withheld medications.  Normally the teck dishes them out in the med room if possible or in the dining room during meals.  They are operating under these guidelines.  

1. give out in the med room if possible.
2. give out in the dining room 
3 Take them to their room and give out there.
Today Shannon told me  the Teck should  not break up giving them to the people at a table once she starts.  Why this I have no idea if it interfers with the delivery of a pill to someone who needs it during this time for some sort of an emergency.   

Give out pills within an hour of the designated time.
This can be done later Shannon said if the person had to leave before getting their meds. Like I did.  

That is essentially the rules as I know them now.  I have asked for the employee guidelines in this respect so I can be sure I am on solid ground when I run into a situation like I did with Nicole the other day.  Don't hold your breath until I get them.  You tend to run into little tyrants like Nicole now and then and the rules they  work under would be very helpful to us when this happens. I am doubtful there are any as I understand they only need six hours of training.  From my end it would be very useful.  
 This is the first time this has ever happened to any other Teck.  Others  seem to work under the idea that it is their job to get the pills delivered and and don't resent doing their job.  
Nicole missed me in the med room.  Then she started at the other end of the line of tables but could easily see me waiting at the other end before starting.  Then when I went down to tell her I had to leave in 5 minutes she said she was too busy giving out pills to people who needed them. When I got back at the noon meals and asked Shannon to have Nicole from across the room give me my  pills (like the other tecks do) /the only reason I can think of that I didn't get them was because of the one hour rule.  But even she told me this morning after my return from seeing Kay that pills can be delivered  more than an hour after the scheduled time. So why didn't I get them when I got back?

Actually all this is just a lot of nothing.  Because whether I got those two  pills that morning means nothing.  I wont suffer pain or live a shorter life. There will be no effects on me at all for missing a water pill and a Meformin.  All this is is just a matter of turf war.  They are just going to show who is boss.  From the time Nicole refused to halt giving out the pills to others to Shannon trying to justify Nicole refusing me the pills.  We may be going to war in the Middle east because bigger tyrants want their way no matter what anyone else thinks.  I cant see much difference in the two.

That's the way it is.  But I intend to stand up for my rights.  They roll over others who complaints but I have been around the block a few times and I wont be bullied. 
They should do their job. Nothing more and noting less.  That is all I ask.

Have a nice day!


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