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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

blog upkeep,

  I wont be doing much video in the blog unless I figure out how to get a screen I am able to see. Today after seeing the dr yesterday I have an extremely hard time reading the text. It is small to begin with but I could read it ok with a magnifying glass.  I have been able to read my phone text with my reading glasses. If a simple looking into the retina causes some vision loss what will removing the cataracts do no matter how gently he is doing it. 

I was disgusted today Kay's place smelled so bad.  She was the cause but even after cleaning her up and changing her bed still was not enough.  I don't think the care giver removed all she could have removed.  That can not be permitted in a small space.  My complaint now is that the caregivers have become slovenly and careless again about keeping her room livable.  Tom and I about a year ago raised the roof about keeping smelly items picked up.  The lady in the adjoining room contributes  to it quite a bid as she apparently wont let them change her but that can be helped when I am there by closing the door.  I knew then it would be hard to keep caregivers motivated. They are around it all the time and are so used to it they must become inured and dont think about it.  With big print I can type but must start in  dalylight I am not a touch typist. 


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