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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why people need company.

November 15, 2015

I give up.  This windows ten is back to crashing every few minutes,  The usb sockets on this Lenovo are so cheap all but one are bad.  Don't buy a Lenovo.  

Kay was walking the halls today  I think she does this because she is bored. Bored  from looking at the 4 walls. I am convinced people here have to have more than staring at the 4 walls.  Leaving someone alone in this condition is cruel.  Cascade can not be expected to provide something every day for every person there.  They do about as good as can be expected. But for the family to dump them off and then wash their hands of them fools no one but themselves. The person there probably took care of family for 15 or 20 years.  Now all they need is a little company. All this is worse for the severely handicapped.  They can not communicate with others.  The less handicapped can communicate with each other and have company that way.  The lady on the second floor who walks, and walks.  Occasionally goes to the door and looks out.  Then back to walking.  Less frequently she walks out the door and out to the locked iron gate.  Looks out for a moment, doesn't try to open it.  Then back inside to her walking. I know all this is true because you see all this in Kay when one of the family does come and take her out. I try to see her every day but there are 22 pther hours I am not there.  

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